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Judicial Watch • FISA transcript motion

FISA transcript motion

FISA transcript motion

Page 1: FISA transcript motion


Number of Pages:38

Date Created:July 23, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 24, 2018

Tags:FISA, Branch, Transcript, campaign, Russian, foreign, Intelligence, Steele, Trump, motion, ACLU, justice, White House, FBI, Supreme Court, DOJ, department, FOIA

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Plainlittludicial Watch, Inc counsel and pursuant Rule the Rule
Prucc dult {er the Foreign lntcliigence Surveillance Court. respectfully requem this. (team make
public all irenseripts ufhcmi mgdrding applications for renewal oFFnreign inrelligenee vciliance Act rmzmts related tieriei Page. gruimlle therefor, Plrrintm erateg Follows: lntruduc on. iici this year. the House Permanent Select Committee lntclilgmce icqucsied this pmvidc
Court confirm whether transcripts hearings related Carter Page exivt and
mpics such transcripts the Committca response, the Court informed the Select
Cnmmiticc that the Department ttslicz possesses (or can easily obtain) the same respomive
inimniation 1h: Culm might possess. Judicial Watch subsequently sent lrecdom
hlfurnmtiml Aet t-rrrueet the Justice Department speci cally seeking transcripts an)
hearings related page The Justice panmcm responded Judicisi Vmchs request
atilling that did (mi identify any records msprrrieiie your icques; Since the Justice
Department due; mil have possession any lranscripis hearings lulatcd Page and because
such transcripts would provide the public with complete and unbiased lmk the mic olthis
Court, Judicial Watch rcspcctfuiiy requests this Court make pubiic all mulscriptS (IFhearings
Iagluding applicaiions for rcncwai ofFISA mums related Pug:
ll. Factual Rackgmnmt January 20,, 201 the Select Cmnmittcc voted disclose publicly memormdum
mntaining infurmalimt concerning the electronic surveillance arragc. formerly
foreign polie adviser tile! t,andldale Durmhl Trump. Exhibit President Trump
subsequently declassi the memorandum, and, lebruary 2613. the memmzimium was
publicly disclosed, Id.
The memorandum released February 2018, was Written the Select Coirtmittcc
Republican Staff and known the Nunes Memorandum, Iii. The meirznmntium states,
The lFederal Bureau lnvestigatienj and [US Department Jusrieel obtained (me initial
FISA warrant targetingy Caner and three lSA renewals from Court. I11.
lllCYjOl ldtn agserts that the Flil and the Justice Department omitted material and relevant
inform from the four applications. Id, [hen goes detail the Ways which the
Republican members the eiecr Committee bctich the government misled the Cum. 7d. February 101 the Select Committee Demo IL, members ased their own
memorandum abettt the electrmtic surveillance otPage. 11bit This memorandum known the Demuertttic memorandum and tly responds the Names Memorandum. asserts,
FBI and DUJ ellieiul: did nut abuse the FISA pritocss. omit material information, subvert vital mo: spy the hump uttmpuign. it, [on then outlines why the Democratic
members uithc Select Committee believe lite govermnenr did not mislead the Court. Id.
Aim. February 2018. the Select Committee requested that the emttirm the
existence uflrtmseripts heirir regarding applications [or renewal iiiSA mjlls
related Page. Lithibit addition. the extent any transcripts exist. the Select
Committee requested the Court provide cnpi tJFtlicin the Select Cmninirtcc. Id.
tesponsci Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyciz hehalfottlic Court, stated:
The Court appreciates the Latest (tithe Home Intelligence Committee its
operations and publi cunhdenuc therein. Before ZUlS) the thud never
received mqucer from Cmtgrcsr: dncumcm rclamd ipccmt PISA
application. thus gonritutuestar and uthers thaw waited {mm qtic ions. The Lomtdcratinnu nmlw
prem:ttves the Louis hut interests Executive risen maintain
the integrity oing law enforcement esttgatio
While this analysis underway, you may note that the Department Justice
posse tur can ensl) obtain). the same responsive informatiun the Cnurt 7mg
than Court mpon
Dun pammnr, both formally ant: iniixmiallynhat riot object 10811) decision the Executive Br: unm Congress tiny such mmmtrmt.) Watch nut-thr pwlit, cdumtttmdi organization that tests ptumote
transparency: (Lccountttb
,Ltnd integiity guvemmcnt and delity the rule grim
integral pan Judicial Mick Sion educating the pinto ubuut the ups: iom Watch undertakes
acti the government and got eminent of! ials. this and, Judi
investigations (tithe federal government and fed cials making extensive use UEA,
simnngmltci investigative tools. Judicial Watch subsequen mialyzes ail itcords receives and
inmates its ndings the public.
Ofrclcvim hem Judicial Watch investigating the governm surveillance
American citizen; whites the 2016 Presidential lectimt, nfrhis investigatimn
Judicial Watch submitttd 31014 qthM the-181 seeking (Spies (it all PISA an:
application; application renewalsi and Ihlb (mutt; (Hii mlated Page. Judicial Watch
siihseqncmly led alawsuit OVGIIhlS rcqttest.uudicial Watch, 1m: Harm/mm:q hls tzce Him @0241
.Rc (DD. .1. and icucivcd 412 pages ofrcspmlsivc records, albeit
iieai ily redacted. July 20, 2013. Exhibit addition, Judicial Vaic-l) followed 111a Court and soughl :lic transcripts
healings nagal ding aniilicniinm ni- renewal nlFmA Walrams mlaied Page Submlmllg
1101A manna: in: Juslicc Dcpamilcnt, inspnnac. the Jusiicc Department stated that
conducted but did identify any ccm responsive [Judicial Waich request.
Exhibit nine. Iransciil iuilluixrings regarding applications for acnewni HSA
Winning inlaieil Page have new released 1.0 111: public.
111. Standing. have minding under Article III ollhe Cons iutii Judicial Waich must demolisiratc
mice familial Isquiremems:  it): President has determined that decla tiun Memmandum
appropriate. this .mxm sment and light uttltc signi cant public interest the memnmmlum, the
President has authorized the (leetasst dmt 01-th Vicinman um. clear. the
magmsstonal authors the Pit-25 understands
earning matters rel the Memorandum may ceiitinttin lmugl: the
ciwumstz, xding tn) tlte eatitm thought process are emanm nary, the
Lxeuutive Branch Mantis ready work with ngress accommodate oversight ieque
ent with applicable standards and process including the need protect intelligence
amt melhtlds.
WEI} tld l7. Mcf ralm
Counsel [he rasidsnt
cc: Honorable Paul Ryan
Speaker ufthe House Repmsem-tttm
The Homrable Adam Schi
Ranking Member, House Pennment Salem Committee hitclligcncc
1mm 11mm 1w: min ofilm Pmiidem ebxuary 2013
To. HPSCI Majxirity Mciiibm
From: SCi Maiorily Staff
Subject: Foreign intelligence 511 ace Aci ilic Dcpamem Jusice and
[adrenal Buz cau Investigation
Pu: was:
This memui mdimi pzcvidcs her )daic signi cant 161311111; 111 fhr,
Comm; iee ongoing investigation into 1116 mops-111m. mice (D0)) and Faderal 8mm
Invesiib lion {FBI} EhE use vithd Fornigiihitclligmw .Weiliamc A121 r:(lu [1mm the Arnmman people from abuses reinml the FISA process, D/BE action date
1311 am; USA pic-bub]: cause :15:
(L391 undcr lillc Vii) authorizing eiwaronic umcillel. Cam: Fag: lmm 1118 Page citizen wine) awed vnhinxez advism the Trump ilemial nigh Consistcm
whh 1131;111:1111: under 1115,11 the plicalim bad 11511151 Gdfufied due Dime cu- Dcpui,
Dircuzm nmw {mm 1.111% approval dig Alto Gcnsial, Deputy Amway
General (DAG), (l3 ntz cm:ik1ncd Assistant Atmmey (1:115:31 fox 1hr: Naiicnzil Security
01: Dumber 21, 2016, DOJ warrant iaz getmg (1mm Page dzlc PISA
renewals the Sf. Asiequucii by: (SOLVS 18l15(1i /(l71 aPHA order
Ammo ..11 3:115th runewcd every
separate finding 11f pmbn nude, Then-D actor James fumey signed dime PISA zmplicatlm
111 question bchalf OfLilc 11m, and llcpunvDixectar Andrew McC gum) une. Than-DAG
Sally ihen- Acting Dans Bomia and DAL: Rod 110.0913 mcauh Signed 011C mere
T311: FBI and DO! illr. one
acli zeqmrcs applications behalroi now
sansitivc naturr/ xcign intelligence activity: FlSA submission uding inmgily ofthe
renewals) befnre the FISC are classi such. the pzihlic confidence
USA process depmds OX1 3h: mums ability said Me- iiment Lbs
pmlitulaxij rel Sim/swam ofAmcsicm ciIi/en However the rig
pro acting [he ght Americans 151mm QWy ranewnla (ii LliiaiK the guvemment- pm: uction 1.11 1h: mun ofall inaiexial and
foaming puiemiaily favorable 111.: target 0mm
aim, necesaa dopmde
15;. fan; 1101115 111
atim: 11121115 101mm} the van: man: 1:11.118 case @1ch 11g: 1hr ,mvamnmm 11.111 11139 1.191019 1.716 wide accountmg 011113
[101%ch 0111 ndmgs 11111117111~ 111 111 u11 10w. material and 151m omitted. scour Has do. wmp (21111.11 (mim- chie S1. dossi bahm the
Ilcnlucmtic NaLional mime (DNC) and Lhc Hiilny Clinton can 111131 formed the mar Page FISA applicau nn, Sfecie war 1111: FBI som who
over 113(1000 1111: DNC and campmg 131: law Pmkins Ccic
:11 11111F11511cx1 GPS, 0111:1111 Jemgamry info; 1111 Donald Trump Lies
111 R115 .1.
1.). Nei 1-1112 131112113
5122155 cram. though 121a pomm
known 1:7 Set, 011101 and FBI cials. 0mm 2016,1101 any om: renown
any 13mm paign 111 171mm,; sauna: ofthe 31ml: dDSMCI Wm) 111911
:3) initial PISA applicanon 12191:: wns working im- named 11.5 persun but 11011111113: F115 and {1211111151111 31:11pm, who was paid (Perkins 1:1 presenting DNC (cvmthough 3311111er 1101
time 11121113111 1111 W311: 311on whh the tee}: dm- msnLioa $121210 W213 ultimately ing behalf 11:14am paid
cm; 1:a11111312;1.orthz11 111518111 spat 11111111211263 payme
sums 111101 11121111211. The Carter! FISA also exlcnsieely qucmim 23, 21116, whoa
New beric 611514013) You 11: does 0110!: 1,911: $111.11: dos
braked if, sesses
111w. mole dld nu: din pmwde met with Yahoo N13
.118 direction Fusion czkins C012 was awurc (one vVashingmn D,C.i:1
101111 lings tceicwas mlspen and 131611 kermiuzslcd 91111 15mm: forw FBI defines {he viui 1(1nryr/1111mmui110n mpudxapoulw {wax
campaign Foreign IxIIIIzy advisar. Info. .cd him Apt Papadwoulm- Sdiwlmuw.
momevuy, 0chde against baitkdrnn aim-551m aggressive cover: campuiga uence
our ele iom. which the was already maniluring. would iuicr Ivan Pispndopmilos
pics: that lhc ini cmminn Raisins 30.: 353%! anonymcmly Ida wry: Liiousandg iary Ummns emnIIs
DOJ :cld Inc Com mm. 115 revvescma Wu; musisicni with Furs ulidci 1yi
invtgligmive recnrdI Which amen! and formcr semen cials later cormhomlui stmcnswe
Comminea m(1ny.{ ,hr,t.)pher Steeles rrpm lmg. began share wan F8} agent
lhmugl the 2in orrmmer 2016, mm! mlu launching the cmmminmiligmcz man sum Russian imetfevmw 1m} [Inks the Trump mpaign, hell Susies rep did no: reach the wunserinicl gencc mam $nvcslig tirzg
Rusaia H3! heedqcanen mid-September more :h-IIn seven wueks site: he
Upcntu IIIvcsnguuun. Maw :11: prohes wislcnw CILSC III-Id withm the Fm. FBI mdy Opened sIImIquirics into immidunis linked II: lhe Trump
tmd former campaign foreign pol ndviw Cmer Page. Commit testimany bears out, the muld
uga sz-andmuum ewri menace SmeIIynmInp,
:I. PISA warrant agahm page, the {115C had Imam lhv applicmian
{)0 Riga Mg} anti Renewals itiul Wm! uwlvcmion and snbscqu: wwms mivm1m( pondammmmwminl
puma! ammo: few jmi nmnfwhom wen III-maimed Pmimmcmgn
13mm one iwsidem Ronald ngan appiled tSLonCMober warrant III permit XIiualcckctmnic tut pduam and pnyqacui mmhoi iuguh): comm HSA rcquhcimnm appmven thaw renewai:
Jammy ZIII early April 20], and late June autsorizcd 3110 MI, main
surveillance Page Sepwmlxr 29:1, bunior no: and FBI appointed the
Obarna and Tnmp Adminimtium ipctuding Achg Altorngy Genmt Dunn Meme and Dewy
Angrncy (jcncml Rod Rusenstein, uni xhe apphcatinm with Cam.
FISA was 9331 usaxi 333 Trump his campaign, the Trump campaign and Page havc
BCknDWdeg Page mdcd formal lia with campaign months may; D0! applied
:or warranl 001. mmcovcr submitled lha In! appzacmon ghnn befuw [ha
elacilan, even though the mn- inwstiga had bum ongoing (he uHuly 201
nmpulllngcvidm pronahlecauw ionelievcl ag: inwiiigcnw in:
Don werram requem was bmed
knawI-ngly Hamming plaudustinc Ru: Page Cunnec Russian Gwemmenl and Intelligence (British: The Emma
indeptr bag 11:; immwi mmivaimns undymg 91;
mengo egg isguwjgg, 001 dcs crflml dam: Eh: Scum Page had cxlclzsix
prior 1x; ulr {rump Campaign unwind Moscuw {mm 2004
2807 and pwwcd msmms dash with Russias rammwwnca energy mummy Glilpml early Russian iIucingenue (In:
mmumcm, mg: nmcd
highs remained Nada! ofRussiau inlelligmce and the FBL ZOIS. pmriecbwrs
indicwd three other spin, 1M: whom 1mgaled Page for recruitment Tb: F81 also
2016 van cuncrn and Lnowitdgc Paga {hemwre FBFIECuP. 015199165
nges Sus ocous Activlw aring Elle 1910 Campaign: The PLEA appsicalions detail
aclmzy 0%. ,(hc Trw campaign Mam:
Pas; swim Moacow 2016
men: Edd hnnoruxuull) mened (=er-
when gave ulm
known luminxti this speci sun-semen uflhe uppiiculions HIM DOJ refers Scwls
rewirting Pang: and his mom cmdinmsnu wnh Rumm umcinlm $100ch
infomadun Page was muns swm with FBI ofKnMism
imr rt: mart: recruit hirr and his mnnmiem Rtsssian persons inmw. saunas rammed that Page met sap ateiy while Ru. with
{gar Seuhin. elm: VLud. mi: Push: and uranium Lhuiimm :xf Rcsnc
Kmaia smtccwwed Compwn legcdly mammal hc prospect enccgy 1:001le and
associated move krainc- relaxed mmm marinas against Rum .vynkm Page than Kmn pnsscsscd cuwpmx (mmmim
med the why Mira hcin Released Cam. jaw scumpaignfu Wale: Cnndiduw mfers mndidm: Tmmp. closcly
hacks who: mhu Russian canmcm wew nming mums: Trump Jgn puticy
adv marge, xnadupnuios partlrulnn Stan subscqueni zmewalx gmwided nna! sum-mun osmium mmugh
mul plc leepcndmt mulcm mmwmbomm: 5mm mooning.
senior Russian mamas With Rummc
inmnna or. comma Pages Vovmnbcr 2,2Lvl71esi ummy aim Commmu, which
may mam any man mcn ngs and men we: {owed am: speaking
Dvorkuuicln and meeting wilh Rmacft: Sabin-.1911 Investor velzlionx carer, Andrey
Haranuv. The Com-approved mmeumuw hge ailowed FB} mien valuabic intelligence.
The PISA Iznwwals dcmqrsnmc hul the FBI com-cm} important inwmigg formalinn
and leads corducting awn-mama somamce, Far insxance,
DO! also documented evidence that at:
Pasc eHUrLs also Cnmmdi his
mom :immy our Cammiucc,
JJLTy uwmg nag mm. mm:
Far from um!ing material [my about Slcele, the Majority claims, DUJ mpeamlly
inlmnwd Courl mum: Sleeie hackgmond. credit: (y, and pocemial bias. DO]
:xpmintd (11:th Steele prior umhip wixh and comp mmjon From FBI: his
delbliky. rcpur ing history, and sumac Hawaii; the Fast ofand awn {or mlinaiien
source late Bomber 2016: and the polixicni mativaiimm most who himd Steele. 00.! was zramparem with Court show Staci nursing: The Cummmcc Majmizy.
which had amzzed mem Adminmmsron 05mm improper unmaskmg, mus
Do: 110: revw the names ofqpecmc Lu; persan and entities (In: FISA applicus subacquy encwa fact. no; spprupriately mad Iangsianding practice
pmtccung cxl von informa pum efully unxnasking .{t rscm emit}:
nmnea, unitss they were mcmwm subject cmmkrinciligemc Inmugwm D03
instead used gunndc dcnli Vhal gmwidcd Cum with wart than suf cient infrmnalian underslend (1:0 political comm QfSIGiale march 1mm cucnsiv axvlanalioh mm: mums that Steele {(wn dud 0!: idmlvjim {1.3 Pam-n. who edm Scum WZSiczlcj :hat
U..S_ :v:nuc1f9w jinn bay! (is {1mm condu raga-m Ngardmg
Cumifdale ([11:10 Run idem .md eurcc how hing-
rmnrimx amines: reiaainusmp Memf/v perm hinu Saww comm: .neaw The idwytg Pculm var mic edbaurca .10 :21..- matmztim-l Enm mid Ike Rm). IhaA/v lawe 131g 1ng Tg-dmm ifkgmmmmammmm .th mu! magma
mm. [he Majmiys awerlion vmmion ma: 5mm research was panting! morsto 01min emgnmly .naormzsun 0:1 Donaid mep
no.) informed 2h: 17mm accurately that sum wax hired
[mlilimtlymulivnmi 11,5. pawns and entities and than; 16; research appeal-am intemml
for use discredit Trump campaign explained rensnnnble bat: for nding mle crcdible app horns alps (:21in M30 year
eluding miulmauon 003 used
criminal pmceedings 1301 emciats repeawdly xrmed the
Commmcn mama rcpumng. ssmum also ccxed unclmlying 51mm: dammams, Hi! undmakcu rigorous vmucss #6! galicni From Steele repnnng, inciudmg with rcgard Page
The FBI properiy nmi Ihe FISC after terminated Smoke sourw for mnkmg
unalllhm iud disclosures llw media. The MEJOO! cilia evidence that the FBI, prio ling anilial 0am .mm appmmm. ammlly knew should haw knnwn
allcgvdiy inappmmia mew mums meme, horde ihty Steele
disclmed Yawn dciall included =hs: warranz, since (he Cuun lings
Much may rem no! mldhms whu! Swell; may have said Yahaw.
DO} rmcd Uh: Cam rwcwnFs aha: the FBI nclex puunmiy minmt Swain: aim
lcxrnrxg tram DOJ the rs! wmn: applicabuhj imd discuwd his
wan: mcdk antic: law Ocinuer The Innusry mnewa) funh ainod {he
Cami that Smale told mudc his unauthonzad med! wlcaum hacause onus
{1151mm} Director Comeys paella ammuncemm shortly mm: elcCUnn may the FBI
reopened mitigation into canaiame Clinlana email Ase. no: newr 9am Smelt! the dnlrsu The Majority She ha:
amhovim payment State for his reacamh Trump neg memiun
payncn: caxcullcd and Mvcnuada the Hm; mamda Cuuamxitwe testimony
mum the FBI iaimvy memzd wmpcnmsmm uuiummy mwr mmem n...
any minted inwr un. DO] accurately Jnfunncd hc Lam {hut Steele hid
been F3] con dential human scum: since {Dr which was Dompcnsumd [1Aymum3u1 psMenslymred ilfommlion Mum
unr ued the IBI Runs
Maugham Ogggsmmwm Diamriimlg 3132* mama emonuguy; appraprimely prm idul lhe com with omprehensh expiauation ufRussia
:Iettlon illterleranm. including idem-e thnl Russia comm} nnmlmr Trim cxmpnign Papaduwmtm. and the: Russian ngevm prmlewed hueknlsd
diueminalion stolen chiming that them cvmchw afavty mavmcrulon
mspn-ne, between Pug: and Pnpudapuums sh: Majerily mimmes the mason why
Speci cdily :KD med awn cunning orpapmpousos. Papndcpauio inwmcuon Wm:
Russian gems (:00pr with real-time :Nidmce chu iskm clamkm erfemnw. prodded
the Cou with broader marten which evaluate {(usa cinndcsz univi and
islury am: wmaci with Russian cial Mureme 52m: 0an Page separate corspimc) betwr/en
29:: 0pm: 1111M, would have been negllgem omimug minrmalirm
about Papadcpoulos am: Russia comma mm. it: Court lingx 003 made proper wvernge. The Mummy 115er claims the maxerlm reEiec heavily Scpremucr 23. ubao s:-
hael Isl. nod (hat mis mic}: docs mhorsste the 5!; bcc use Rum nnailxsn tamed Siceke lfv fan, DD! rcfcrcnc lsiko
mam, zlon another anicic me. Majority FMS mention no! wide sepals
combmaum for Susies mporling, 9th inform (mm Pagea prlic damsl his suspscxcd meetings Moscow. Much also cchced Somewhat 25. 2016 ham FBi Dirccmr mcv.
11w Maionty 4mm Bram: mm: leading Magma. nisrheracmlzcs Ohr iwcr tlmv {he slgwncanco mic MEI Relic, mid misizam
abum umuimme (Ws mmlm min: with me: FBI. km- chm {he {Bl [mm mofcssmnar almns hip will! swell; and nmmion 1:5!
Smasa 531an wim hin (inrih in; me: mum. about being compmmr
RUE ,Iic afso bad wifes Contract wmx with SIM (EPS {he that hired
Emu .sepsravciy This omncd weeks 17! and mm- mum .1159; 1hr:
(om uppmw the Emlml HSA appiication The Majnrily ihcs Bruce 011? seninr
DU) cial war Closcb with (he Ocpmy Anarncy UK: mi, Yulm and later
Rosanne dtr [1. mp1)! 615ther wmahow C-lvcd FISA macesi, but there inducauon the cam
(:5 waitrespamd career proi esszonm whose pnm ol. ,dmga and organizcu
m), 10: rounmnmzl gene: here, cvidmcc We: would have known abmt 1h:
Fag: appllr Eon; :mci cumenls. Maimhy aswnxons, Ammo-mm 9.x
man: acicnnining vcmciry els mpomng. the Limo Ohe ducncfs whiz the at, had aheady icrminnicd Stee scum and Sudapcndamty wmxborciing
Steele rcpnnarg about Page aclivit BMW 011: leek Iml the FBI
wlm knew. and Lhc Majority docs him gnaw: disservice suggcgting
malign cnmpiracy.
Finakly. Peter Blank and Lisa Page message; in: irrclevmll PISA
appl cntirm. Majoriay gratuiluus inciudcs efcrenw Suzuk am! Page the
omirmcmmnmm, imply mam years mmugmm
and DO!) USA App lmliaus, Tm. 02mm new Page served
uppiicmns) whim were mam nfexlensrrc swim {:vw and +13! review
dcmoni hon-a cmur ptmcssiunals lhc Majority accuses them nfmmhcntmling leak? media ser- chargc: mamwenicm sex: messagc which may criuquw
wlu mugs ofml and mnmdmcs rmm mm; :Im-s Eml disclm
IJcpuzy Dimmr 24w Hi: Cnmmmeemm had iqu whax Page and
Svmk wart veranmg their nwmnca palicy and ignnrm STnnk
cmuwedged pmnaring public- dec ammn, mun Din-cm amcyAhom fame,-
tam-mm mms maimnm hnm ctmi fonmliow-whah gmnlly
damaged mm: mpzskatnn duySJusI pliorm the :Jcnim! ulcct mn.
upsm Chs man new. Nms, Almrney 3mm; saw Dcpnrmmlil maxim
January 2019. Lemma IlPsu Cbsznnxu Dewy: Nun-:5, {mama-u Amway (imam!Supt-11:30yd.qumme-M
Jammy 2a, 00: 31:3 can hmc wmmg Mzmriry sum DD: and terms aha- ummnem meommadakd upscvs mnighl {Mum nzlowmg names tumors
ll): maierizll (Wimpy mum m.- Bmuu elipmauans 1an {kg cm. [or his
delaguu) and Runhing mm: (or dame mnum wsm uppmprlm mum)
clenriathx allwld mam behalfol Commit m;- yew-w mace reading
mum sci szanmonL (3; ummcms war: pjyyswl ccrmo rm: Dcw umm.
and;51hnuhc oppn uniliu bipmam mm. Though mama, mqucswd mg; LaE. scknnweugmmn Janus! ammm and recognizmg valumv x44m4444 4449 444 was 442444 redacted Narmada. *4444 memes axerwncn sexes 445214110 4444444444444 4444444444.;[4044
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53mm 5452 Section 552a 44:44 (4:447:43; 4414
(W2) (M47718) W2?
(W3! $747433! (4041)
5pm 302.4; {1, 444474404 44242: 417347405) 444443) 444mm 444 (4344:; (DICE) F1405) (bus) (may 44444454 44%) 444474
5544 pages wen: Wilmer: and 447 pugs: ism 444444444; misused
5944444 4404.4 24444444444444 mama? pamgmm about 444444; 44544444444 444444444 apwicamn muck
boxes are med pmukka 94444 4444444 mm: 48444444944444 3004114444; pmum 0140;449:4442 each 443444
camww nacumenis 4mm: M44244 mgnatw mn- :24 3444444444944 immamn :xncami 34-044444
444444 44444444474 4523444 T4445 4nm4mo 4425 been fared 401412013le reviw 34: 44354114434410 yuu. are cum wzn anslh rdgercy Tim FBI win wresao-ud you mgarding miwn nrmmw
Men the mrsxnxaim complme umvd smn FEM mum and pumuam memp magmas) ant: anacy
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us. Deparcmenc Justice
Nana Seuur ilyDivision
Washingmn, 20530
William Marshall Re: FOIA/PA 221
425 Third St., SW, Suiie 800
Washingto 0024
wmcl org luneZOIrB
Dear Mr. Marshall:
This em; response your FOZA (itOiAyany Act (PA) requesi dated February 2018 requesting and ipls heari bail-w Foreign Iigm
Surveillance Court regarding applk ntin far renewal: ofFareign Surveillance
Ac: TISl ants [dating Carter Page anal orlrltchael Flynn. Our 01A
received your Freedom luiorrrnnion request June 2018
For your inf naiwn Cong excluded three discrete categories oflsw enforcement
and national sec recmds (mm the requirements ofihe IAV See U.S.C 552(6) (2003
Suppl (2010). This response limited (hove reeorda are subject the requirements (if
the FOIA. This standard caiien that all our requesbers and should not
taken indicaiion aha: excluded records do, not, exist.
llic nianal Security Dimsion (NED) maintains operational les which douwnent
request uppmv Join the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court authority {or the
US. Intelligence Comm unity CDlHIiK ceriain foreign intelligence actwilies. no: Search these records response requesLs iegarding the use non-use
sueli techniques cases where the con rmation denial the exisicnue responsive records
would, and reveal infornmiian properly elaysiiied under Executive Order 13526
con deny the existence such materials each case would tend reveal properly
classi informalinn regarding whether particular surveillance techniques have have not
been used the US, intelligence Community. Accordingly, with respect your IEQUCSL
relaxing Michael Flynn, can nciiher con nor deny the existenct records these les
responsive your request pursuam~
Based lieelnssi caiion xlecisiom the President and the elligence Community
however are able respond your request relating Carter Page search ofNSD
lGCOldS did not identify any records responsive you Lbis Inquest litigmicn. are umitting our standard administrative appeal
Kevin Tiemm
Records and FOEA Uni
Pursuam Rule {lie UiSi Fnreipn Intelligence Sutvcillancc Count am.
maximal, Icapculluliy submits the following informatinn: Bar Mmhmhip Inl urmatiuu.
Michael Bekesha membrr, good standing, 111: illnwing federal cmms: ilic US.
Supreme Court, the US. Cams OfADpcals fur the Ninth Eleventh, and Distric! Cnhimbia
Cli cniw and lbs trict Court for the nut quolumhid, licensed premise law ilk!) bars tlm District Columbia and the Commonwealth Masszxhuscus.
II. Security Clearance Information.
Miclxacl Bckcslla docs not hold. and has never held. security Manes, Bwausc
Movam motion and 3h: (dated brie does not contain classi information Muvam
rsspeCI llly suhmiis 111a: Michael Bckcsha may participate proceedings the mulion wilhuul
atoms dam inl-( lit lilm) security clcmances,
Hamil: July 201 Rcspccdi
425 Sirect Suite 800 ingluni 20024
Phone: (202) 646-5372
Counsel for anm!
CFR IFICAI SERVKF Michal BelwshaI hereby certify that served copy ofthc foregoing JUDICIAL
following perxm Pastal Sanice, Ccr Mai]:
Daniel TTzartensxine
Security and Emergency aming Sla
Uniltd 31:5 Uepanment oqusich
[45 cet,
Washington. 205
Daied: July 24, 2018