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Judicial Watch • Benghazi Response – 7-15-14 Full Production

Benghazi Response – 7-15-14 Full Production

Benghazi Response – 7-15-14 Full Production

Page 1: Benghazi Response – 7-15-14 Full Production

Category:FOIA Response

Number of Pages:130

Date Created:July 15, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:September 10, 2014

Tags:1932, 07152014, Benghazi, State Department, FOIA

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Unite.d States Department ofState 
Washington, D.C. 20520 
JUL 1 2014 
Case No. F-2012-39500 Segment: AQMl 
Mr. Sean Dunagan Judicial Watch 
425 Third Street SW, Suite 800 Washington, 20024 
Dear Mr. Dunagan: refer our letter dated May 22, 2014, regarding the release certain Department State records under the Freedom Information Act, U.S.C.  
552. have identified additional documents that are responsive your request. these documents, have determined that may released full, may released with excisions pursuant FOIA exemptions 4), (b)(6), (b)(7)(A), (b)(7)(C), and (b)(7)(E), and must denied full pursuant FOIA exemptions (b)(6), (b)(7)(A), and (b)(7)(C). Where have made 
excisions, the applicable FOIA exemptions are marked each document. some cases, two more exemptions may apply the same document. enclosure explains Freedom Information Act exemptions and other grounds for withholding material. All released material enclosed. 
Review records from the Bureau Administration's Office Acquisitions 
Management and the Bureau Diplomatic Security ongoing. will keep 
you informed your case progresses. you have any questions, you may contact Galen Thorp, Trial Attorney, 
(202) 514-4781. Please sure refer the case number, F-2012-39500, and the civil action number, 13-243, all correspondence about this case. 
+John Hackett, Acting Director 
Office Information Programs and Services 

Enclosures: stated. 

FOIA Exemptions )(I)  Information specifically authorized executive order kept secret the interest national defense foreign policy. Executive Order 13526 includes the following classification categories: .4(a) military plans, systems, or:erations; .4(b) foreign government information; 1.4(e) intelligence activities, sources methods, cryptology; 1.4(d) foreign relations foreign activities the US, including confidential sources; .4(e) scientific, technological, economic matters relating national security, including defense against transnational terrorism; .4(f) U.S. Government programs for safeguarding nuclear materials facilities; .4(g) vulnerabilities capabilities systems, installations, infrastructures, projects, plans, protection services relating national security, including defense against transnational terrorism; .4(h) weapons mass destruction;  
(b)(2)  related solely the internal personnel rules and practices agency  
(b)(3)  specifically exempted from disclosure statute (other than USC 552), for ex.ample:  

Arms Export Control Act, USC 2778(e) 
Central Intelligence Agency Act 1949, USC 403(g) 
Export Administration Act 1979, App. USC l(c)(J) 
Foreign Service Act 1980, USC 4003 4004 
Immigration and Nationality Act, USC 1202(f) 
Iran Claims Settlement Act, Sec. 505, USC 1701, note 

(b)(  trade secrets and confidential commercial financial information  
(b)(S)  interagency intra-agency communications forming part the deliberative process, attorney-client privilege, attorney work product  
(b)(6)  personal privacy information  
(b)(7)  law enforcement information whose disclosure would: (A) interfere with enforcement proceedings (B) deprive person fair trial (C) constitute unwarranted invasion personal privacy (D) disclose confidential sources (E) disclost: investigation techniques (F) endanger life physical safety individual  
Other Grounds for Withholding Material not responsive FOJA request excised with the agreement the requester