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Judicial Watch, Inc. is a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, which promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.

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Mainstream Media Shows Support/Compassion for Illegal Aliens

Predictably, the nation’s mainstream media has launched a sob campaign publishing stories and airing broadcasts illustrating the industry’s support and compassion for the barrage of illegal immigrant minors that have entered the U.S. recently.

Of particular note is a lengthy piece published this week in the capital-area’s mainstream newspaper, the Washington Post. It sympathetically tells the story of an illegal immigrant from Honduras who grew up dirt-poor (a child servant who sold tortillas on the streets) and has lived for a decade in the Washington D.C. area. The woman, Allis Godoy, abandoned her children in Honduras when she came to the U.S. and later paid human traffickers to smuggle them in—separately—through the Mexican border. The reporter concludes that Godoy was “desperate” because she spent thousands of dollars and risked her children’s lives so they could join her in Northwest Washington.

The article goes on to describe the “hazardous trip” that the teenage son made and the 10-year-old daughter’s two “failed smuggling attempts.” A few months ago, during the latest influx of illegal alien minors, the girl, described in the story as “pixie-like,” finally reunited with her mother. The girl was released after getting processed by U.S. immigration agents in Texas on April 14. American taxpayers flew her to Washington, where she was released to her undocumented mother who had not seen her since she was six months old.

The reporter writes that “it was the crowning achievement in Godoy’s life.” Then the 39-year-old illegal immigrant who abandoned her kids says this: “If people call this a crime, why is it a crime to want to give your children a better future? I have only one goal in life. To make sure my children never have to endure what I did as a child.” The article reveals that Godoy makes salads in a restaurant kitchen and lives in a tiny apartment in Columbia Heights. No fear in being identified in one of the nation’s largest newspapers—colorful pictures and all—since the Obama administration isn’t enforcing immigration laws or securing the border for that matter.

Though President Obama has promised that most of the tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) that have entered the U.S. recently will be deported, this illegal immigrant mother isn’t worried because she has firsthand knowledge that it’s not true. Her son, who has been in the U.S. since 2010, is in the final stages of obtaining a special humanitarian visa for undocumented youths, the story says, and Godoy seems confident her daughter will benefit from the same program. Additionally, several children of her relatives and friends are still in the U.S. years after arriving. To add a little color the reporter describes an encounter between Godoy and a friend returning from the grocery store. Godoy is driving her kids and honks and waves at the friend walking home. “Her two kids just arrived from Honduras,” Godoy says.

In the same week south Florida’s largest newspaper posted a touching video, titled “Children of the Americas,” to go with a brief story on the illegal immigrant crisis. The segment lasts around eight minutes and opens with gripping footage of young children covered by American Red Cross blankets sleeping side by side at a makeshift shelter. The writer/narrator, a Miami Herald reporter, says criminal enterprises are profiting from the desperation of those seeking a better life. Children are fleeing their homeland for many reasons, the narrator says, but an overwhelming number blame gangs that have spread over Central America, wreaking havoc and spreading blood across the region.

The journey is dangerous and a big percentage of the kids encounter violence along the way, the narrator says to footage of a young girl in a field, presumably making her way north. Girls get raped and a lot of children are held in captivity by drug cartels, the video reveals. Kids witness murders and other violent crimes on their journey to the U.S., walking, hoping and praying that this doesn’t happen to them. The dramatic broadcast clearly strives to stir sympathy and shows supporters holding signs that read: “No human is illegal.” A UAC who recently arrived in the U.S. says “we deserve to be here. Help us.” She says she came in search of a light and she has found it. The video ends with more footage of innocent-looking young children sleeping side by side under Red Cross blankets.

Across the nation, California’s largest newspaper published an editorial actually blaming the United States for the crime that’s driving illegal immigrants from Central America to come here. Drug traffickers have made the area among the world’s most violent, the editorial says, pointing out that the drugs are heading to the U.S. where marijuana and cocaine are most in demand. “Those who have spent time interviewing the unaccompanied minors showing up at the U.S. border report that the vast majority say they are fleeing violence and instability in their home countries.” It gets better. The piece actually blames U.S. deportations of foreign-born criminals for feeding the gangs that are prompting the flow of minors north.




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