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Judicial Watch • CIA Torture Briefings 1

CIA Torture Briefings 1

CIA Torture Briefings 1

Page 1: CIA Torture Briefings 1

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Date Created:February 22, 2010

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 12, 2014

Tags:Briefings, Abu Zubaydah, EIT, Torture, Terrorism, CIA

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U.S. Department Justice 
Civil Division 
Federal Programs Branch Massachusetts Ave., Washington, 20530 
John Coleman  Tel: (202) 514-4505 -Fax: (202) 616-8460  
Trial Attorney  Email:  
February 19, 2010  

Paul Orfanedes, Esq. 501 School St., Suite 700 
Washington, D.C. 20024 
(202) 646-5172 POrfanedes@Judicial Watch. org 
Re: Judicial Watch C.I.A., Case No. 09-cv-01352-CKK (D.D.C.) 
Dear Paul: 
Enclosed set documents provided today plaintiffs Amnesty Int'! CIA, Case No. 07-cv-5435 (LAP) (S.D.N.Y.), which are also likely responsive the Freedom Information Act request issue the above-captioned case. Pursuant the Court's January 25, 2010 Minute Order will provide complete set responsive, non-exempt records with Bates stamps later than Thursday, April 15, 2010 
Trial Attorney 

United States Department Justice 
    -: (b)() 
OCA 20'07-00193 April 2007 
MEMORANDUM FOR: Director Central Inteili9e_n_Ge
FROM: Christopher Walker Director 
SUBJECT: Informa tion: for April sSCI. Hearing. 
Here. the .information that you requsted: 
-1. ataloge ciA witten CongressidQal. 
Notifications since 2001 regarding CIA renditions,
de-;:.eni:ions and .t.terr?gti.ons .(Attachment  list all Members and Staff hdefed CIA 
Intro_gat1on proelosl . Cotlln Peter5on  
Douglas Be'reuter GafY.Condlt 

,nm Roemer.  

riRlliFmcs .Yo mit 
Date Mar 2002       cornrnltte3 SSCI  Members. Mar 2006 Ju! 2002.  HPSQI Tim Roemer SSCI  :'. Jul 2002  SSC!.  
30.Ju1-2002 Jul 2002. A1.1g 2002  : ...  SSCI  
5.Sep 2002  SSGI Sap 2002   HP.SCI Nov 2002  SSCI ' . 
Date 20-Nov-2002  -ofB qammlttee SSCI S_SCI HPSCI  Membe_r:s  
SFe-2003  Detai(11':i llitct -Cornmltty outlining the three purp.9ses the meeting. '(he then briefed his report.. said that fir,;t much went righnvith the debriefing and interrogation program, although the program was put together quickly. (He briefed from the paper attached.) said that there was considerable substantive success; thousands reports had been written; interrogatitins led the' exposure and defeat terrorist; cells and terrorists Chairman Goss asked how many the reports were "strategic" and how many were "tactical". 0  

The indicated was not sure. Ms. Hannan asked when did begain using enhanced techniques." Th.e DDO 
responded tht began with Abu Zabayda. The indicated that the interrogations were legal, including the use 
enhanced techniques. The General Counsel said that the. effort was working effectively under the DOJ August 2002  
memo which was the legal foundation for the deriefings and interrogations The indicated that the August memo 
did address Article the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, Degrading Treatment 
Punishment. AThe article 16that required signatory Sstates ptt?vent any territory sbject the_ir jurisdiction acts cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment punishment not aIDOUfting torture. The que:ition was whether CIA's use th.e enhanced techniques woul9 transgress U.S. obligations under Article 16. The indicated was also bothered fuat the DOJ August document dio not address interrogations as_.weced them out said that for the 
"Pagel of3 
most pa!i !etaines were well handled, except for the event Novembe 2003 which CrA officer brandis.hed handgun front detainee. indicated thatwas the event previously reported. the  Chairman Ranking Democratic Member. The DOJ, the indicated, took action that case. was 10" true 
that non the detainees who had died had been subjected the nhanced techniques. 
deaths wee communicaied "to the two 
Ther:::=:=J death 

which David Passaro1 CIA contractor, was involved. Passaro was recently indicted four counts assault. allegedly beat person who subsequentlydied. took period time for DOJ move the indietment because people who needed interviewed.were scat;tered. The said the common link these. cases that the Agency off!cers lacke(l timely guidance, training, experience arid judgment The then turned the waterbo.He tliat th!e peopl6 had been .ard issue.. 
interrogated with the waterboard., the felt had been used excessivelv. beyond what the thought was the agrement with DOJ. Khalid Shelkh Mohammed (KM) got 183 The
in'dicated the guidance cables sent the field evolved over time and that the .did not get every.body who 
was involved debriefing interrogations. In 2003,. the DCI 1..11...'1 v11lrl:in0P.. seven months after i:he first 
 debriefigs began. ann addrer.