Judicial Watch • Real ID Act May Finally Be Enforced In 2013

Real ID Act May Finally Be Enforced In 2013

Real ID Act May Finally Be Enforced In 2013

MARCH 28, 2012

Nearly a decade after Congress passed a crucial security measure to prevent a repeat of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the Obama Administration finally plans to implement the law next year after much stalling.

Known as the Real ID Act, the national identification measure was enacted in 2005 at the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission to verify the authenticity of every driver’s license applicant. It forces states to require that documents—such as a birth certificate or passport—submitted to get the card are legitimate and that the applicant is in the United States legally.

This goal is to establish a much-needed standardized national driver’s license system that will be less prone to fraud and will prevent terrorists from abusing it as did several of the 9/11 hijackers. New Mexico and Washington State still allow illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses and Utah offers them a special driving privilege card that can’t be used as official government identification.

The Real ID Act would kill those little deals. Under the measure a newly created federal database will link all licensing data that must be checked before states issue new cards. Residents of states that don’t comply with the law will be greatly inconvenienced because their driver’s licenses will not be accepted as proof of identification at airports, federal buildings or when applying for any sort of federal benefits.

Open borders groups have fought the measure, asserting that it violates civil liberties and privacy. The real issue however, is that once the law is enforced only legal residents will be allowed to get valid driver’s licenses. Caving into the powerful immigrant rights coalition, Obama Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano delayed implementing the Real ID Act in late 2009, claiming that it would inconvenience holiday travelers.

This week a top Homeland Security official told a congressional subcommittee on terrorism, technology and security that there will be no more delays in the implementation of the Real ID Act. That means the law will finally take effect in January of 2013, the last of several extensions granted to states by the agency.

Seven states have done little or nothing to comply with the new rules, according to a nonprofit crime prevention group that keeps track of the Real ID Act. The group was among the first to report on this week’s congressional hearing in which DHS Assistant Secretary for Policy David Heyman confirmed the agency “has no plan to extend” the latest deadline for state compliance.












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  • Joojoo

    Wow. No wonder it has been so easy for the US government to take control of everyone’s life and everyone’s movement. Forget all about times of us being free people. Forget about having any rights, because people like you push for ignorant things like this.

    Illegal immigrants are STILL going to be able to get jobs. They’re still going to cross into the borders. They’re still going to do all the things they’re currently doing and they’ll probably be able to do it much easier.

    You swallowed their b.s. hook, line, and sinker. You have failed your own country. Shame on you.

  • NiteSky

    The fact that they attached the REAL ID ACT on the back of military Spending and Sunamui spending in 2004 doesn’t bother you? How about on page 68 of this fab document it states in small print at the bottem of the page…..

    “ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), an agency of the United Nations, adopted standards for the use of facial recognition technology are the standard for the digital facial image/photo required by the Real ID Act. Facial recognition maps your face, converts your biometric sample, the photo, to numbers which results in you facial image mathematically being stored in a database. ..”

    India has a contract with them for 1.2 million ids. China and Mexcio are about to implement this as is US.

    Here r 2 websites to check out..
    http://stoprealidcoalition.com & http://stoprealidcoalition.com

    In 2010, L-1 Identity Solutions, the company that produces nearly ever driver’s license in theUnited States signed an agreement with the World Bank to issue biometric identification cards inall developed and underdeveloped nations. L-1 was recently sold to Safran a French company owned 30% by the French government. L-1 provides various functions for state Department of Motor Vehicle offices. In addition to producing licenses L-1 provides biometric hardware andsoftware. It is blatantly absurd and naïve to allow a foreign company owned in part by a foreign government to have either indirect or direct access to the PERSONAL INFORMATION including biometrics and the social security numbers of United States citizens

    Its a shame that 75 % of Americans have YOUR attitude….You know..just mouth off with no facts and then your words show your real ignorance…!

  • StandstoReason

    It’s about time! It’s time the federal government and the states stopped fooling around and made a standardized system that can positively identify persons inside our borders. States that want to be soft on illegal immigrants should not be allowed to issue identification to them which allows them to vote or get federal or state benefits. This solves multiple problems of 1) uninsured motorists and skyrocketing incidences of hit-and-tun accidents, 2) benefit fraud covering multiple states, 3)illegals voting, and 4) attracting more people overstaying temporary Visas.

  • kylefclark

    Why wait until Jan. 2013 to finally implement Real ID, in hopes that BO can steal another election?

  • Paul Henry

    Does Judicial Watch include the courts that hear cases involving 10th Amendment violations? If so, just as Justice Scalia said in Printz vs. US, local DMVs cannot be made to perform federal tasks anymore than local law officers can be made to perform federal functions. The federal REAL ID Act is unconstitutional.

    It does not matter what any commission has said or done. They cannot overrule the supreme law of the land, our US Constitution, which reserves the power of licensing drivers to the States, or to the people. It is not an enumerated power of Congress to do so.
    Please answer these questions-

    1. Why was the REAL ID Act as HR 418 unable to be enacted?

    2. Why was it moved into a defense and Tsunami relief bill (HR 1268), where it received little attention and no debate?

    3. How many terror plots have been prevented by REAL ID?

    4. How many would have been (hint: US citizen Tim McVeigh)?

    5. If someone is willing to give their life for their cause, will having their power bill on file at the DMV stop them?

    6. Why does Rep. Sensenbrenner never mention the 4th official purpose of REAL ID? He always stops after entering federal buildings (a 1st Amendment violation if your elected rep is inside) or nuclear plants or flying on commercial aircraft. Why does he never mention it gives the DHS Secretary unlimited power as to when a REAL ID (a/k/a “federal identification”) may be required?

    7. Why does he likewise fail to mention that of the 19 9/11 hijackers, 16 were here legally? As such, since the standard for REAL ID is “legal presence”, they could all have obtained a REAL ID. By the way, none of them used a false name on any application, just false addresses.

    8. What have we gotten for the millions of dollars spent on this boondoggle? It has cost the Florida taxpayer $3 million above the $7 million in “federal” money (which is still our money).

    Wake up, this is not the typical Democrat vs. Republican thing. I support border security and oppose REAL ID. REAL ID can be easily beaten by average criminals- it has happened here in Florida. Do you think unfriendly governments cannot make high-grade documents to allow people to establish “legal presence”. All REAL ID has done here in Florida is run up the cost (greatly) and time for most people- notably married or divorced women- to renew their license. Did you know we were not attacked by divorced women on 9/11?

    If you want an example of true corruption to chronicle, look no further than Mr. Sensenbrenner, who has taken over $4 million in federal salary since 1979 and has used this money to steamroll the US Constitution when he sees fit. Now if we are talking about a motorcycle-only checkpoint that could affect his Harley-Davidson contingent in Wisconsin, that’s a different issue. He’s Mr. Constitution for them and will ensure there is no “federal” funding for this activity.

    Google Floridians Against REAL ID for more info about REAL ID.

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