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Judicial Watch • If you’re not watching “On Watch” — you’re WRONG

If you’re not watching “On Watch” — you’re WRONG

If you’re not watching “On Watch” — you’re WRONG

Judicial Watch

Dear Editor/Broadcaster,

Chris Farrell’s On Watch vodcast has quickly become very popular — with both the public and the press.

Viewer response has been enthusiastic concerning On Watch topics and Farrell’s unique editorial insights.

We’ve received a considerable number of questions, particularly from the press — and I want to briefly answer the three foremost:

1. What is Farrell’s background that makes him privy to so much inside information?

Farrell has 34 years of experience as an intelligence officer, investigator, and journalist.  He’s been with JW for the past 17+ years . . . 14 of those years as a Director of the organization. Here’s a bio sketch for Farrell: Board of Directors

2. Is Farrell available for in-depth interviews about the topics he covers?

Absolutely. JW’s Public Affairs Office can set it all up. Just call Jill at 202-646-5188.

3. Can you send us all four episodes of On Watch, to date, so that we have them all in one place?

Click here

Thank you for the great reception you have given On Watch!

We’ll keep it coming with important insights “Behind the scenes… Before it’s news.”


Carter Clews

PS: Henceforth, Chris Farrell’s On Watch will arrive just like other key JW publications — just the content, without the transmittal note.

PPS: Now, you can follow Farrell’s On Watch Tweets at #JWOnWatch. And, On Watch will soon have its own Twitter page — complete with the vodcasts, Corruptions Chronicles— and much, much more!

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