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Judicial Watch • Benghazi aftermath photos

Benghazi aftermath photos

Benghazi aftermath photos

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Date Created:November 12, 2013

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11 ited tezs Departllient State
Case No. F-2012--11837
Mr. Sean Dnnagan
Judicial Watch NOV 2013
425 Third St. SW, Suite 800 ashington, 2002-1
Dear Mr. Dunagan: refer our letter dated May 31, 2013. regarding the release certain
Department State records under the Freedom Information Act, .S.C. 
552 FOIA
The search the Accountability Review Board for Benghazi les now
complete. have identi additional records that are responsi your
request. After reviewi11g these records, have determined that may
released full. may released with cisions pursuant YOIA emptions and 7E, U.S.C (_b)(7)(A) and (_b)( and must
l*nied full pursuant to_FOLL Exemptions 7A, 7C, 717., U.S.C.
 )(6), (b)(7)(A), (b)(7)(C), and (b)(7)(E). 111 some cases, two more
exemptions may apply the same document. enclosure explains the OlA exemptions and other grounds for withholding material. l1dV any questions, you may Contact Galen Tliorp, Trial Atto 514-4781. Please sure refer the numbc
and the civil action number, 13-242, all correspondence about this
alt ctor ice Info11n.1 rogran1s and Services
Enclosures: stated.
Ib.)(1) b)(
FOIA Exemptions
information speci cally author ccutive order kept ret the interest
nfnzitional defense for ]lOllL Executive Order inclui the ollowing
classi cat categur
for government inlormution
intelligence methods,
foreign relations toreign activit
enti teulmolorri onomic matte
otional Lei arr
1.-1(f_) overnmcnt programs feguzu ing nuclear material
1.4(g) vulnerabilities capabilities 115, installations, inf
plans, prote ion services relating national security, includ
erg nsnational terrorism; -i(h weapons mass des on;
Related solely the internal personnel rules and practices ofun agency for e.amplc.: exempted from disclosure statute (other thdn USC
ARMEX Arms Export Control Act, USC 2778(6)
EXP ORT port Administration Act M1979, App. USC 2411(_c)(l)
FSA For ign Service Act 1980 USC 4003 4004
lNA Immigration and Nationalit) Act. USC l02(_ 
IRAN Iron Claims Settlement Act. See. 505, USC 1701 note
Trade secrets and con dential comm nancial inf ormotion
Inter ncy intra ageuoy comrriunications forming part the deliberative process.
attorne) -client prix ilege, attorney work product
Personal privacy information
Law enforcement information whose disclosure would:
(A) interfere with enforcement proceedings
(B) deprive person fair
(C) nstitute unwarranted inv;.tsion personal
(D) lose confidential
(E) disclose inv tigauon techniques
(F) endangerl physical safety ofan individual
Other ounds for Withlmllling
Material not responsive FOIA request excised with the agreement the requester
CBS NEWS] October 2012, 4:35
U.S. memo warned high risk Libya violence
Glass, debris and overturned fuxrniture are strewn inside room in7the gutted consulate Benghazi, Libya,
after attack that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012. /AP
The regional security office forthe U.S. Embassy Libya compiled running list 230 security
incidents through July 2012 memo that ultimately concluded that the risk U.S. Mission
personnel, private U.S. citizens, businesspersons encountering isolating event result militia political violence HIGH. obtained CBS News, the latest piece evidence suggesting security the
country was tenuous ahead the Sept. attack the U.S. Consulate Benghazi that left
Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead.
Since the attack, there have been increasing questions about whether the State Department did
enough safeguard its diplomatic personnel Libya, with some security officers for the
mission claiming that repeated requests for additional security were ignored officials
Washington. email congressional investigators dated Oct. Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom
said sent similar lists security incidents superiors signi cant part (diplomatic
posts) and argument for maintaining Diplomatic Security and Defense Department assets Libya through October because the Libyan government was overwhelmed and could not
guarantee our protection.
Dept. ofstate, A/G15/IFS, Sheryl Walter
(7) Release Excise Deny( Decluslfy
Dal: my/is Exemption
Sadly, that point was reaffirmed Sept 11, 2012 Benghazi, wrote.
Nordstrom, who served his post regional security cer from September 2011 through
July 2012, said the 230 incidents outlined the memo paint clear picture that the
environment Libya was fragile best and could degrade quickly. Certainly, not
environment Where post Should directed normalize operations and reduce security
resources accordance with artificial time table. Benghazi, violent episodes appeared the rise starting June 2012 and included explosion the consulate June 6th, and
attack the British Ambassadors convoy June 11. wrote that earlier version the memo, which started tracking security incidents June
2011, was attached the diplomatic posts Hardship and Danger Pay report, which resulted increase danger pay [percent] base bay this summer. also claimed have provided similar reports during regular emergency action committee
meetings, though they typically focused incidents falling within smaller time frames two
weeks month, wrote.
Nordstrom expected testify Wednesday before the House Oversight and Government
Reform Committee. Deputy Assistant Directorfor International Programs Charlene Lamb, who
approves security requests, and Lt. Col. Andy Wood, the former head U.S. Special Forces
Site Security Team Libya, are also scheduled testify.
Ex-U.S. sectnlity team leader Libya: needed more, not less staff
Wood, interview with CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, said and many other
senior staff the U.S. Embassy Tripoli, felt needed more, not less security personnel
the countn/, but were told with less. For what reasons, dont know.
The State Department has formed special panel investigate the consulate attack but have
told CBS News U.S. State Department correspondent Margaret Brennan that any withdrawal
security personnel prior the Benghazi attack had impact whatsoever the total number fully trained American security personnel Libya overall Benghazi specifically. There
was Quick Reaction Force standby Tripoli deploy needed. That team did arrive
Benghazi the night ofthe attack, but not until hours after the assault began.
The State Department also has continued cite the threat assessment conducted the
Director National Intelligence which stated that there was, actionable intelligence that attack our post Benghazi was planned imminent.
The Obama administration ally described the attack outgrowth protest against
anti-Muslim film produced the U.S., which also sparked violent demonstrations outside the
U.S. Embassy Cairo day earlier.
Faced with persistent criticism from Republican lawmakers and others the description ofthe
attack spontaneous, particularly given the use heavy weaponry and organized tactics,
administration officials have since classified terrorist act, though Defense chief Leon
Panetta said took him while even reach that conclusion.
Ansar a~S ria, Islamic fundamentalist militia Benghazi has been considered likely
suspect the attack and believed have links Qaedas North African branch Qaeda the Islamic Maghreb.
Several other militant groups have been mentioned possible culprits, and CBS News senior
correspondent John Miller says that discerning the specific identity ofthose responsible will
difficult due the blurred lines between the myriad extremist groups operating Libya, and
the wider region.
The memo noted that the rise private militias lawless portions Libya threatened the
fledgling national government, which does not yet have the ability effectively respond
and manage the rising criminal and militia related violence.
 2012 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. orsme.A/ms/Ins shay: was
Dept. ofsute. A/OISIIPS, Sheryl
(IV) Rcleusv )ExciAe( )DenyI_ )Drc xclixpiiosu
Kusseuasat C= iQN: rug:
The bullet holes, smashed masonry and blood the walls the burned-out consulate the
southern outskirts Benghazi are testament the gun battle that raged through the building,
claiming four lives including that the ambassador, Chris Stevens. the owners the damaged building and the accommodation block mile down the road took the
Guardian tour the sites Thursday, reports that the attack was the work isolated group
seemed odds with the physical evidence and what their staff had told them.
 .i,-Em :1.. ~w.~m. 
.E.. ,,.l,,. i\ la. HUN ix-ri.s;:x. clear the staff and their Libyan guards were subjected terrifying, night long ordeal,
which began with protests outside the consulate the al-Fawahat residential district.
Demonstrators gathered the narrow Venice Street outside the main gated entrance, voicing
protests against the reported release the film that ridiculed Islam.
The protest quickly turned violent, the landlords said. Who red matter dispute, with
some claiming the Libyan security guards hired the Americans shot the air, panicking the
There doubt about what happened next. The compound bound breeze-block wall topped barbed wire, but was not enough stop the attackers. They jumped from everywhere, said
Ahmed Busheri, owner t.he consulate. the melee, single rocket-propelled grenade appears have been fired from within the
compound, detoriating one the heavy concrete barriers set outside deter car bombs.
Several the consulates Libyan guards were injured during the ghting and others melted away,
the landlords said, leaving the diplomats fend for themselves. iwv.; xLwH*1.H.vl
 Hm! _,l [Em- liu
:.v itll
in! ..m~~~x
Once the mob had seized the compound they looted it. The surrounding lawns are covered stray army ready meals, broken furniture and, incongruously, the dustjacket Simon Sebag
Montefiores book the history Jerusalem.