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Judicial Watch • Walker K Stapleton Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Walker K Stapleton Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Walker K Stapleton Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Walker K Stapleton Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:16

Date Created:November 11, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Stapleton, Walker K Stapleton, Walter, ATF, 2009, TRUSTS, dividend, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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G01emment Act 1978 
Rev. 112010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C. app. 101-l P1:rson Reporting (last name. fart. miJdk inilial) Stplelon, Walter Court Organizalion U.S. Court Appeals for the Third Circuit Date Report 05iJ5/2010  
-1. Title (Anick Ill judgc:i indu::atc active snior status; magistrate judgs indircfo, is. opinion. complianrr \oith applic::.ble l:no.s and regulation. RcYie'lini:: Officer Oate  
/Jf PORTA NOTES: Tire instrucrions accompurrying t/1isfor111 must followed. Complete all parts, checki11g the NONE box for each part where you ha,e "'' reportable i11/ormalion. Sign /a,t page. PQS ITJ ONS. (Rep11rting individual onr; supp. 9-1 t>fjiling inslructiuns.) 
NONE (No reportahle positions.) 

Stapleton, Walter 

Name Prrsm Reporting 
Stapleton, Waller II. N-JNVESTJIENT COME. (/frporting inJfridual and >pouse; '"pp. 17-U filing in.;1ructimrs.) 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable gfts.) 

VI.. lJ; .JTJ ES. (lncfuJ,s //wu rtf...powoe unJ Jtpe.ndenl chJdrrn: ..n-.H 1)/ filing ittstructinns.) NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 

Name Persun ll.tporting 
Datt Rport 
Stapleton, Walter 
'I INV ENTS and TRUSTS -income. ,..iue. rran>aaion., 11nsrmnr =Ca.->h farkct IS..:1'." Cllunin t.21 t;l,vok "..ill11.: Oibrr W-t.ll!iWtt:tl 

Name Person Reporting 
Stapleton, Wallor 
VII. INVESTI-IENTS and TRUSTS -income, l'U/ue. rramaction (!ncludt'> those spouse and dependent children; see PP 3./-60ofjili11 instru.tiom.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions) 

Dcscnpt1on Assr!s nc(1m1; during Gro5S. aluc end Trnnsac:1ons dtJring reporting period (including trust a.i:;:o;cts) rcportmg x:rioJ reportmg pcri1..1d -121 -T-(:iJ --: 14) (I} (21 tll 

T)'pc (e.g., Date Value Gain
Type lc.g orint.) 
Pl;icc "(X)" after each asset 
Ii:S"mr:nt  T-Ci-;h/l.1:tJLct  
1Si.::e Cvlumn C::) -=Hook Value  V""'Othr  \' ""Esfi111ated  

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -incompouu anu dependent ,huurrn; see PP 1-1-woJfiling ;n,1ruc1iuns.1 
NONE (No reportable income. assets, transactions.)
Dcsl.'.'ription As...cts 1ncvmc during firoit:-. v3h1e ;,ii end TransJctions dunng r1..fAming period 
(including trn..;,t :i.;;.... ct;) rcporfrig period rcp{lrtmg period tlJ t"l ii) (21 
(3) (4) (5)Value D..itc
Amount Type (cg . Value 
Gain Jdcnt1t)'
l'l:tcc ''(Xf aflcr ca:h ... scl 
Typ1. (c.g. 
mm.'dcVyy Cude 
Code Methodcx::mp! fnnn prior disdnsurc il-P) 
r(:dmption) r.ifprivat.:
Come Gain .::Sl,000 lcs:. 1,00 -s:z.500 =-$2,501 -'>5JJ00 =S.f,1fJI -1.15,UOU E-$1."i.()..!I. $50,000 /Sec Column'> and 04) ,,,S.50,001 =SIOr Jl5.l10J  S0.000 =O.OOl SI00,0011 z100.(Jlll. 2'i0,000  
lS.:! Columns and 03) -=$250.0ill  .flO,O(l{J =.S501.1>r:1. $1.(J{10,00il _il(J0,1,01. '\.000.00o =S.000.0111 -115.000,(f(I Yalu:.: 1kl()(1 CoJL.s =S15,i)0tJ.(;pc tcE V.Jlu
Method buy, sell. mm1dtt:yy Code2 1Code1
(A-Hi tnt.) U-1'1 
Code rcdl.."mption) (J-1') tA-11) 
(if private 

Income Cam C.'l  A-SIJ11>l..1rk:i: 41.001 -.500 =$. "i! -S5,000  15.DIJI  SIS.iJ(I() SI 5.f>ll -150.{lllll  
fSci.:Coh;mn and l>4) "'"iso.001  Ci-lliO.OiH -Sl.OOO.(lf'-0  Ill Sl.OIJO.OJ.000  IJ= -fl,.forc than SS,000,()(1(1  
?:. v,1luc Code =$)5,01)4) L'r !.:"' ,,,5, .nor S50.fH.ll -Slt)0,000 1100.0