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Judge sets modest pace for release of FBI-found Clinton emails

From Politico: The pace of release ordered by a federal judge Friday is far slower than the State Department managed last year when it was disclosing as much as 7,000 pages per month from the roughly 54,000 pages of email records Clinton provided to her former agency at the end…


Majority of Clinton’s Retrieved Emails to Be Released After Election

The Washington Free Beacon: There are two other court-ordered email releases set before the election. The first batch will be on Oct. 7, followed by another one on Oct. 21 before the Nov. 4. deadline. Every month afterward the State Department will have to release 500 pages of material. The emails…


The Immunized Five: Meet The People Covering For Hillary

From The Daily Caller: On Friday, the FBI, in response to a subpoena, gave the House Oversight Committee information about immunity agreements reached as part of the Clinton email investigation. The list included a total of five names, including two Clinton attorneys.


Judicial Watch Announces a Special Panel Presentation: ‘Clinton Scandal Update – Emails and the Clinton Foundation’

Panel to be Covered In-Studio with Three-Camera, HD Shoot Live Feed to be Available at Judicial Watch Website Media to be Provided Fiber Link from Studio Location revision due to capacity issues. (Washington, DC) – In response to the revelations about the pay-to-play scandal tied to former Secretary of State…


House panel approves contempt resolution against Clinton aide

From the Washington Post: Pagliano failed to attend a related hearing on Sept. 13 to answer questions about Clinton’s record-keeping, noting he previously invoked his constitutional right against self-incrimination when asked about the same topic by the House Select Committee on Benghazi.


Judicial Watch: Court Hearing Friday, September 23, in FBI Clinton Email Records Case – State Department Ordered to Disclose “Deleted” Clinton Records Processed for Production

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announces that a hearing will be held in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Friday, September 23, 2016, regarding Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit before Judge James E. Boasberg seeking all of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s…


Networks ignore Clinton Foundation conflict-of-interest issues in 95% of coverage: Report

From The Washington Times: “The Clinton Foundation has been such a source of conflict during the 2016 presidential election that print media outlets and even some Democrats said the Clinton family should actually leave the foundation,” wrote Alatheia Nelson, an analyst for She pointed out in a new report…


Bill Clinton on CGI legacy: ‘You have to keep this alive’

From Politico: In a personal speech defending his legacy at the Clinton Global Initiative — from its humble roots in his Harlem office to the international, star-studded conference it has become — the former president pleaded with the crowd Wednesday evening that the work couldn’t end. “You have to keep…


Video: Will Your Vote Really Count? – Assuring the Integrity of the American Election Process

From The Heritage Foundation: Free and fair elections are the key to preserving our democracy. Every American citizen who is eligible should be able to vote, but it is equally important that every citizen’s vote not be diluted or stolen through fraud, especially fraud that could change the outcome of…


Can the Unthinkable Happen?

From The New York Review of Books: But these points are somehow never quite as reassuring as they ought to be. They struggle for traction in a media environment that helped Trump during the primary season and that has continued to do so, not because any leading news organizations are…

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