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Judicial Watch • Verdict Immigration 022011

Verdict Immigration 022011

Verdict Immigration 022011

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Date Created:April 25, 2011

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The Judicial Watch
Because one above the law! News Publication from Judicial Watch
February 2011
Issue did the federal government allow repeat criminal illegal alien scheduled
for deportation roam free the
United States for almost two years
until killed nun drunk driving accident?
The Obama Department Homeland Security (DHS), which conducted investigation the outrage,
surely has all the answers. But the
agency not telling.
For this reason Judicial Watch
filed new Freedom Information
Act (FOIA) lawsuit December 2010, against Homeland Security obtain documents related
its internal investigation Carlos
Martinelly-Montano, the illegal alien
who struck and killed Virginia
nun drunk driving accident
August 2010. Montano had been
arrested two prior drunk driving
charges. was placed the custody federal immigration officials
all the way back 2008 the Bush
administration and was scheduled
for deportation, but was released his own recognizance pending
deportation hearing that never took
Homeland Security Secretary
Janet Napolitano huffed and puffed
and ordered investigation the
day after the incident determine
why Montano removal process
took long. But Homeland
Security refuses release report
documenting the results its probe. reported The Washington Post:
The [Montano] inquiry complete, but Homeland Security
does not plan make the results
public, according the senior official, who spoke condition
anonymity because was not authorized speak about the matter. document that includes
law enforcement sensitivities,
Montano, who entered the country illegally child
from Bolivia, killed Sister Denise Mosier and critically
injured two other nuns while driving drunk Prince
William County, Virginia.
Photo provided Prince William County
Police Department Sues Homeland Security for Documents Illegal
Alien who was Charged with Killing Virginia Nun
Carlos Martinelly-Montano
will not made public, the official said. declined discuss
the nature those sensitivities.
Smelling cover-up, Judicial Watch
quickly requested the Montano report October 12, 2010. Homeland
Security acknowledged receipt
request October 21, 2010, and
granted itself 10-day extension
respond. law, response was due Judicial Watch November 26,
2010. However, date, the agency
has failed provide any records responsive the request demonstrate
why the records should withheld,
prompting Judicial Watch lawsuit.
Montano, who entered the country
illegally child from Bolivia, killed
Sister Denise Mosier and critically
injured two other nuns while driving
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Issue Immigration Supplemental
Over the last two years, the Obama administration
has actively undermined the enforcement illegal
immigration laws by: Enacting Stealth Amnesty: According The Houston Chronicle:
The Department Homeland Security systematically reviewing
thousands pending immigration cases and moving dismiss
those led against suspected illegal immigrants who have serious criminal records August 2010, internal Obama administration memo surfaced outlining series strategies devised Obama cials by-pass Congress and enact stealth amnesty
through administrative alternatives. Protecting Illegal Alien Sanctuary Cities: July 2010, the Department Justice announced that will not sue sanctuary cities
who refuse cooperate with federal immigration laws: There big difference between state locality saying they are not
going use their resources enforce federal law, so-called
sanctuary cities have done, and state passing its own immigration policy that actively interferes with federal law, said Tracy
Schmaler, spokeswoman for Attorney General Eric Holder.
This misstates sanctuary city policies. Sanctuary cities not only
undermine federal immigration laws but actually violate these
same laws. Judicial Watch has ve-year track record success
ghting sanctuary cities across the country and holding them
the rule law. Attacking States that Enforce Immigration Laws: The Obama
administration sued the state Arizona for enacting new
get-tough illegal immigration law. Judicial Watch represents
Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, who authored the legislation the Obama administration lawsuit. The U.S. Chamber Commerce and Hispanic lobby groups have also challenged
another Arizona law authored State Senator Pearce that punishes businesses that hire illegal aliens and forces them use free federal database (E-Verify) make sure job applicants are
legally eligible work the U.S. led amicus curiae brief
with the U.S. Supreme Court support State Senator Pearce,
who now the President the Arizona State Senate.
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Feb. 2011 Vol. Issue
Immigration Supplemental
drunk Prince William County,
Virginia. has been charged with
involuntary manslaughter and drunk
driving. October 2008, Montano was
arrested for another drunk driving
incident and placed the custody
Immigration and Customs Enforcement. reportedly had previous
conviction for drunk driving. was
scheduled for deportation. However,
Montano deportation hearing was
delayed three times and never happened.
Importantly, the Obama administration recently ordered federal immigration agents supposedly focus
deportation efforts only illegal
aliens suspected terrorist activity and those convicted violent
crimes. (This new policy was an-
nounced June 30, 2010, memo
written Assistant Secretary John
Morton.) Unfortunately for the three
nuns struck Montano, this particular illegal alien criminal never made
the government priority list.
Now see the deadly consequences the Obama administration
decision not enforce federal immigration laws. The Obama administration irresponsible policy led the
death Sister Mosier and critical injuries two other nuns, said Judicial
Watch President Tom Fitton. Homeland Security refusal release the
results its investigation Montano cover-up. And once again, Judicial
Watch must now court force
the transparent Obama administration follow the open records law.