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Judicial Watch • JW v State FBI production Clinton Abedin employment 01363

JW v State FBI production Clinton Abedin employment 01363

JW v State FBI production Clinton Abedin employment 01363

Page 1: JW v State FBI production Clinton Abedin employment 01363


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Date Created:August 15, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:August 16, 2016

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Case 1:13-cv-01363-EGS Document 122 Filed 08/15/16 Page
Civil Action No. 13-CV-1363 (EGS)
Defendant United States Department State State respectfully submits the following
status report concerning the transmission documents from the FBI State and State work
search those documents for records responsive the underlying FOIA request this case. State indicated its July 29, 2016 Status Report, the FBI delivered the
State Department July 21, 2016, disc containing information recovered the FBI the
course its investigation. The disc contained e-mails and attachments that were sent directly from former Secretary Clinton, e-mails that were sent from the former Secretary
point time e-mail chain, and were not included the materials provided the State
Department former Secretary Clinton December 2014. See ECF No. 116 July Status
Report The FBI also sent State second disc containing classified documents. See id.
Case 1:13-cv-01363-EGS Document 122 Filed 08/15/16 Page
State has completed search the two discs described the preceding
paragraph using the search terms and date range agreed upon the parties.1 After reviewing the
search results, State determined that there were records responsive Plaintiff FOIA
request. August 2016, the FBI made its second and final transmission documents State, consisting six discs. State indicated its July Status Report, this transmission
includes materials from custodians other than former Secretary Clinton that were retrieved
during the course the FBI investigation, including materials from Ms. Abedin account. See July Status Report the date this filing, State has loaded all but two the discs provided
August into document management system and searched them using the search terms and
date range previously agreed the parties. State currently working determine whether
any the documents that satisfied the search terms are records responsive Plaintiff FOIA
request, and anticipates completing this determination the time its next status report. See
infra State understanding that one the two discs yet searched contains the
collection documents previously returned the State Department former Secretary
Clinton, which has already been reviewed the State Department and posted its FOIA
website. State currently working verify that all the documents this disc are fact
duplicative those previously reviewed State and searched for records responsive this
The second disc contained some documents that were already the State Department
possession and were previously searched for responsive records this case using the search
terms and date range agreed the parties. State has not re-searched those documents.
Case 1:13-cv-01363-EGS Document 122 Filed 08/15/16 Page
Because the volume materials located the final disc, State requires
additional time load them into document management system that they can searched. with the other materials that State has received from the FBI, State will search these materials
for documents potentially responsive Plaintiff FOIA request prior determining whether
any documents are agency records. potentially responsive documents are identified this
search, State will assess whether the identified documents are agency records and, they are,
review them for release Plaintiff pursuant the FOIA. State anticipates completing initial
search these documents, using the search terms and date range previously agreed upon the
parties, later than August 26, 2016.
State proposes submitting further status report Monday, August 29.
Dated: August 15, 2016
Respectfully submitted,
Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General
Assistant Director
/s/ Steven Myers
Senior Trial Counsel
Trial Attorney
United States Department Justice
Civil Division, Federal Programs Branch Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20530
Tel.: (202) 305-8648
Fax: (202) 616-8460
Attorneys for Defendant