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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ ATF AR 15 documents 00600

JW v DOJ ATF AR 15 documents 00600

JW v DOJ ATF AR 15 documents 00600

Page 1: JW v DOJ ATF AR 15 documents 00600


Number of Pages:89

Date Created:July 31, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 24, 2018

Tags:AR-15, 00600, ATF, DOJ

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net POM Jumm Watch,
US. Department Justice
Burwu Alcohttk mucut arms and Explosives
Jun/14.3017 10. 2015 0705
Nil. Willtam Marshall
Judicml W211 Inc,
425 3rd Sti WV, SuiLc 800 hingwnt 20024 3232
Dear Mr. Mars 1H:
This mspom [1) your Marh 2015, ltretium Mot-maumt Act (F1 HA) rsqu the
Bureau 111 01m], (AIF). Your tequest part m1gc1ng
litigation this agcncu. This 111: first mam documents tkm ATP has prcvided you nae yo1 requcstv
csc documcms pumunt USE. 5521111116),
For reiagise, new: procass 101le p.15 cmially IESPDRbiVC nmtczial.
releasing pages pan and pages full. Wilhhuldu pages. their entirety
Each page, LL15 prnduction indimxa whether being mica
p;1r:( RlPI 1131 101mm identify mpuon pursuant ttch [he mia.1:;t1 {trial has bccn withheld. pages wire withheld their cnmmly, deletion sheet included the team fur 111s withhmding are wizhhcldmg Ihird part 1formation, inmuding names ATP employed: under
YUM Exempzmn 1(6). disblUS nal infoxma about Living individua. member the pumic need Lb: written [ha pehcns whose infonnmim you requested
Without writtcr conscm pmnf Jcath ovsniding Him imam persona! mfmmiilmn
exempt [mm (11 1mm ttttdet the FOIA 115 01A dues not mutt-e agency analogs
infutmt that wan. ,,e clcmly unwarranted invamtm 131 psmona] privacy 11.8,?
med POM Jamar
Mr. William Mmsh,x1i cal wilhhuldingth parry mum the namc ATFempxoycm undcr
Excmptien (!>)(7)((,). mpricn (b): 71w perms Ihc withholdmg inform compiled for nfbrctmem purpom could reasonably cxpe uonmmtc unwarrzml personal privuq nteraal rvsum mixed the FOIAs core
Lupme ahedding lrgm performance mummy dude Thx: public mmmt
under Exsmprion (MUM? muGI huh and compelljw nrder mercome [bu
inmatc pennnal privacy uuers uhird pan [:1 run mauer, the disclosurc
mve can: purpmc the FQIA, when: womd serve unwrirmnlcd invasmn
per- mndl pli mcy L311 ~(m>L1>K7
subject: rw: New Updates 555 ban much: was scat MT. ulbcmon mday and misei questions abaut whcllK-r ATP had dcfam climinatcd
the existing 5.55mm green tip exemption; whelhcr this version the regulations [sue Link (he lasi
para) was complete. and mmouing
Could you Ciro]: back and clarify for me? Seems like this would have come during the meeting youhad this
According the 2014 ATP Regulauon guide WHEY WES vele sed Januaw 2015. the 556 $5109 and M555
green [in ammunition has already been smppad MRS sxamp and cunemly mega! manufaciura. Eall,
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8,7 RIP