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Judicial Watch, Inc. is a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, which promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.

Judicial Watch, Inc. is a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, which promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.

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Tom Fitton's Judicial Watch Weekly Update

NEW Biden WH Cocaine Scandal Details

Documents Suggest that Biden Secret Service Was Set to Destroy WH Cocaine Evidence
Biden FBI Officials Rushed to Respond to Leaked Memo on its Targeting of Catholics
Illegal Immigration Costs More Than Gross Domestic Product of 15 States


Documents Suggest that Biden Secret Service Was Set to Destroy WH Cocaine Evidence

For nearly two weeks this summer the White House engaged in federal law enforcement in an investigation of a bag of cocaine discovered in the West Wing.

We received 112 pages of Secret Service records from our July 13 FOIA request to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that include photos and communications regarding the discovery.

The DHS withheld 34 pages in their entirety under the “foreseeable harm” standard, which states “the agency reasonably foresees that disclosure would harm an interest protected by an exemption …” and/or the Privacy Act.

Our FOIA request sought records about:

A white powdery substance found inside the West Wing of the White House on July 2, 2023, determined through testing to be the illegal drug cocaine.

The cocaine was found in a West Wing phone locker while the Biden family was away for the Fourth of July weekend at Camp David.

The investigative photos include the bag of cocaine found near the White House’s West Executive entrance.

A Secret Service “crime scene examination section evidence report” indicates that the photos were taken on July 2.

The records include a July 2 email sent by a Secret Service public information officer whose name is redacted regarding a “suspicious substance at [the] White House:”

A 1″ by 1″ bag of white powdery substance was found near where pass holders put their phones when going into the [redacted] here. UD [Uniformed Division] Crime Scene tested it for drugs but came back inconclusive. TSD couldn’t determine what it was. Closures were made for caution.

DCFEMS [DC Fire & Emergency Medical Services] HAZMAT is on scene as of this email.

An incident report written on July 2 regarding a “suspicious package/incident” details the activities undertaken by the Secret Service Crime Scene Search Unit, the DC Hazmat team and the FBI’s WMD [Weapons of Mass Destruction] Directorate in handling the then-undetermined substance.

An additional July 2 incident report indicates the investigation lasted 12 days and that “cocaine and sodium bicarbonate were identified within the Item 1-1 powder” and that DNA “test results did not identify an individual responsible for the placement of the item within the West Wing of the White House Complex.” The report states that on July 14 the cocaine was “placed on the property/evidence book for ‘destruction.’”

A July 3 email from a person in the Technical Security Division whose name is redacted states:

Starting time Approx 1745 [5:45 p.m.] UD [Uniform Division] advised of a small ziploc bag approximately less than 1″ in by 1″ in the cell phone lockers by [redacted] was confident it was drug related thus the phone call to UD CRIME SCENE.

A July 10 email indicates that no identifiable prints were found on the bag.

On July 13, the Deputy Chief of the U.S. Secret Service Foreign Missions Branch sent a report to the Uniform Division, indicating that the bag of “unknown white powdery substance” was identified as cocaine by the FBI laboratory.

These photos and documents detail the disruption and expense of the Biden White House cocaine scandal. Few Americans buy that the Biden administration can’t figure out who brought this cocaine into the West Wing. Indeed, the lack of documentation about the “investigation” of who was responsible is striking.



Biden FBI Officials Rushed to Respond to Leaked Memo on its Targeting of Catholics

Along with CatholicVote Civic Action, we just received 131 heavily redacted pages of records from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) showing top officials rushing to craft a public response to the leaked FBI intelligence memo that revealed its targeting of Catholics who adhere to traditional beliefs on church issues.

The FBI launched a vicious spy effort against Catholics and sought to spy on parishioners as they sat in church pews. These records show top FBI officials were panicked in response about their domestic spying abuse leaking out.

The records were uncovered thanks to an April 2023 FOIA lawsuit we filed along with CatholicVote Civic Action against the FBI and the Department of Justice after their failure to respond to  March 2023 requests for records about an FBI intelligence memo targeting “radical traditionalist” Catholics (CatholicVote Civic Action and Judicial Watch, Inc. v. Federal Bureau of Investigations and Department of Justice (No. 1:23-cv-01166)).

In February 2023, an FBI intelligence document was leaked that revealed FBI targeting of Catholics who adhere to traditional beliefs on abortion and other cultural issues. The Catholic News Agency reported: “The leaked document has been condemned by several federal and state officials, as well as clergy, including Bishop Barry Knestout of the Diocese of Richmond, who recently called the memo a ‘threat to religious liberty.’”

The newly obtained records include a February 8, 2023, email with the subject line “Media Request: FBI Richmond Document cites SPLC” from the FBI’s National Press Office alerting FBI officials regarding media inquiries:

We have inquiries from the Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal (Heritage Foundation) about an article written by [redacted]. It references a January intelligence product from the Richmond Field office. After speaking with SC Goodwater, I am alerting all of you so we can get a copy of the actual document and hear any recommendations on how to respond. I am attaching a cut and paste of the [redacted] article.

Miriam Coakley of the Office of General Counsel then forwards the email on to other FBI officials, noting, “Adding InTo [Insider Threat Office], SecD [Security Division] and OPR [Office of Professional Responsibility]. The date of the leaked domain perspective appears to be 23 Jan. 2023.”

Further along the chain, an official in the Office of Public Affairs forwards the chain to more people, saying, “Adding Pamela Bryon from the DI. [Deputy Asst. Director of Intelligence Pamela Byron.] Any info on how this product came about would be appreciated.”

In a heavily redacted reply, Byron responds:

As mentioned on FBINET, the type of product leaked is a Domain Perspective (DP) – the purpose of DPs is to offer information and/or highlight how a shift or new development in an AOR (domain) related to an environmental variable could impact the threat. Environmental variables include demographic shifts, technology development, economic conditions, special events, social/cultural conditions, etc. In particular the analysis in DPs (as in FBI products in general) is focused on the activity of identified or potential threat actors, not on the environmental variables themselves, and how those threat actors react to shifts in the environment, and the subsequent impact on the threat posed by those actors.

In that context, there are a couple of things to note with this situation: [redacted].

We stand by to assist on any other questions.

The records include a February 9 email with the subject line “Coordination of Draft statement regarding leaked RH intel document” from Office of Public Affairs official Douglas Goodwater to top FBI officials, including FBI Chief of Staff Johathan Lenzner, Asst. Dir. for Intelligence Tonya Ugoretz, Asst. Dir. for Counterterrorism Robert Wells and others:

Draft/pre decision, Coordination for media statement – DI/CTD/OGC [Directorate of Intelligence/Counterterrorism Division/Office of General Counsel]

Potential statement for review/edits-: [Redacted].

Asst. Director for Public Affairs Catherine Milhoan then responds:

All, we have received two new inquiries in addition to the three last night and are making the decision to respond in the next hour. We want to get our statement out before this picks up any steam.


Please review the draft and let us know if you have any edits or concerns.

Later in the email chain, Stanley Meador, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Richmond Field Office, replies, “Looks good. One small suggestion in yellow. I would send it out. It is migrating onto Fox:”

On February 10, 2023, FBI Chief of Staff Jonathan Lenzner emails FBI colleagues with the subject “intel piece that has been withdrawn,” saying, “I don’t know if we are there yet, [redacted].”

Lenzner then follows up on February 13, writing, “Looks like at least one religious organization is speaking out publicly:”

Ryan T. Young, the Executive Assistant Director of the Intelligence Branch replies to Lenzner, “Not a good look … Real frustrating when it is self-inflicted. I’ll be back in town Wednesday. We can look into next best steps.”

“After seven months of delay and more to come, Joe Biden’s FBI remains committed to one thing: covering up their un-American spying on Catholic citizens,” said former Congressman Huelskamp, Ph.D., Senior Advisor to CatholicVote. “By fully withholding more than 200 pages of public documents, the Biden administration is more interested in hiding the truth than ending this unconstitutional witch hunt of Catholics and other faithful Americans.”

( is a community of patriotic Americans who believe that the timeless truths of the Catholic faith are good for America. It makes its mission “to inspire every Catholic in America to live out the truths of our faith in public life.”)


Illegal Immigration Costs More Than Gross Domestic Product of 15 States

The Biden border invasion is dangerous, deadly…and expensive. Our Corruption Chronicles blog reports the staggering numbers.

Mass illegal immigration resulting from the Biden administration’s open border policies is costing American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars to provide an unprecedented number of migrants with medical treatment, housing, education, and other welfare services, not to mention law enforcement. A new congressional report that includes federal and state figures reveals the shocking price of supporting an estimated 16.8 to 29 million illegal aliens currently living in the United States. The “net cost of illegal immigration is greater than the annual gross domestic product (GDP) of 15 different states,” according to the lengthy report, published this week by the House Committee on Homeland Security. “Illegal immigration costs every American taxpayer a net average of $956—or $1,156 before the taxes paid by illegal aliens are factored in.”

Healthcare is among the biggest expenses with Medicaid costs for “emergency services for undocumented aliens” exceeding $12.4 billion in the last two years, according to figures provided to committee members by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. In fiscal year 2022, which ended in September, improper Medicaid payouts across the U.S. totaled more than $80 billion with around $8 billion going to illegal aliens. In New York City hospitals recorded about 30,000 visits by illegal immigrants in the past year along with approximately 300 births. A Yuma County, Arizona lawmaker recently testified before Congress that the maternity ward and emergency room at Yuma Regional Medical Center has incurred over $26 million in uncompensated costs for illegal immigrants.

Housing migrants is another huge expense that is forecasted to reach as much as $451 billion, according to figures cited in the congressional report. New York City alone is on track to spend over $12 billion by 2023 to provide shelter for tens of thousands of illegal aliens that have arrived since spring 2022. Chicago is spending north of $20 million a month to “house and support” illegal aliens and Washington D.C. is doling out more than $52 million to house the large groups of migrants that have settled into the capital area recently. “Because [DHS Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas refuses to follow the law requiring him to detain and remove illegal aliens, towns and cities across the country have been forced to pick up the costs of housing and providing shelter for the hundreds of thousands that have been released into their communities,” the report states. “This reality has been documented everywhere from small towns thousands of miles from the border, all the way to America’s largest cities.”

Education and law enforcement are two other major expenses for the U.S. government, states, and local municipalities nationwide. Nearly four million illegal aliens attend public schools around the country and most receive special services for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) costing American taxpayers nearly $59 billion. New York City alone is spending around $440 million to educate about 11,500 illegal aliens who will likely remain in the system next year. Police expenditures provided by the National Institute of Corrections reveal that illegal immigrants cost states nearly $9 billion in 2022 with judicial expenses around $3.72 billion and prison costs about $6.2 billion. Department of Justice (DOJ) statistics cited in the report disclose that 25,000 criminal aliens are in federal prisons at an annual price tag of approximately $40,000 per incarcerated individual, which means taxpayers are doling out nearly $1 billion to lock up criminal illegal aliens.

Other migrant costs include billions of dollars for transportation and welfare benefits such as food stamps. In fiscal year 2022 the government spent around $5.8 billion to provide millions of illegal immigrants with food stamps, according to figures provided in the new congressional report. Another welfare program known as Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) that gives low-income pregnant women and their children up to the age of five nutritious food disperses over $1.3 billion in benefits each year to illegal immigrants. Transportation costs listed in the document include more than $75 million in Texas to transfer migrants from the state, around $3.5 million for dozens of buses that departed Arizona to Washington D.C. and $12 million to the Florida Department of Transportation for illegal alien relocation. Additionally, the federal government spent at least $340 million transporting illegal immigrants into the interior last year and $660 million to relocate alien family units and minors, which are classified as Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC).


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