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Judicial Watch • Vining v. DC Health Benefit Exchange

Vining v. DC Health Benefit Exchange

Vining v. DC Health Benefit Exchange

Page 1: Vining v. DC Health Benefit Exchange

Category:FOIA Response

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Date Created:October 8, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 15, 2014

Tags:Healthcare, Vining, exchange

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September 2014 
Michael Bekesha Judicial Watch, Inc. 
Re: FOIA 2014-11 
Dear Mr. Bekesha, 
This letter response your email sent August 14, 2014 containing Freedom Information Act request. Your request granted part and denied part. Responsive documents are attached. 
Request: Judicial Watch, Inc. requests from the Health Benefit Exchange Authority access and copy the confirmation eligibility form completed the U.S. Congress and/or the U.S. Senate and/or the U.S. House Representatives when signed for Health Link.  The confirmation eligibility form identified page the Small Business Guide Health Link. 
Response: The request granted part and denied part pursuant D.C. Official Code  2-534(a)(2). 
Under D.C. Official Code  2-537 and DCMR 412, you have the right appeal this letter the Mayor the Superior Court the District Columbia. you elect appeal the Mayor, your appeal must writing and contain Freedom Information Act Appeal FOIA Appeal the subject line the letter well the outside the envelope. The appeal must include (1) copy the original request; (2) copy any written denial; (3) statement the circumstances, reasons, and/or arguments advanced support disclosure; and (4) daytime telephone number, and e-mail and/or 
U.S. Mail address which you can reached. The appeal must mailed to: The Mayors Correspondence Unit, FOIA Appeal, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 316, Washington, D.C. 20004. Electronic versions the same information can instead e-mailed The Mayors Correspondence Unit Further, copy all appeal materials must forwarded the Freedom Information Officer the involved agency. 
Please not hesitate contact you have any questions. The file now closed. 

Mary Beth Senkewicz Associate General Counsel and Policy Advisor FOIA Officer ... 
Employer name address 

Employer name House Representatives  
Doing business as(name)  STAFF House Representatives  
federal Employer  
ldentmcaHon Number(EIN}  
Employer Type  Slalel1ocal government  
Average Number  
Full lime Employees (In Prior  
Calendar Year)  
Average Numbef  
Port-lime Employees (In  
Prior Calendar Year}  
Averoge Weekly Hours  
Worked PartTime  

Number fun-lime Equivalents (FTEs} Prior Calendar Year 
Primary business address 
Business address Une B215Longworth HOB Business address Une 
City Washington Stale 
ZIP Code 20515 
https:f/app.dchealthlink.c:om/dcs/PPliu are the conlact? 
Name Flrol Name Middle tnllial 
Last Name Sul!i 
E-mail addres 
Contact mailing address 
Checkhere iithe contact address the same the primary business address? 
Acldres Maling address Line Moling addre Line House Representatives Members Svc Room 139A Cannon HOB 
Cily State ZIP Code 
Washington 20515 
Contact preferences 
VVoe M,)lng address Line Cily Sia ZIP Code 
United States Senate Disbursing Office Washington 20510 
Contact preferences$ervice/ApplicationSumm.. altest thal employ fewer full time equivalent employees. attest that will offer coverage full-time employees working average hours 
per week through Health Link (or. for multi-state employers, any other exchange serving 
those work locations outside OC). 

Electronic Signature 
I've P