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Govt. Still Pushing HPV Vaccine on Kids a Decade after JW Exposed Deadly Side Effects


Govt. Still Pushing HPV Vaccine on Kids a Decade after JW Exposed Deadly Side Effects

A decade after Judicial Watch exposed the dangers of a government-backed cervical cancer vaccine, a federal lawsuit highlights its perilous side effects including paralysis, seizures, nausea and death. Litigation was initiated by disgruntled parents because the government is still pushing the hazardous vaccine, manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Merck, on


Merck Dr. Exposes Gardasil Scandal: Ineffective, Deadly, Very Profitable

A controversial government-backed cervical cancer vaccine is ineffective, has deadly side effects and serves no other purpose than to generate profit for its manufacturer, according to a physician who worked at the major pharmaceutical company that’s made huge profits selling it to girls and young women. It marks the most…


$47 Mil to Get More Adolescents on Gardasil

The U.S. government has given dozens of state and municipal health agencies nearly $50 million to boost the number of adolescents that get a dangerous cervical cancer vaccine linked to thousands of adverse reactions, debilitating side effects and even death. It’s as if there is no end the Obama administration’s…


Japan Halts HPV Shot for Girls over Safety Issues

Japanese health officials have recorded nearly 2,000 adverse reactions—hundreds of them serious—in girls who got a dangerous U.S. government-backed cervical cancer vaccine that’s also been linked to thousands of debilitating side effects in this country. The alarming reports have led Japan’s government to take action, suspending recommendation for the


$1.2 Mil to Push Gardasil Among Poor Minority Girls

While the Obama administration tries to keep details involving the dangers of a government-backed cervical cancer vaccine (Gardasil) secret, it continues spending large sums of taxpayer dollars promoting the controversial shot for girls and young women. This is beyond outrageous because Judicial Watch has exposed the scandal behind Gardasil, manufactured…


“Severe” STD “Epidemic” Costs U.S. $16 Billion

An “ongoing and severe epidemic” of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) has pounded the United States with 20 million new cases a year that stick it to the nation’s healthcare system with an astounding $16 billion in medical costs. Happy Valentine’s Day from Uncle Sam! A new report issued this week…


Gardasil Is Safe, Says Study by Pharma That Makes It

Here’s a good one: Years after Judicial Watch exposed public records illustrating the dangers of a government-backed cervical cancer vaccine, a new study reveals that it’s perfectly safe. Problem is, the study was sponsored by the pharmaceutical giant (Merck) that makes it. Not surprisingly, this very crucial detail is buried…


FDA Chemist Exploits “Sensitive Inside Information”

In the latest scandal to rock the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a veteran chemist at the beleaguered agency has been sentenced to prison for using “sensitive inside information” to engage in illegal insider trading that fattened his bank account by millions. The Justice Department says the corrupt FDA chemist…


Medical Study Confirms Gardasil Dangers Exposed By Judicial Watch

A new medical study confirms what Judicial Watch exposed years ago about a controversial vaccine fast-tracked by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect against a sexually transmitted disease; that the risks far outweigh the purported benefits. In fact, the unknown dangers of a life-threatening adverse reaction to the…


Gardasil/HPV Vaccination Investigation

“The FDA adverse event reports on the HPV vaccine read like a catalog of horrors. Any state or local government now beset by Merck’s lobbying campaigns to mandate this HPV vaccine for young girls ought to take a look at these adverse health reports.” -Tom Fitton On June 8, 2006, the…


12-Year-Olds To Get Gardasil Without Parents’ Consent

In a few months 12-year-olds in the nation’s most populous state can, without parental consent, get a controversial vaccine in public schools to treat a sexually transmitted disease. Even for ultra-liberal California this may seem astounding, that children can receive any sort of non-emergency medical treatment without the approval of…


Judicial Watch Uncovers FDA Gardasil Records Detailing 26 New Reported Deaths

Other Adverse Reactions Include: Seizures, Paralysis, Blindness, Pancreatitis, Speech Problems and Short Term Memory Loss Contact Information: Press Office 202-646-5172, ext 305 Washington, DC — October 19, 2011 Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has received new documents

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