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Judicial Watch • JW v DHS documents 00222 pg 30-31

JW v DHS documents 00222 pg 30-31

JW v DHS documents 00222 pg 30-31

Page 1: JW v DHS documents 00222 pg 30-31


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Date Created:February 22, 2016

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Tags:watchlisted, watchlist, Screening, suspected, framework, targeting, 00222, supervisor, Customs, terrorist, nomination, individuals, Homeland, protection, Special, documents, security, DHS, National, FBI, department, office

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All redactions this document are ours~tta exemptions (b)(6) and (b)(7)(C). Obtamea y1a tOll
Any additional exemptions usea are Judi1:1a etch Inc ne~~~~Pl.)e;ieral _Investigations
tea margin
U.S. Department Homeland Security
Type Activity: Personal Interview: Customs and Border Protection
Case Number: 113-CBP-WF0-00549
Case Title: TECS TerroristRecords September 25, 2013, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) the National Targeting Center (NTC) was interviewed Special Agent (SA).
Department Homeland Security (OHS), Office Inspector General (OIG),
Investigation (INV), Washington Field Office (WFO) the NTC, located 12379 Sunrise Valley
Drive, Suite Reston, regarding the complaint
that TECS
records had been inappropriately altered and deleted. also responsible for
!ml provided the following information:
The NTC was established 2002 target criminal and terrorism suspects trying enter the U.S.
The NTC coordinates with the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC), which maintained the Federal
Bureau ofinvestigation (FBI). The TSC maintains the U.S. governments consolidated Terrorist
Watch list- single database identifying information about those known reason abIy suspected being involved terrorist activity. Information gained from DHS components (e.g. information
gained from CBP inspections and screenings) can passed the TSC, and information from the
TSC can passed DRS entities such CBP prohibit watchlisted individuals from entering the
The TSC establishes the criteria for how individuals are nominated the watchlist placing strict
criteria the two databases the FBI maintains the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment
(TIDE) and the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB). TI1e TIDE the U.S. governments central
database known suspected international terrorists, and contains classified information provided members the Intelligence Community. The TSDB the unclassified system run the TSC
which contains the Watchlisted subjects for screening and law enforcement purposes. The
established criterions ensure that only accurate information being added the databases.
Narne. Title, Signature, and Date:
Special /ge
IMPORTANT NOTICE {O}fli;:nt i11kllldoo sgMy 19r 1h; elH;ial 1m1 llf lilt Qepaitai,lll flgmela!ld S;c11i:it ill} CJ1ti1 R1cci11 iag cgpy dirlilCU} fwm th11 Oftice
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