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Judicial Watch • JW v State 1511 iPad email

JW v State 1511 iPad email

JW v State 1511 iPad email

Page 1: JW v State 1511 iPad email

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Date Created:April 8, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 12, 2015

Tags:iPad, Hillary Clinton

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United States Department State
Washington. 20520
APR 2015
Case No.2 20l4 1262
Segments: S/ES-l S/ES-2
Ms. Kate Bailey
425 Third St., SW, Suite 800
Washington, 20024
Dear Ms. Bailey: refer our letter dated February 2014, regarding the release certain
Department State material under the Freedom Information Act (the
FOIA U.S.C. 552.
The review has been completed for part the records retrieved from the
Office the Secretary, which consist seven documents responsive your
request. have determined that may released full and two may
released with excisions. All released material enclosed. enclosure provides infonnation FOIA exemptions and other grounds for
withholding material. Where have made excisions, the applicable
exemptions are marked each document. will keep you informed your case progresses. you have any questions,
you may contact Assistant United States Attorney Robert Prince
(202) 305-3654 Robert.Princeusdo.ov. Please sure refer the case
number shown above all correspondence about this case.
John Hackett, Acting Director
Office Information Programs and Services
Enclosures: stated.
(b)(9) Freedom Information Act 552
FOIA Exemptions
Withholding speci cally authorized under Executive Order the interest national
defense foreign policy, and properly classi ed. E.O. 12958, amended, includes
the following classi cation categories:
1.4(a) Military plans, systems. operations
1.4(b) Foreign government information
1.4(c) Intelligence acti es, sources methods, cryptology
1.4(d) Foreign relations foreign activities the US, including con dential sources
1.4(e) Scienti technological, economic matters relating national security,
including defense against transnational terrorism .4(f) US. Gov rnment programs for safeguarding nuclear materials facilities
1.4(g) Vulnerabi ties capabilities systems, installations, infrastructures, projects,
plans, protection services relating national security, including defense
against transnational terrorism
1.4(h) lnforrnation weapons mass destruction
Related solely the internal personnel rules and practices agency
Speci tally exempted from disclosure statute (other than USC 552), for example:
ARMEX Arms Export Control Act, USC 2778(9)
CIA Central Intelligence Agency Act 1949, USC 403(9)
FJ(PORT Export Administration Act 1979, App. USC 2411(c)(1)
FSA Foreign Service Act 1980, USC 4003 4004
INA Immigration and Nationality Act, USC 1202(f)
IRAN Iran Claims Settlement Act, Sec 505, USC 1701, note
Privilegedloon dential trade secrets, commercial nancial information from person
lnteragency lntra-agency communications ionning part the deliberative process.
attorney client privilege, altomey work product
lnfonnation that would constitute clearly unwarranted invasion personal privacy
Infonnation compiled for law enforcement purposes that would:
(A) interfere with enforcement proceedings
(8) deprive person fair trial
(C) constitute unwarranted invasion personal privacy
(D) disclose con dential sources
(E) disclose investigation techniques
(F) endanger life physical safety individual
Prepared for government agency regulating supervising nancial institutions
Geological and geophysical information and data. including maps, oonceming wells
Oth Grounds for Withholding
Material not responsive FOIA request, excised with the agreement the requester
UNCLASSIFIED U.S, Department Slate Case No. F~2014 11262 Doc No. C05693235 Date: 04/06/2015
gE_EAsED REVIEW AUTHORITY: Archie Batter, senior Reviews
Randolph, Lawrunca
Wednesday. September 12, 2012 8:21
Macmanus_ Joseph (S); S_SpaciaIAssistants
Calllng Ops now.
Fmm: mcmanus, Joseph (5)
sent: wednadav. Semen-be 12, 2012 6:20
lbjld: Fw: SPOTREPORT09/12/I (SBU)
Need bmalxout: Amerians KIA, LES KIA, and same for Injured/wounded, etc.
Frum: opsuert Sent: Wednsday, Seplnmber 12, 2012 06:08
Attack (LS. Diplomatic Mision Bengluzi
Wedncsdry, SeplnE:TbI:- 12, 20:2
IATET DEVELOPMENTS (SBU) FourCOMpersonnelwuoI%andthreewarewmmdedinanattackbydozansof ghtersonthc
U.S. Diplomatic Mission Baa ndi ning approximately 1550 Eastern Time. (Ops/DS Command (clean
and e-nrai0 (SBU) All COMpei-sonnel lnviuacunod Benghazi and are Tripoli. The wounded are receiving medical
treatnxentatalocalhospitalpcn ngqnnation. (Ops/DSConmIaudt lcanaude-mall, Ops/Emlurs.vyTnpoli
telcon) (SBIJ) The U.S. Mission drawing down emergency pczsonnel. U.S. military aircra are scheduled
arrive Tripoli 1030 Easaern Time evacuate COM personnel. military inedcvac ight will arrive
1110 Fasten: Time. Tripolitalcon) (SBU) Marine FAST team route Tripoli from Spain. (Ops/Dnbassy Tripoli idea (SBU) Embassy Tripoli has dra Emergency Message Americans announcing the dniwdown and
encouraging Americans leave Libya via commercial ights. (0pvEnrban_v Tripoli lelcou) (U) number media sources report the death ofU.S. Ambassador Stcvem. (Reuters, hzun)
Please see our classi website E,@ ed: ISArmiger Agawd: AVqiruk
Dist: State (III bureaus), NSS, OSD, NMCC, JCS, CIA, OSC, NCTC, ill,
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Depanment State Case No. F-31611282 DOCNO. C05693235 Date: 04/06/2015
UNCLASSIFIED US. Department State Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc No. C05693235 Date: 04/06/2015
UNCLASSIFIED US. Department State Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc No. (:05693235 Date: 04/06/2015 UNCLASSIFIED US. Department State Case No. F-201441262 Doc No. C05701849 Date: 04/06/2015
Fmm: Operations Cenmr
sum: uesday, September 11. 2012 6:57
5-0 Cals
Subject: 11eSecrevaIyhasrequesmdtoSpeakwin1DcMHid:s.EmbasyT
Kathryn Porter
Watch cer
State Department Operations Center
202-647-1512 LASSIFIED U.S. Departrnem State Case No. F-201441262 Doc No. C05701849 Date: 04/06/2015
UNCLASSIFIED Us. Department State___Case No. F-201411262 Doc No. co57o1s7aV gaze: o4/o7/2015,
Reviewnu iomrfr: Archie Bolstensenior
Reviewer s=~@s,.m=-~*%...
sum Tuesday, ber1
To: Allen Keiswetter, Rex; Melissa Mame;
Subject: Smoking news: conauhte stdllerdles Libya mission clash
VIt Ib0! UUEl#SlldnI[ldllm1-lld consulate atalfer dies Libya niuion dash REUTERS
ArmedgtmmenattackUSconsulat:ccompoundinBenghau injIningacvera
Libyansecuritysourcessay;at1ackinpmtestofUS lmthatthcysayinsuli
incident follows demonstration Egym.
Pto by. REUTE
BENGHAZI, Libya American staff member the consulate the eastern Libyan city
died following erce clashes the compound. Libyan security sources said Wednesday.
One American staff member has died and number have been injured the dashes, AbdeI Mor
spokesman for Libyas Supreme Security Committee, said adthg that did not know the exact
injured and could not say what the cause death was.
Armed gunmen attacked the compound Tuesday evening, clashlngvwith Libyan security forces
withdrew they came under heavy re. The anned group said have been protesting the United States.
The incident followed protest neighboring Egypt where demonstrators sailed the walls the
tore down the American and burned during protest over what they said was that insu
Prophet Mohammad.
Reuters repcrterson the scene could see looters raiding the empty Benghazi compound, walking
chairs and washing machines.
Unknown gunmen were.shool:ng the buildings while others threw handmade bombs into the cor
off small explosions. Small tires were burning around the compound.
Passersby entered the unsecured compound take pictures with their mobile phones and watch
UNCLASSIFIED US. Department State Case No. F-2014-11262 DocNo. C05701878 Date: 04/07/2015 UNCLASSIFIED __Department State Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc N_oA. C95701878 Date: 04/07/201 security forces could seen around the consulate and previous blockade the road leading
The Libyan security forces came under heavy and were not prepared the intensity the
Libyas interlm government has stmggled impose its authority myriad anned groups Whit lay down their weapons and olten take the law into their own hands. number security violations have rocked Benghazi, Ubya second biggest city and the cradle
revolt that toppled Muammar Gadda
Sent from iPad
UNCLASSIFIED u.s. Department State Case No. 2014~11262 DocNo. co57o1a7a Date: 04/07/2015
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc No. C057
Nuland. Victoria
Tuesthy. Saptember11.201211:27
Sulivan. Jacob hear drafting
The ris statement. Let know need anything.
UNCLASSIFIED US. Department State Case No. F-2014-11262 Doc No. C05701917 Date: 04/06/2015
Benairn. Daniel
Wednesday. Sepuember 12. 2012 9:38
Sehwerin. Daniel Rooney. Megan; Russo. Robert Sulivan. Jacob
details lrorn Hague DCM and Smith supervisor
Enrolled conespondence courses Penn State.
Go-to guy IT.
Served with his supervisor Baghdad 2007-2008.
Served Praetoria, South Africa before Iraq. Iraq, Montreal, and then
VSean Smith started his cateer the Foreign Service Radio Technician working with
the Regional Information Management Centers.
According supervisor Embassy (not_ written record yet) was Air Force
1996 2002.
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case F-2014-11262 Doc No. C05702146 Date: 04/06/2015
UNCLASSFED u.s. Departmentotstatu case N_o._E-g914 11262 Doc yo. cos7o2364, Date: 04/as/201,5
Evian Katulis. Center for American Plbgress