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Judicial Watch • HHS 2720_Responsive recs 1 18

HHS 2720_Responsive recs 1 18

HHS 2720_Responsive recs 1 18

Page 1: HHS 2720_Responsive recs 1 18

Category:FOIA Response

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Date Created:December 2, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 02, 2014

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BCFS-Health and Human Services 1,623,520 1,458,400 

OTHER COSTS ($5,099,336) 
Utilities ($320,000) 
Utility expenses will include cable television (video screen/projector set -due the large dormitory set and configuration ensure large group seatings can view movies, sports, etc.), addition the rental cost systems which estimated $15,000 month months= $120,000. Garbage pick-up which pays for the cost dumpster rentals, and extra pick ups estimated $50,000 month months= $200,000. Reimbursement for utilities requested for $320,000. 

The Ft. Sill Fire Department requiring 100 fire extinguishers purchased Ft. Sill. The estimate $200 per extinuguisher, plus additional fire watch security items (signs, lighting, etc.) that being required for fire and safety. Reimbursement estimated $160,000. 

The expense for telephone services based costs associated with mobile celluar devices and land line phone/internet needs and support international phone services order ensure good communication place for UACs and BCFS HHS case management/clinical personnel. addition, contact with family members imperative and part BCFS'daily programing which each client affording the opportunity call their families twice every week Reimbursement for telephone and internet requested for $584,000. 

Estimated Breakdown (assuming all calls were made for this length): UAC Two Calls Twenty Minutes 
100 1200 UACs calls min= 48,000 minutes week .75 weeks= $576,000 
Internet Fees: $2000 month internet $8000 

Office ($240,000) 
Office supplies will utilized support administrative tasks and daily operations support surge shelter, clinician and case management operations (i.e. paper, pens, markers, printer ink, staples, etc.). addition, supplies will purchased ensure janitorial services has adequate supplies maintain offices within the shelter and offices supporting the shelter operations (i.e. toilet paper, mops, sanitation products, bleach, Lysol, air freshener, etc.). Total reimbursement requested 

Postage will used for all correspondence mailed ORR including requests for records and ORR reports, BCFS Corporation and offices, family members/sponsors UAC, and professionals the community. This line item will include regular postage stamps, certified mail, and overnight mail. Postage reimbursement requested for $40,000.