Judicial Watch • Rise In Local, Federal Perks For Illegal Immigrants

Rise In Local, Federal Perks For Illegal Immigrants

Rise In Local, Federal Perks For Illegal Immigrants

MARCH 19, 2012

Throughout the country, federal and local governments are going out of their way to accommodate illegal immigrants by offering them rights, privileges and costly perks never before available to those who violate the law.

In New York City for instance, officials have created a special scholarship fund specifically for undocumented aliens who want to attend college but don’t qualify for publicly-funded aid because they live in the U.S. illegally. The unique program was launched because state and federal lawmakers haven’t taken appropriate action to help illegal aliens. In New York state proposals to make government financial aid available for illegal aliens are currently pending in the legislature.

A couple thousand miles away in Texas the feds have opened a rather innovative, multi-million-dollar “detention” facility for illegal immigrants awaiting deportation. It’s more like a taxpayer-funded resort with scenic landscaping, a salad bar, library, internet access, cable television, indoor gym, soccer fields and basketball courts. Unarmed “resident advisors” patrol the facility in civilian clothes instead of armed guards.   

The new center cost U.S. taxpayers $32 million, according to a recent newspaper report, and houses 608. It sits on 29 acres of what was once farmland and was designed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to give detainees more freedom. It’s part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to reform the immigration detention system so that it’s more humane. Two similar centers are in the works in south Florida and northeastern Illinois. 

Earlier this month the administration issued new federal detention standards offering arrestees awaiting deportation a number of outrageous perks, including female hormone treatments for transgender men, abortions for women and “ethnically diverse” diet options. The “revised standards” will also improve medical and mental health services, increase access to legal services and religious opportunities, improve the process for reporting and responding to complaints and offer detainees with limited English proficiency translators.

Illegal immigrants will also receive generous and ethnically diverse options for a “nutritionally balanced diet,” an increase in visitation and better recreation programs and facilities. For instance, undocumented aliens in U.S. custody will now have access to a variety of exercise equipment, mandatory outdoor time in natural light and recreational options such as soccer, volleyball and basketball. Board games and television will be available as “sedentary activities.”

A Texas congressman who chairs the House Judiciary Committee says the new ICE detention manual sounds like a “hospitality guideline for illegal immigrants.” In a written statement posted on the committee’s website, the lawmaker, Lamar Smith, points out that the revised standards dramatically expand privileges and resources to illegal immigrants in federal custody “far and beyond” what’s required by law.       

In Arizona open borders advocates are designing a cell phone application to help illegal aliens who get arrested under the state’s new immigration control laws. It’s not clear if the app will receive any public funding, but the Latino rights group (Respect Respeto) behind it is affiliated with the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) which annually rakes in millions of taxpayer dollars. In fact, the NCLR’s federal funding has skyrocketed since one of its top officials got a job in the Obama White House.    

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  • sandyshores

    What is the perk for the citizens? Everytime the government workers want a raise taxes go up and the citizen lose more jobs and everything costs more.
    So exactly what perks do the citizens get? They get to slave themselves and really it looks like you are better off running across the border than to be a citizen of a nation that puts the citizen dead last everytime.
    We have to be humane? When will the citizen be treated humanely? My guess is never, not in the usa. All the citizen of this nation is a slave to the government and their pet voters.

  • anonymous.201192

    Regardless of protecting the boarder, we have to be humane in how we handle people. Our forefathers were illegal aliens as well. As an American, even I agree that our US immigration laws are not comprehensive at all. They are impossible to be implemented properly because the system is broken beyond repair. As an American I say its time Pres. Barack Obama grant amnesty to illegals, allow them to come out of the shadows, pay taxes, pay for healthcare and take the burden of tax yokes from around our American necks.

    Obama- Democrats and both the Republicans are all offering a watered down version of immigration reform that is totally unacceptable. None of these two party proposals on immigration makes any sense enough to boost voting by Hispanics and Latinos in the November elections. Their family citizens who can vote ‘WILL STAY HOME ON ELECTION DAY!”

    Illegals and Hispanics with voting American citizens- family members must see definite change that they can believe in.t
    I’m a sensible American and I know what works. This is the best recommendation.

    The Waiver proposed by the Dems is not good enough.. It looks more like a smoke and mirror…..(tongue in cheek) kind of thing!…..People need green cards and not a watered down version of uncertainty. – a bridge to no where.

    The Republicans led by Marco Rubio courting Mitt Romney for the VP position, God help us with a Cuban in that position, – well he thinks very little of illegals forgetting his humble beginning offering them crumbs that fall into the dirty water from the table. His lame offer is “Not to allow illegals a path to citizenship but yet he wants their voting family members to vote for the Republicans in November elections 2012 !!!

    Both these parties are day dreaming and will be left short of votes at the polls.

    Since Obama is the president it would serve the Democrats well to secure the Hispanic and Latino vote by passing comprehensive immigration reform granting green cards to those 12 million illegal aliens bringing them out of the shadows, this will guarantee a landslide victory for the Democrats and they will again gain control of the senate.

    Only one Question, are they smart enough to take this advice or will they do it their own way and fail? LOOSE!

    This is the only way Dems can win and bring Obama back for 4 more years is to grant amnesty green cards to the illegals and this must be done way before elections 2012 because their voting family members need time to register.
    They also want to see change before voting. (No more pus in the bag).

  • Ryan Lifsingsupandputzemdown Henderson

    Ryan Henderson
    Mr. Cohen
    Critical Thinking
    Illegal Immigration
    Illegal Immigration is an increasing crime in the United States annually. Currently there are twelve million illegal immigrants residing in the United States. About eight million of these come from Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. Our government spends an extreme amount of money yearly on undocumented immigrants and their children. The United States economy is affected indefinitely by illegal immigrants. Untaxed money, benefits, and money that gets sent back to home countries, are all leading factors in the impact to our economy. One of the big effects of illegal immigration is American jobs being taken by the aliens. Illegal immigration should be highly disciplined for all of the negative externalities and impacts it causes on actual United States citizens.
    The United States spends millions of dollars on undocumented immigrants every year. When illegal immigrants come here, their children cannot be denied public education. They are enrolled in school for all ages with no questions. This means we must pay for illegal immigrant children to use books, computers, desks, seats in classes, libraries, and more. Books that all children use are on average, one hundred dollars per book, while computers average five hundred dollars each. Seven percent of school children come from at least one illegal parent. For all of these kids, there is a need for more teachers to instruct them. Although this does create more jobs, illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, therefore their children attend school for free. These teachers are making money paid by legal citizens of the United States. This means that all teachers’ salary is cut by a percentage to compensate for illegal immigrant school kids. Also, when illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, they do not contribute to the reconstruction of the United States economy. Every legal citizen pays a percentage of their annual income to contribute to many aspects of the United States economy. Illegal immigrants also acquire benefits such as health care. Each year around three hundred thousand babies are born to illegal immigrants. The states usually pay for this at an average of $2,842 per delivery. California paid for nearly seventy five thousand deliveries in 1994 totaling $215.2 million. Little things such as this cause the American’s money. This $215.2 million could have gone to paying for new books in schools, new computers, sports, clubs, and anything public related. Also, when the illegal immigrants have these babies, the babies are automatically United States citizens. This adds on to our population little by little every single year. When they age, these new citizens have to have a place to stay, food to eat, water to drink and much more. This puts extra weight on the shoulders of our economy whether it is importing, exporting, manufacturing, or production. They add to our population, bringing negative effects to our country and the way it operates.
    Illegal immigrants take jobs of United States citizens. This is for the simple fact that they work hard tasks and hours for much less pay then American citizens would want to work. When illegal immigrants take American jobs, they force Americans to look elsewhere for employment. This causes great competition in the work force with the addition of many millions of people. This, intern, causes Americans to obtain welfare or unemployment, which comes from the government. This costs Americans billions of tax dollars helping to support our own people when their jobs are taken by illegal immigrants. In 2008 a large wave of nearly seven hundred thousand illegal aliens hit the United States. In that same year we also technically entered a recession, which we are still in today. From 2008 to 2009, unemployment rates increased from 4.5% to 9.5%. This is a big side effect of the illegal aliens coming here in large amounts that year. Illegal immigrants come from a country where they make a lot less than minimum wage then they would in the United States. When their boss offers the illegal aliens very low wages they accept without a rebuttal. This is what causes many other Americans to have to compete elsewhere for jobs. If all illegal immigrants disappeared from the country, many millions of jobs would open up. This would also add about twenty five dollars onto every working person’s weekly salary. A large ripple affect occurs across the country when jobs are taken by illegal aliens.
    Illegal immigration is a huge problem in the United States. When illegal immigrants’ money is untaxed, they obtain benefits they did not contribute to, and they send money back to their home countries, our economy is affected indefinitely. A leading factor in the United States recession of 2008 is the unemployment rate skyrocketing. This was caused by the large wave of illegal immigrants we saw in that same year. Illegal immigrants come to America and take American jobs, causing a recipe for disaster. Many of us feel the effects of illegal immigrants every day and do not realize it. Illegal immigrants should be more sternly approached and disciplined. Border security needs to be improved, and punishments need to be harsher against illegal aliens caught. Illegal immigration is a crime and needs to be addressed more aggressively.

  • sbbrgy

    “The new center cost U.S. taxpayers $32 million”…So THIS is what Legal Americans and Our nation is going into Debt for!?!?!

    I am ashamed at what this country has allowed itself to become…a Sloppy, Ruined nation, Weak and Spineless…As a Born and Bred American, I cannot stomach seeing Illegals gain more and more excuses, loopholes and rights!!…They are NOT equal citizens..They are NOT citizens At all!! They have NO rights, Except the right to be Deported!

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