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Judicial Watch • Sanctuary City Enables Criminal Illegal Immigrant

Sanctuary City Enables Criminal Illegal Immigrant

Sanctuary City Enables Criminal Illegal Immigrant

Judicial Watch

In yet another tragedy resulting from the protection sanctuary cities offer illegal immigrants, a woman who had previously pleaded guilty to driving without a valid license slammed her van into a Minnesota school bus this week, killing four children and injuring 14 others.

The illegal alien (Alainiss Morales) ran a stop sign and struck the school bus in Cottonwood, causing it to roll over onto a truck and tragically kill the innocent kids, ages 9 to 13. In 2006 Morales pleaded guilty in nearby Chippewa County to driving without a valid license.

The reckless illegal immigrant continued living, working and driving in Minnesota because the state has three known sanctuary cities—Minneapolis, St. Paul and Worthington—that protect illegal aliens. They officially do it through local resolutions, executive orders or city ordinances. Police in those municipalities also have policies that forbid officers from asking about immigration status.

Minneapolis, where this particular illegal alien evidently lived, made its sanctuary policy official in 2003 by passing an ordinance that bars police from asking about immigration status or enforcing immigration laws. Measures like these allow the state’s estimated 60,000 illegal immigrants to roam freely without fear of being deported.

Dozens of cities around the nation offer illegal immigrants official sanctuary even though the policies defy guidelines created by the 9/11 Commission Report, which specifically calls on state and local authorities to help federal agencies crack down on illegal immigration. Incredibly, the federal government has taken no action to ensure compliance.

Major cities offering illegal immigrants sanctuary include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Anchorage, Houston, Baltimore, New York, Seattle, Albuquerque and Portland. Many smaller municipalities (Aztec New Mexico, Ashland Oregon and Orleans Massachusetts to name a few) also offer the protection.

These local governments’ don’t-ask-don’t-tell policies have enabled illegal immigrants with existing criminal records to remain in the country and commit atrocious crimes against Americans. Examples include the murder of an Arizona police officer, the New Jersey schoolyard murders of three students and a previously deported drunken Mexican who killed an entire family on a Houston highway.

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