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City Bans Term “Illegal” For All Human Beings

City Bans Term “Illegal” For All Human Beings

NOVEMBER 01, 2012

In yet another example of political correctness gone amok, a tiny city in the northeastern United States has officially banned the term “illegals” when referring to illegal immigrants.

A number of others who serve the public—among them judges and high-ranking government officials—have implemented similar policies in the last few years, including Justice Department heads, an Obama-appointed U.S. Supreme Court Justice and the chief justice of Arizona’s Supreme Court. It seems to be part of a national trend launched by the increasingly powerful open borders movement.

We’ll get back to those later. First here’s the latest of these nationwide bans on the term illegal as it relates to immigration. This week lawmakers in Somerville, a Massachusetts town of 76,000, passed a resolution forbidding the word “illegals” when referring to people, regardless of their immigration status.

The city’s mayor and alderman passed the measure after hearing from a team of youths who urged officials to give immigrants who live in the city the respect they deserve as human beings by not using terms like “illegals” to describe undocumented people. The word “illegal” is demeaning, discriminatory and unfair, according to a Colombian youth who addressed Somerville legislators.      

Another teenager told the board of alderman about a cousin who got deported last year. Police said the cousin got “caught” because he was “illegal” and “illegals were not allowed in the USA.” The exchange evidently traumatized the teenager and changed her life forever, according to a local news report recounting the compelling testimony. By using the word “illegal” police made her cousin seem like a criminal,” the teen girl complained.

Somerville’s mayor, Joe Curtatone, welcomed “anyone who wants to be part of his city, adding that the community has always been a city of hope for immigrants around the world. “… Whatever your status is, wherever you’re from, we are your mayor, we’re your aldermen, this is your city and we’re here to service you,” Mayor Curtatone said.

A few years ago, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor made history for embedding her race-based ideology into a Supreme Court opinion by using “undocumented immigrant” and “undocumented worker” in lieu of illegal immigrant in her first opinion (Mohawk Industries, Inc. vs. Carpenter) on the High Court. It was a first for the Supreme Court which had never before used the phrase “undocumented immigrant” though “illegal immigrant” has appeared in a dozen decisions.

Before that the chief justice of Arizona’s Supreme Court, Ruth McGregor, agreed to enforce the Hispanic Bar Association’s demands of banning the terms “illegal” and “aliens” in all of the state’s courtrooms. The group claimed the terms were inflammatory and that using them at trials or hearings created perceptions of judicial bias. McGregor came under fire for the order and resigned shortly after.

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  • Slickster

    I recomend using the trem ” foreign crimminal parasite”.

  • kjs420

    How about criminal invaders? But I’m sure only the most upstanding examples of the citizenry break our laws to take advantage of us taxpayers. Look at Obama, gots himself edumicated with a foriegn student visa, and grants, now he has a $400k/yr job, and a stolen SSN. And he got the job using forged documents. Same M.O. as other criminal invaders.

  • beautician123

    Parasites is a funny term to call these people. Lawbreakers. Ungrateful? Goodness, the country is eating itself away. You do know that the population of the immigrants has increased, yes, but if they are granted the immigration reform it would mean for more money to the U.S. BECAUSE of the high increase of incoming taxes? If anything, granting these people opportunity will benefit the economy. And saying they are making the economy worse is ignorant and biased. Have you actually checked the U.S.’s GDP? And the concept of “immigrants stealing the jobs of the natives” is ridiculous. A republican view is that it focuses less on the people, and more on the country. You work hard for yourself. It’s a shame that America, the country of hope and opportunity, looks down among the majority of the immigrants now, not taking into account that the majority is in fact here to better their lives for themselves and their families. Have you even gotten the other side of the story? The other point of view? Of course not, so many Americans now have become incredibly closed-minded. Where is progress, success, and evolution without being open-minded? Take the story of an immigrant woman who came here with her baby and just a pair of jeans. Nothing else. Over eighteen years, she now lives in a beautiful one story home and her son is trying his best in college (with extremely higher tuition costs because he is undocumented). He is specializing in biochemistry, and evolutionary subject. And she didn’t get to the point she is now by stealing. Times back then were easier on immigrants, however, now they are much more restricting. Everything she and her son have now was out of pure hard work. This is why so many people have influenced the Dream Act to even BECOME its name. Because there are so many immigrants out there who actually do work hard, who do want to make a difference in this wonderful country of ours. America really is the land of opportunity. It is purely shameful that so many American citizens are so damn comfortable in their lifestyles, so selfish of the fact that they believe they are better than others simply because they were BORN here. Perseverance isn’t a gift to everyone, but it is to those who want a better life. You can’t get the job? Stop blaming a race of hard workers and look in the mirror and really ask yourself who’s fault it is. And sure.. There are a number of immigrants who are criminals and have no right to be here because of what THEIR intentions are. But why blame an entire population based on the minority? Based on the ones who stand out because Americans simply like making a scapegoat? Not like there’s a large number of Americans, or other races who are criminals, right? Hahah, wow. Talk about some racism out there. There will be bullies everywhere, those who serve no other purpose but to put down the efforts of revolutionary and extraordinary people. But the country needs to evolve, and it will. Have pride in this country for what it’s been, what it is, and what it will become. Strengthening the border’s security is key, because the MAIN problem is actually the fear of a less secure country. However, the best solution economically is to give these immigrants who already live here and are working hard a chance, and to deport or constitutionally deal with the ones who actually do cause criminal problems here. This country was born/created by immigrants. It will always be diverse and hopeful. Deal with it.

  • MissRaquel

    This issue is absolutely enraging! There is nothing “undocumented” about these vile invaders who often carry ID’s from their home countries, expired VISA’s, or fraudulent/stolen identification. They are here illegally and are therefore ILLEGAL ALIENS!! I have an even more appropriate I-word for them – INVADERS. Screw it, you ILLEGALS don’t want to be called ILLEGALS? I am happy to call you INVADERS. How’s that?

    Keep this in mind, Invaders. No matter if you are granted amnesty or the DREAM Act, there will always be Americans who will never respect you because of what you are: parasitical lawbreakers and ungrateful and anti-American Third-World rejects and failures! You are not and never will be true Americans!

  • kylefclark

    Spare us the sob stories, if you’ve broken U.S. immigration laws to get into this country, you are a criminal! Consult Webster’s if you have a problem with the term ILLEGAL or ALIEN, because that is exactly what they are. And to hell with political correctness or wounded feeling for these invaders, and parasites of American taxpayers!!

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