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Judicial Watch: IRS Produces Recovered Lerner Emails

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch released 906 pages of newly recovered Lois Lerner emails from the IRS that are believed to recently have been recovered by the IRS’ internal watchdog – the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).  The IRS released the emails under a court order by U.S.…


Fed Up With FOIA

In recent weeks, a trifecta of powerful federal judges, each acting independently, has blasted the Obama Administration’s FOIA delays. It is never good to anger a federal judge. Angering three over the same issue is unprecedented.


Yes, the IRS targeted conservatives

There’s even a May 13, 2011, email in which Lois Lerner, then IRS tax-exemption chief, supported these audits. At the same time that email was sent, the IRS was telling the media those audits weren’t part of a broader effort to scrutinize such donations.

As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said, these documents tell the truth


Obama’s pathetic attempt to spin the IRS scandal

The conservative group Judicial Watch says documents it obtained “confirm” the agency targeted the donors of certain tax-exempt organizations. And the Government Accountability Office faulted IRS procedures, saying they failed to prevent bias in the selection of nonprofits for audits. That’s key, since the agency has been accused of targeting conservative groups.


Hawaiian roll panel to publish name list

In a victory, Judicial Watch has released documents related to the separatist campaign being conducted by Hawaiians. The campaign is dependent on names of native Hawaiians, many of whom were placed on the list without their knowledge, and Judicial Watch has made the list public so Hawaiians can know if they are on the list, and whether they as Hawaiian citizens


IRS Scandal: It’s Dangerous To Be On Wrong Side Of Obama

It is certainly true that it is politically dangerous to be opposed to the president’s policies. The documents recently released by Judicial Watch show that not only were non-profits determined to be his political enemies targeted for more scrutiny, but lists of those who donated to those groups were used to begin potential audits.


Judicial Watch: IRS e-mails linked donor lists to audit targeting

Judicial Watch released documents this week showing that the IRS used lists of donors to non-profit political organizations who were being targeted by the IRS to then determine audits of those individual donors. Obama continues claim there was no corruption at the IRS, an increasingly laughable claim.


Phoenix Ends Practice Of Free Illegal Union Ads On Firetrucks

Judicial Watch won an important victory in Arizona recently. Specifically, Judicial Watch efforts led to union decals being removed from city firetrucks, which had been providing free union advertising.


New York Times alters Clinton email story

After posting their story about Mrs. Clinton’s emails being referred by two inspectors general to the Justice Department for a criminal probe, the New York Times made subtle changes to the headline and parts of the story to shift the focus from her involvement. Yet more attempts by the liberal media to protect Mrs. Clinton.


Criminal Inquiry Is Sought in Clinton Email Account

The New York Times reports that two Obama administration inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal probe into Mrs. Clinton’s email usage. They declared that her use of her non-State Department server to send and receive classified information may have violated federal law.

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