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Judicial Watch • William L Standish Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

William L Standish Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

William L Standish Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: William L Standish Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:172

Date Created:November 13, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Standish, William L Standish, william, Gross, 2009, INVESTMENTS, transactions, TRUSTS, IRS, Financial Disclosure, CIA, financial, income, Judge

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Co-Trustee Co-Trustee Trust No. 1.1 
Co-Trustee Co-Trustee Trust No. Co-Trustee Co-Trustee Trust No. Co-Trustee Co-Trustee ofTrust No.  EME NTS. (Reporting indMdua/ tmly; supp. J-16 filing ins"uction.) 
[Z] NONE (No reportable agreements.) Il. NON-INVESTMENT ME. !Rrporting individual and spouspouu and dependenl childrStfs) (3) (l)
Type (e.g 
'a Jue Value 
Place "lXJ' 3fkr each a.i:;si:t 
Date Value 

14)Code ICode
Co1 IXIOJlOI. >l.ll00.000 Sl,000,001 -S15,0t1tl.00JiPJ -=i::?5.000,0UI -liSOJlOO.tJOO =More thw $50.000,000 'aJUt' Merhod Codes -Appr4.1l>.dl "'"Cll!it(Rel I:.srah:Onlyt "':sSe!>smcnl =Cash il1kC'l 's" Column C2) -=Book Value )!her F11m;1tt"d 

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, transactions (Includes those ofspouS< and depmdent childrm; PP 11-60 filing in>tructions.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions) 
Transactions dunng reporting period Gross value end Income during Description Assets
(including trust assets) 
(2) (I) 
r (4)--T,
Value Gain 

ValuePlace "(X )'after each bst"t exempt from pnor disclosure ldcnmy mmldd/yy Code Code buycr:sdkr (J-P) (1fpnvatc
buy. sell, (J-P) 
Code redemption)
div., rnt.

transaction) 	lncome Gam CoJe:. =S1,000 leu =Sl.001  S2.l00 =S2501 -ll.000 D=Sl.m)J Sll.000 =SI;;;;;. S50.000 ISee Columns and 04) =S50.00  1100.000 -.s100.001  Sl.000,000 =!1.000.001 -Sl.000.000 =More chan SS,000.000 '.o00.1100 'alutCl'ts) rcpvrtrng penod rcponmg penod (2) 
Type (e.g., Date 
(3) (4) 
Value Value
Amount ,T)pc
Code Place "(X)'" after each asset
buy, sell, mlTVdd!yy Code Code
Code l00.000  
'. ':ilur-Mrth..i..-! vdCl> ..,.:!5.0U0.001 -550.000,000 Q=Apra1ul  R-- "s;;u.001 s; SSM.001 -Sl ,000,000 =il,000,001 -SS.liOli,000 lJ>J(l.001 s;;.tl()().tXJ()P ='Sl:S,000.(Xll -S50.G00.t))0 ==,fo1c Lh:m SS0,000,tlOO Value Mc1lwd Ctide :=/.ppra1>al =('"u!ot (Re;ii E.state Only S>=As:;t":ssment "'"(ash Markel Column C2) =Book 'alue V=Other =[11matcd 


Date Rrport 
Namt Penon Reporting 
Standish, William II. INVESTMENTS and -income. value, rransactfon.s //nc/ud'5 those of.pou.cllcr (A-II) orinr.I (l-P) 	Code n:dcmptiun) (if pri.atc (Q-W) transaction)
!mtnr :(a:.h Markel {Sl"t" Column -=Oook" Value V=Othi:-r -F. r1matd 

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -incom, wzlue, transactions (/ncludts thou of.n 150.000.000 Valut' Mt"t:-.Od Cod.I" ..-collRtll fatalt' Only) -Assei!;mrnt =Ca.s.h Marl.:t 
1Sel"' rlurnn C2 -o:-Book Va.Jut' c--OfheT =f-:..$500.0011 iltin1.itc-d 

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -iniom.... iu rransacrfrms r1nc1ud,, 1h"" ofspos and dpmden1 children: supp. 34-60 !Jiling insrrcions.1 NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Income dunng 
Datt Rrport 
amf' Person Reporting 
07/J 2.'2010 
Standish, Wllliam
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -ineou, w1lu, transa anl! {H) -:;)!'iO,Olll -SJ00.000 HOU.Ou! -Sl.OUO.OUO 111 -.51,000001-ss.ooouon =M111 than 5.oOO.OUO 'atue Codi:"' --S15.000orl .... l'.1-.001 -550.000 ")S0,001  Sll1.Hl00 1-;:JOU.1)01  'i.:'.0.IW) 
!St>t Cnlum!-("I .lnd 01) ''O.!Hll  S501UllJO ..,.SS00.001 ) l.000.1JOO F! .:...Sl.000001. 00 UOt) =SJJOO.UOI -S!,.(.l(Jr).fl(I  S25,000.00I -S50.0(JO ooo More 1ian ()(1(1,0110 .iluc MethoJ ("ode =:ppu11oal Rl'":tl E:i-t.rl!" OnlvJ ".ffilin11 instrut"tion>.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions) 

lhte Report 
Name Pnson R!'po..-tiug 
Standish, William
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -incom. vatu, 1ransa.-1i,.ns11nc1udes those ufspousn""'P'nden1chi1d,,n:supp. J.1-6001filinginmuc1ion..1 NONE (No reportable income, assets. transactions.) 
----8 Dcscnrtion Asset income dunn CJro:i.> ... aluc end Trans.actwns during re-porting p.:rtod mdudmg trust as'Cts' 	pcriod_l_ 
12) -13i'--! (4) (5)
Date Gain
(1) (2)A.mcunt 
Valuo 1Type (t:.g. Value
Pla.:c "(X)" after ca.1..h as,.C'I exempt from pnor di'!ldusure 
Type (e.g.. Va.lut: Cd.: 
Method buy. sell, imm'dd:yy
di' rent. Code tAMI
Code rcdOl -:".IJU0,000 "'SSouO,UOI -25.000.000 -'M(1re rh;.n S50,0()0.000 a1ur!'.ll'fhnCI and0.11 ='):!SUJOI  S500.000 Sc)0,001  1.000 000 ='SU.11)0.DOI  S'.OOO,OIXJ =:SS.000 001 -25,000.000 =:S.::5.tHJO,Ool -S50.000.000  P-t Mere than S51.1.nuo.Ooc =Arra1:.a1 -Co!.( (Rral hull Only)  Book 'alur  "-()!her  

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -int'ome, lue. tronsoctions (lndud.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, tran.mctions.) 

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income. value. transaction. r1nc1.des rhose ofspousr and dep"'d"'' ehildrm: see pp. JJ-60 offilinx ;,,,,,ucrions..> NONE (No reportable income, assthv.I Ct1de-.. :')25.000.()()1 -S.O.tlOO O(>O "Appra1!-ai =('011R'al h.1.11e Only "for than 50.00ti.Ul)O .r..,6m thou nfspouse and dependent drildren; pp. JJ-60 filing instrucliun. and D.1 :'.. '!ut 1-de (SrColumnsCl .mdO) Value 1c1hod Codes (eeC'.llumnC11 1,000 less. =ll0.0011100.000 -:515.000 CJr 
 =S.!50,VU  'SS00.000 =S.?.OU0.1)01 S.50.0UO,Ooo ... ,ppr.111 =Book aluc 

- ...-sr.001 -SZ.00
l.i =-SJ00,001  'Sl,000.0l)O );. -11250.001  51.J').UOO Oil.1l1J -SI O!JO.ft(l(l "'SI .O(>tt,001 - Cod ""511.000 orlei,.s  ..... 1_.;,,001 -550.0'ltl ""SU.tlOI -SlllO.OtKJ .:100,lltll -'iOJM)l'I  
1SeeCoiumnsCI .1nJDJ  fl.: =-'!O.OtH !iOO.f)OO =S'.'OU.001 OtX.OOlt -Sl.OV0,001 -S5.0fl0.0t.IO -S.000.001 -S.15.000.00ft "'-S.:!5.000.001 -SO.Oo0,000  p..a -fort V.:1h1C" 1erhcil Cle:> lSt-C' (",1lumn C:) "" ,_Book alut" -:f_'n,.1 (R(':I E'.'ITJfC' Chh:i --Oih:r  ,s.:ie!t!.ment \' =flm1ated  

Dair Report 
ame Prrson Rrporting 
Standish, William I.
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -imome. a/ue, lran. =St,001 S:'.5lO C-:-S1.0I -S'.'.O01  wo.noo -,.-'SJOiJ.L'lQI -S!U.000 
{St>c Columns .mI OJI --s.50,l)()I -S'.'00 01ID S500.0ortmg period Amuunr Type te-g, Value Value

(including trust a'sets) 
151 Date Value Gam
ICode Code ldaniryot 
Type (e.g.. 
Place-"(X)'' aftcr each asset 
c:tcmpt from prior disclosure 

Method buy. sell. mm/dJ/yy 
1ransactwn) orint) 
(1-P) hlClmC' (j:un CoJc:) =il,000 lt'iS -s1,001 -1500 -=S1.5t)I -5.00o  D-S'.5.0fll -Sl;,txll -l1)1  S1l.tJOU  
!See Column ;md DU -SS0.001 -100.000 00.00 1.000.000 =Sl.000.001 -s1){J Sl.000.001  l'.OOO-.ll -co ..t Rc-.i.I f.l(' Uni;-) ,..,!!.Smc-nl =(a51i Marc1 
cColumnC2t =--Bu1k ';1]u(' o:o01h.-1 \' ::--E!'lt:m.nd 

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -incom, valu, 1ransa..rwn5 (lnc (0 '""f.001 -::yJO C.: ..:S:.(11 -.000 
DS)Ol -)l:'>.000 Column :m..1 lJ..) S5l 1.ltll SJ00,001J "'I00.001 -Sl.llOO.OfJU -Sl.OOtlOOI -Sllii 000.000 tl1 -More SH100.D01l 
 Value ('(xJc ,,,515.01.)1) 011!.ilOI  150.0rtJl -Sl.OOU(S. value a:t end Tra:icnons during rcponing pcnod including tnJt a-.eto:;;) reporting pUI  S."00,01)() '-'S.'>00,lHJI  Sl.tll.}t).000 .:-Sl.OOU.001 -SS 000.lh10 P.2 'SS.t)UU.001 -':Z).000 "'.'!5.000.001 -S:tl.000.00o  f,.,,e 1han 550.000.0.11) '.1uc !l.-fr1Ji11d ("l)d) Apprudl :...(,t1.Ral r).rak OnlJI (l""1' (".ttumn .=1 '-: ','lur .,Oiiier h11nJJl1'd 

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -imomle income. assets. trunsuctions) 

---- _____________,___    ...: ..:.- .'..1 
D:at Report 
Namf' Pt"non Reporting 
Standish, William 
VII. INVESTJ1ENTS and TRUSTS -inome. l'alue, transactions (/nc!udes those f spau 1.-alu.: 1..'Jld Tr.rn'ill.i:hom, Junng rcponing nod 
{mt:luding lm-;t a.ssC'b) reporting pt.'T1od report period 
{I) "(2)--[tiJ (21 (I) (2) 
Place "(X)' aftt:r c:a'h asset Arrwunt Typi: jc.t?.. Value 'a.luc Type !e.g., Date Valu.: Gam Idntit)'
div rent. mm,td'))' Code buycr.'sc!lc:r (oJ
Code Method ou;, sell. 
exempt from pnor disdosure 
redt:mprmn) (J-P) IA-llJ (1fpnvarc (Q-W) transaction> 
------ -- fnc)meCnmCodes  .- l.OOOorks .001 -5:.uo S:!.5ill -S5.000 '"')i:'.1101. S'it)(lf)!J