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Judicial Watch • Verdict Immigration 012011

Verdict Immigration 012011

Verdict Immigration 012011

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Date Created:February 11, 2011

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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The Judicial Watch
Because one above the law! News Publication from Judicial Watch January 2011 Volume Issue Defends E-Verify Law
U.S. Supreme Court Lawsuit
Files Amicus Curiae Brief Support Anti-Illegal
Immigration Legislation Behalf Arizona State
Senate President Russell Pearce remains uncertain how the new
Congress will address the illegal
immigration crisis, but this much clear: The Obama administration
will continue enact its stealth
illegal alien amnesty programs while
the illegal immigration lobby will
never stop undermining federal and
state immigration law.
For this reason, Judicial Watch continues battle court, including the
nation highest court, make sure the
rule law respected and upheld.
For example, Judicial Watch recently
filed amicus curiae friend the
court brief behalf Arizona
State Senate President Russell Pearce the U.S. Supreme Court supporting
Arizona Legal Arizona Workers Act,
which piece legislation crafted State Senator Pearce penalize
Arizona businesses that knowingly hire
illegal aliens suspending revoking
their state and local licenses.
The law requires employers check
the legal status their job applicants using free online federal program
called E-Verify, which checks
names and identifying documents determine these individuals are
eligible work the United States.
Judicial Watch argues Senator
Pearce amicus curiae brief that the
Legal Arizona Workers Act
constitutional and should not
preempted federal law:
Arizona State Senate President
Russell Pearce
The Arizona law, which was upheld the U.S. Court Appeals for the
Ninth Circuit, has been challenged the U.S. Chamber Commerce
and Hispanic groups, among others.
These open borders groups claim the
law unconstitutional and that illegal
immigration enforcement the exclusive domain the federal government. Senator Pearce the author of,
and driving force behind the Legal
Arizona Workers Act.
Judicial Watch filed its brief October 28, 2010. The Supreme Court
heard oral arguments December
Petitioners [illegal immigration
lobby groups] assert that the Legal
Arizona Workers Act preempted federal law regulating the
employment aliens. Nearly
thirty-five years ago, however, this
Court unequivocally affirmed that
States possess broad authority under
their police powers regulate
employment even such regulation
touches immigration.
Despite this well-established
precedent, Petitioners assert that
the State Arizona lacks the
authority penalize employers
for hiring unauthorized workers,
allegedly because the legislation
burdens employers. other
words, employers who put
profits over patriotism hiring
unlawfully present aliens would burdened losing the
substantial benefit paying substandard wages.
Senator Pearce authored
legislation that consistent with
federal law. The Legal Arizona
Workers Act prohibits employers
from knowingly intentionally
employing unauthorized
workers. Additionally, all Arizona
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employers must use the federal
E-Verify program confirm the
employment eligibility new
employees. The Legal Arizona
Workers Act falls well within
the traditional police powers
the State. This Court therefore
must reject Petitioners attempt
protect scofflaw employers the
expense legal Arizona workers
overturning well-established law.
Business interests and left-wing
groups are engaged unholy
alliance attack another common
sense law that defends Arizona and
America confronting the illegal
alien crisis. shameful that the
U.S. Chamber Commerce would
put the profits industries that
exploit illegal alien labor above the
interests the American people and
the rule law, stated Judicial Watch
President Tom Fitton.
This Supreme Court case could
have enormous impact states
across the country dealing with the
scourge rampant illegal immigra-
tion. issue this case whether state has the right take actions
protect citizens from illegal immigration when such actions are consistent
with federal law. Judicial Watch argues every state has this right.
The Obama administration has
decided employ dangerous and
lawless approach illegal immigration: fail protect the borders, and
then attack any state that attempts
enforce federal immigration law, continued Fitton. wonder the situation the nation southern border
continues deteriorate. hope the
Supreme Court upholds the appellate
court ruling and finds that this Arizona law constitutional. Verdict readers may recall, Judicial Watch represents State Senator
Pearce the Obama administration
separate lawsuit challenging Arizona
other get-tough illegal immigration
law, SB1070. That lawsuit also
destined reach the Supreme Court.
And when does, Judicial Watch will there once again arguing the side the rule law.
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