Judicial Watch • DHS Covers Up Another Mexican Military Incursion Into U.S.

DHS Covers Up Another Mexican Military Incursion Into U.S.

DHS Covers Up Another Mexican Military Incursion Into U.S.

APRIL 29, 2014

Another Mexican military incursion into the United States occurred near San Diego this month and the Obama administration is trying to cover it up, though officials at one Homeland Security agency have come forward with the startling details.

The infiltration took place a few weeks ago at a cross-border drug tunnel recently discovered by federal authorities. The U.S. Border Patrol was charged with guarding the tunnel, which runs under the U.S.-Mexico border and leads to a warehouse in Otay Mesa. A group of at least five armed Mexican military soldiers came through the tunnel on April 1 and attempted to enter California through the warehouse, according to an account posted on the Border Patrol’s local union website.

The Mexican soldiers are clearly seen on a tunnel camera carrying military assault rifles, according to Border Patrol Union official Gabe Pacheco, who is also cited in a San Diego-area news story of the incident. The chief of the San Diego Border Patrol sector, Paul Beeson, also confirms in a local news report that the armed men in the tunnel are in fact members of the Mexico’s armed forces, known as SEDENA or Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional.

The local media outlet seemed to press Beeson to acknowledge that an incursion took place, but he downplayed the event. “We are confident they were Mexican government officials who had reason to be in the tunnel,” Beeson says. He acknowledged, however, that “it’s unfortunate that they didn’t tell us when they were going to be there.” The Border Patrol sector chief proceeded to admit that the violation “triggered a heightened law-enforcement response and appropriately so.”

The official version from the blanket agency charged with protecting the border, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is that the incursion never happened. In fact, a special agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Joe Garcia, contradicts the Border Patrol report in the news story. “It’s illegal and they would be arrested,” the ICE official said, apparently referring to Mexican military soldiers crossing in the U.S. without permission.

Who to believe? Here are some facts that might help some decide. Mexican military incursions happen all the time and the U.S. government covers them up or tries to justify them when they become public. In fact, earlier this year a serious incursion occurred in Arizona. Two heavily armed camouflaged soldiers from Mexico actually crossed 50 yards inside Arizona and held American Border Patrol agents at gunpoint in a tense confrontation.

The Mexican soldiers retreated back south after a 35-minute standoff as if nothing ever happened and the Obama administration just let it slide. The unbelievable foray was made public by a mainstream newspaper that obtained government documents this month with disturbing details of the January 26 incident. Specifically, the paper cites the Border Patrol Foreign Military Incursion report and a separate letter from U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske, an Obama appointee who was recently sworn in.

Kerlikowske admits that the intruders were “confirmed members of the Mexican military” but he asserts that U.S. border officials determined that no further action was necessary involving the matter. Like a loyal Obama lapdog Kerlikowske claims military incursions from Mexico are infrequent though he was apparently forced to admit that there were 23 incidents in the Tucson and Yuma sectors of Arizona since 2010, including three this fiscal year alone.

Judicial Watch has done a lot of work in this area and has obtained DHS records that show Mexican military incursions occur quite often and go unpunished by the U.S. For instance, the DHS documents reveal 226 incursions by Mexican government personnel into the U.S. occurred between 1996 and 2005. In 2007 alone, 25 incursions occurred along the U.S.-Mexico border involving Mexican military and/or law enforcement. The problem has only gotten worse over the years, according to the records obtained in the course of JW’s ongoing investigation. This week JW initiated public-records requests related to this latest tunnel incursion in Otay Mesa.

A few years ago police in Phoenix Arizona reported that three members of Mexico’s army conducted a violent home invasion and assassination operation that killed one person and littered a neighborhood with gunfire. The Mexican military officers were hired by one of that country’s renowned drug cartels to carry out the deadly operation, according to Phoenix police officials, who confirmed the soldiers were armed with AR-15 assault rifles and dressed in military tactical gear. An official police memorandum describes it as a “drug rip,” a tactical assault in which approximately 100 rounds were fired.







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  • eagle keeper

    eagle keeper, This is pretty scary. When Sgt. Timorese went into Mexico and admitted he had weapon in his car, and was promptly arrested and thrown in jail? Then to read this story about the Mexican military conducting a military operation in Phoenix, AZ and our government gives them a pass? Not to mention all the illegal boarder tunnel crossings by armed Mexican military? What will happen if a group of ISIS soldiers attempt to come across too? Will the Department of Homeland Security be there to welcome them with open arms and say “welcome to your next target rich environment, what can we do to help”? Not to far fetched if you follow how the so called president has been running things so far. Oh I forgot he has a tee time. No time to worry about trivial things like an armed incursion at home. Besides these radical Muslim terrorists are really good guys, just give them a chance, really.

  • CopperDollar

    I say send a SEAL team into Mexico to retrieve our soldier. If they get in our way, cut their heads off.

  • Higherstandard13

    You say we should not have been in Benghazi, but it is Obama and Hilary that put us there! You give reports from government cover-up because these scum refuse to put all people under oath for testifying and demand lie detector test to backup their testimony. As a career military, disable vet and say they are all full of it. You do not leave people on the battle field, period! Those that do are corrupt cowards. They have proven there were multiple requests for security and it was turned down. I ask what are they covering up as to what was really going on there, was Obama arming more terrorist? Clinton and her family and the Obama
    children living in a secure US have more protection than they did in a hostile anti-American terrorist environment. You lie about them turning down protection, the request letters published prove it.

    As for what could have been done, support could have been flown in and the order was given to stand down and let them die. This is just like under Clinton sending military into hostile environments with little or no ammo and let them die. These animals in power (Obama, Clintons, Reid, and Pelosi) do not care for it is not them or their family members putting it on the lie. They are just lining their pockets with bribes, insider trading and no bid contracts to family members. The fact is they could have sent jets in that were armed and done flyovers scraping the ground with gunfire or bombs or napalm and stop or delayed things until help could arrive, but they were sacrificed and no one has been punished. The terrorist are free and those whom made the decisions and did nothing are walking around while we have 4 did Americans. The politicians made up lies about why and what happened to keep from losing an election and locked someone up in jail without trial to push that lie. Between the truth of Bengasi and the Truth of Obamacare had come out, Obama would have lost re-election.

    Remember it was Obama that called Afghanistan the only real war we should be involved. There was an increase in troops there due to a requested surge to do the same as Iraq, but Obama only provided a fraction of the number requested for the surge. Then he put on all kinds of new rules of engagement which resulted in four times the casualty rate per year for our troops were expected to die before letting civilians that cooperated with terrorist be harmed. Add to it Obama tells the terrorist our plans by giving or date of withdraw. It is like telling the opposing football team your exact plays ahead of time and expecting to win, it is not going to happen.

    Obama has the same lie every time, I did not know, I heard about it on the news etc… we will investigate this and do something about it for it is unacceptable and he continually does nothing and then denies the truth. After all his socialistic policy is the end justify his means. The lazy piece of crap is to busy fund raising,
    vacationing, golfing and suppressing people’s rights to do what he is suppose to do, protect Americans not illegals or others. Obama campaigned on this and after 5 years things have gotten far worse. Then Obama says today that we never leave our people behind, what a lie… especially under this traitor!

    The influx of people in these 3rd world countries are fellow Muslim terrorist. How about Mexico, what is there
    immigration policy. How about all of Europe, China, Japan, Korea, etc? Any county that has welfare etc. protect the borders and citizens. You forget about 3 Americans held hostage for supposedly crossing in to Iran. You are just plain ignorant and do not know that the US allows more people to legally immigrate
    than any other country, or several countries put together. And whom do we take in, the uneducated, unvaccinated, with their hands out demanding benefits and people’s tax dollars. You bring up Ft Hood the Muslim Terrorist where people were told to turn the other way and bend over backwards to let this terrorist
    do and say things that no other employer would except. The average civilian population is 100 times more likely to commit violence than a military person. Troops are treated badly at the direction of Obama. He has fired and replaced 100’s of high ranking officers and replaced them with political self-severing yes men
    whom care nothing about the troops, only their careers like so many other government employees. Obama has a new question that if answered wrong will get you push out or to the side. That question concerns your wiliness to fire on American civilians. If you do not believe it, ask vets that have been getting out! You talk of drugs being dispense and not told what they were, it was done under Clinton for I was there!

    Congress may hold the purse strings, but the Liberal Media and Obama slam them anytime they talk of
    cutting funding or demand funding be directed in particular ways. Under Obama and Reid they refuse to pass budgets as was done in the past, they demand all or nothing, Continuing Resolutions so they do not have top compromise and may direct spending as they please. We need a no tolerance policy that states if
    caught in the country illegally you will never be allowed to come back. If you get caught a second time, you are considered a terrorist and executed for being a threat to the country. We need a policy that states no tax payer assistance for the first 30 years in the country. We need a policy that tells all companies that if they hire an illegal for even one day the executives and HR will spend 210 years to life in prison and forfeit all assets. It is under Obama that there are signs up state do not enter as warning to Americans that there are so many criminal illegals that you are taking your life at risk to travel in these parts of the US.

    More of your separation of church and state lying craps. The history of the country goes against everything you say on the issue and the people first came to this country for religious freedom as Christians. Our laws have been based on it and you all hate those facts. The only separation was to protect the church, people
    of faith from the government. The Democraps openly at their last convention voted God out of their party and embraced Satanism and all perversions.

    I would like to point out that from the historical facts of the Republic for the United States of America records the FIRST treaty ever signed by America stated that the US is not a CHRISTIAN based country. Therefore it was not Democrats that ‘voted’ God out of anything. Freedom of religion and a secular based legal system does that. In a secular legal system no person’s ‘GOD’ or lack of ‘GOD’ has anything to do with the way everyone is EQUALLY treated under the law. The NSA was a progressive idea and conservatives were against it. The NSA has been pervert and manipulated by progressives (especially Democraps) to use against the people. They use these data bases to search for threats to their progressive and unconstitutional agenda and threaten people with actual or made up data. It is used to threaten people in power and even judges to do what they want or your relatives will pay the price. It has been increase by Democrats and abused by them.

    No Democrat supports the US Constitution or the rights of the people for that party is a party of Anti-American subversives lining their pockets and attempting to create a ruling class in which they are above the law. We can never come together as people as long as parasites have the right to demand the assets of others and the government is willing to practice this form of theft and slavery. You say every American has a right to speak, but you left are the ones that demand punishment for hate speech, thought crimes, and consistently attack others and attempt to deny others the right to speak to whom which you disagree. Pelosi, Reid and Obama have promoted such things and Obama has even called 10s of millions of Americans his enemy and in the last election stated “Vote for Revenge”. What a leader, what a joke as he promotes
    division, hatred, envy, coveting, fraud, theft, drug use, and suppression of anyone that disagrees with him. Let get is straight; the word spin is just a nice way of saying lying. I refuse to watch liberal lying media that edit out facts, suppress stories that hurt liberals and lefty commies. The show Americans is a show, but the US has had many people like that in the country. John Kerry, Jane Fonda and many other Hollywood types are anti-American, commies that believe they should live as elitist and tell the rest of us what to do.

  • KenneyP

    Let us start with Benghazi. First let me say the US should not be there in the first place since having a US presence seems to excite the opposition costing taxpayer extra money at a time where we (The US taxpayers) are already deep in debt. Having said that, a congressional report has determined that having extra people at the consulate would not have been able to repel the intense onslaught that happened and the result would have been yet a higher number of deaths. Third of all I would like to point out that in any administration whether it is Republican W. Bush’s or Obama’s the people that work underneath them ultimately make decisions that do not turn out to be so good. Take for example the fact that US Ambassador Christopher Stevens (who died with 3 other Americans in the attack) had turned down offers of additional security from military personnel on two other occasions just three weeks prior to the attack. Or FEMA’s Director Michael Brown, the person responsible for the W. Bush Katrina response.

    Then let us move on to Afghanistan, again where the US should have pulled out long ago as Afghanistan is only pretending to make progress that the US wants because of the US taxpayer’s money being directed in their direction. Then let us acknowledge that troop number in Afghanistan increased by the Obama administration in March 2009 by 30,000 while decreasing the troops in Iraq by 35,000 to 50,000. A DOD report indicates that there were 30,100 troops in Afghanistan in fiscal year 2008 (under W. Bush) and 63,500 troops in Afghanistan in fiscal year 2012 (under Obama). That is TWICE as much.

    Now as far the the issue with the VETS. I wholeheartedly agree with you. That to me is UNACCEPTABLE behavior on the part of the VA hospital administration’s part.

    You state that in any other country the borders are protected. If that is the case why are we hearing that there are influx of foreign nationals in places like Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Sudan, etc? It would seem that your statement does not hold water. Putting that argument aside for the moment I would agree that the Mexican military and police are one of the most corrupt in the world and are many times helping to protect drug dealer who are bankrolling additional pay for the severally underpaid Mexican military and police force. Now moving forward it was the Department of Homeland Security that stated “the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities COULD lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists cable of carrying out violent attacks”. Then we have the examples of that with not one but two different incidents at Fort Hood. So how far fetched was the notion that potential security threats should watched for from those outside of as well as from inside American borders and from foreign and domestic fronts? The US military has, in my opinion, cause plenty of self inflicted harm by the way the treat troops. I have knowledge of the Army giving troops experimental drugs without full disclosure and of permission. There has been plenty of incidents both under W. Bush and Obama of ‘friendly fire’ deaths that could have been prevented.

    Regarding the securement of our borders I think that the Obama Administration as well as Congress has been lacking. Congress hold the purse strings to enabling the Executive Branch to secure our borders. It is not enough to simply throw manpower at the borders. Pure might will not secure our borders. Neither will building walls. But a combination of technology and manpower will help reduce the threat. I realize that for the people living directly by the border the issue has become increasing violent and frequent. Now if only members of Congress would stop denying that we can begin to address the issue together. I feel the fear of the safety of those living closest to the border. Having armed people trotting across their land and threatening their safety when the US government has sworn a duty to protect that from happening is also unacceptable. This seems to happen no matter if there is a Republican or a Democrat in the White House.
    I would like to point out that from the historical facts of the Republic for the United States of America records the FIRST treaty ever signed by America stated that the US is not a CHRISTIAN based country. Therefore it was not Democrats that ‘voted’ God out of anything. Freedom of religion and a secular based legal system does that. In a secular legal system no person’s ‘GOD’ or lack of ‘GOD’ has anything to do with the way everyone is EQUALLY treated under the law.

    And if you think that only one group of politicians are about closing and/or hindering debate and/or discussion about many and various topic ranging from healthcare to same-sex marriage in the context of secular law then you have not been paying attention. Both parties are guilty of this and it is the American taxpayer who suffers the consequences. For example look at the erosion of our constitutional right not to be spied upon by our government. The NSA was created by a REPUBLICAN. The NSA has and continues to illegally search, seize and tromp upon our Constitutional right to not have this done ALL in the name of security, yet we are not anymore secure than before nor has the ‘we the people’ had a voice in the matter. The last I checked with the creation of the Department of Homeland Security the size of the government DOUBLED. That department was NOT created by any Democrat.

    I do not fully support either Democrats or Republicans. I give support to any person that will uphold my US Constitutional protected individual sovereign rights. My right to speak and be heard even if the person hearing my voice does not agree or like what I have to say. Together we can resolve these issues and come together as people. For I am as much true American as you are. To call me a liar for stating the facts as they have been presented to me and as I understand them at this current time is hypocritical in its self for EVERY American has the right to speak. My opinions (if you can without demoralizing me, talking down to me, calling me names, be open to my thoughts and ideas as well) will change when true facts present themselves. All politicians are playing the American people for fools. They all use media outlets to spin the facts in favor of their positions as oppose to letting the bare facts represent themselves. If you were to look back at history the Whigs, later to become the Republicans, were more like Democrats and the Democrats of the time were more like today’s Republicans. The two parties have simply just traded places but both are the same. They are against the sovereign individual rights of the people and more vested in the interests of money making corporations.

    And lastly I have news for you the TV show ‘The Americans’ is just that A TV SHOW. It is designed to extract some sort of emotional response that has no barring with reality. It you want to watch a keep you on the edge of your seat TV try watching CSPAN.

  • Higherstandard13

    Start with Bengasi and no support sent… then go with policies that treat illegal immigrant criminals better than our own vets. Then lets go with how he refused to provide the number of troops requested for Afghanistan and his policies that hindered troops which resulted in over twice the number of US casualties in less than half the number of years. Or how about Obamas comments that stated vets should pay for their own healthcare because they volunteered to fight.

    Let us remember that in any other country borders are protected. Most countries would consider Armed Military crossing into their country an invasion / act of war. The Mexican military and police are the most corrupt and many times help protect drug dealers. Under Obama vets have been labeled as potential threats and terrorist. He has used every excuse to try to suppress our rights to have our guns , including vets while doing nothing about armed invasions into the US.

    I am no Bush fan for he viewed our enemy Mexico and their people as friends which they are not. Bush did not let 38,000 criminal illegals out on society as Obama has this year, much less other years. Criminals guilty of rape, murder, robbery, drug dealing etc…

    Hitler treated some Jewish scientist very well, so that means to you he liked Jews. You are just like Obama a liar and hypocrite. Anyone that supports the Democraps are not true Americans, but corrupt. Democraps are the ones that voted God out of their party for they worship immorality and corruption, they just want to make sure they get their cut. It is the Democraps that always try to close debate or discussion and tell everyone what they must believe, say, do, buy, and live! There is a TV series called the Americans. It is about communist spies, murders committing treason and threatening Americans, this is the Democrap Party!

  • KenneyP

    Yea Obama PERSONALLY treats our military vets badly. I’ve heard he has taken to walking the corridors of our homeland military hospitals whipping bed ridden vets with wet noodles. Maybe we should just stop all this non-sense and go to full blown war any and every time any Mexican solder crosses our border. While we are at it we should go ahead and nuke Canada too as a preemptive strike. Then the world will see that America is not weak and that we mean business.

    I can’t believe that the W. Bush lapdogs covered up the 25 incursions back in 2007, let alone the hundreds that have happened between 2001 through 2008. The W. Bush administration, just like the Obama administration should be held accountable. I guess the W. Bush administration wanted an open border.

  • Higherstandard13

    The Mexican government has been holding an American soldier in prison for 2 months now. I say7 we demand the Mexican government return him with all his belongings or demand all Mexican soldiers that have crossed the border be turned over for prosecution. Obama treats all foreign invaders better than he treats our military, our vets.

  • Lt_Scrounge

    I’ve personally spoken with a former Navy SEAL who was involved in a training exercise with an Arizona LE organization when one of these incursions occurred in the 90s. They captured the Mexicans and stripped them of their fully loaded automatic weapons and uniforms. Within an hour, a call had come in from the State Dept to give them back their stuff and return them to the border. The excuse for them being in the US was that they had been doing a land navigation exercise and gotten lost. I’ve done my share of land navigation exercises and never once carried a full combat load while doing it. I can see MAYBE carrying one magazine of ammo to deal with wildlife, but these guys were loaded for combat. My guess is that the cartels are using the military to scout smuggling routes. I KNOW that they are using them to guard shipments as was evidenced by the number of Mexican military Humvees that have been found loaded with drugs along the border.

    If the incident in Phoenix is the same one I’m thinking of, the Mexicans were chased by an unmarked police car into an alley. The police officers stopped at the mouth of the alley and called for a swat unit. The Mexicans were planning on ambushing them if they came into the alley. Luckily the Mexicans decided to surrender because they had expended their ammo shooting over 100 rounds at the guy that they had come to kill. He managed to get off a couple of shots when they kicked in his door, but they unloaded on him.

  • Mary Brown

    gee I didn’t know he was the only dem politician in the entire USA! IDIOT

  • Robert Gemerek

    der yeah he needs voters for the 3rd term that he can’t serve…..: /

  • magic1114

    Not to worry. The spelling nazi’s are over at HuffPo…

  • Sadler2010

    But the DHS and POTUS are hamstringing them by handing down these “catch and release” doctrines Etc.

  • huntermoonsong

    sorry, oops!!Used the wrong their, me bad!!

  • huntermoonsong

    Really, because no one can tell. I see, they pretend to be on the bad guys side just to see what is going on then disappear as they say “Their is no crime in Mexico”.

  • OldmanRick

    You are correct, but the BP seems to be the only agency within the Homeless Insecurity crowd that seems to want to do its job.

  • Karl Krautner

    Anyone notice the ICE stamp on the photos? Nice cover-up! Get real Tea-Turds.

  • Jackie Puppet

    They also fight the BP & innocent civilians

  • Mary Brown

    Obama wants an open border, he needs dem voters!

  • puckles

    And CBP is a bureau of what Agency again? I believe it’s DHS, in fact.

  • puckles

    When they are not actively defending the cartels, that is…

  • Scott Siemsen

    Aside from the cover up, tey may have just been following the tunnel to see where it leads to. The Mexican military does fight the drug cartels in the country.

  • melfarmer

    What I’d like to know is: Why haven’t these known tunnels been collapsed? Could it be because DHS is leaving it there for easy access when time comes? Hell, if we were going into Mexico like that…they’d kill our men…Or declare that an act of war..which this is!

  • CalifTaxPayer

    I live in San Diego & have NEVER heard about this. Sure, heard about the tunnel but we were never told the rest of the story!!! Im disgusted w/our local news who hid this to! They mentioned the tunnel but acted like ….oh gosh, its no biggie, all that happens is those poor illegals try to get into the US….NOTHING about the DAMN MEX MILITARY! I’m calling our news agencies KGTV, KFMB, KUSI etc etc!!! We have the right to know WTH is REALLY going on in our cities & States

  • SodWhite

    Fucking A.

  • OldmanRick

    Let’s see. Whom to believe Border Patrol or Dufus Homeless Insecurity? No contest. It’s Border Patrol all the way. This agency is intent on protecting the border and the American people whereas Homeless Insecurity is more intent on decorating those spin city east offices, spending taxpayer dollars on frivolous trips, and generally sitting around sucking thumbs or mucking things up.

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