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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ Ohr-Steele Fusion GPS 00490 pg 25-30

JW v DOJ Ohr-Steele Fusion GPS 00490 pg 25-30

JW v DOJ Ohr-Steele Fusion GPS 00490 pg 25-30

Page 1: JW v DOJ Ohr-Steele Fusion GPS 00490 pg 25-30


Number of Pages:6

Date Created:March 7, 2019

Date Uploaded to the Library:March 07, 2019

Tags:voice, GPS, Fusion, tomorrow, 00490, Saturday, Ohr, sunday, Chris, BRUCE, Steele, FBI, DOJ

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edva Abwumamwacr
[1/25/17, 8:50:04 AH) Messages this (that and cans
are nuw secured with m-en encryption.
[1/25/17, 8:50:48 AM] Bruce.
[1/25/17, 9:16:10 AM] rnanka. 631: it. call you
later way. what time vault! cvnveniem: please? Best
[1/25/17, 9:33:65 AM} Brunei have meetitsgs from 19330 1.230 time
but Uthenrise {rise 1.1 until
[1/25/17, 12:57:13 PM} Missed Voice Call
[1/25/1?, 12:58:!56 Bruce: Sorry, just nissed your can.
available now.
[1/25/17, 6:23:59 Bruce: Thursday would available most
the naming unlit 12% time and then again r091 1336 1506.
[1/25/17, (2:24:57 PH} Noted, thanks.
[1/27/17, 9:44:23 AM] Cm; guy for the time
being but would like keep our channel open him and his
sitggtion that all right? Many thanks for your support and Best
{1127/17. 1:33:37 Bruce: Undersmmi. win available
nee ed. Just rae
[1/31/17, 13:52:44 MW: thumb-:99 sad and crazy
day for you re-SY. Just want eck you are 0K, still situ am:
able help locally discussed, along with your Bureau culleagues,
with our the need 1569? Hany 71131115 and BEST Always,
[1/31/12, 11a: 5:31 Bruce: Yes, crazy day. stili here and
able help discussed. {at you know that changes.
[1/31x17, 11:12:39 Thanks. YDu have sympathy
and support. you em) out though. really neeci anathel (Bureau
cantact point/number who briefed. cant 7115 car guy
Forced back home. would digas cmus all round. rhuugh his
pnsltjnn right now hacks stable. million anks.
[Jim/17, :69 PH] Bruce: understand. can remain give you
FBI. contact becomes necessa
[2110/17. 19:16:29 Hi. Nothing dramaticauy
new rensrt fmn Here bar Just wanted check yuu were OK. still puree and axle stay touch? Mimi/S could have word
Face over the weekend? any thanks and Best Always,
(2/13/17. 11:67:48 AM] Bruce: (had hear from; you. still here
and available chat. Happy talk, this week and. When good
time far you?
[2/1en7, 11:99:29) AM] Mayne man SaTur morning
your time? thereafter.
[2/18/11, 11:10:40 good for me. Ihanks!
(3/7/17. 4:53:26 AM] Would pos ible speak
later today please? very concerned the Grassley letter am! poaaime implicatmna for us, our operamms and GUI sources.
need some reassurance. Many thanks
[317/17, 557: AM] Bruce; Sure. wow: 136 today. title, work?
[3/7/17, 6:59:19 Yes thanks wau ed. Surly
bother you early but can you appreciate why are concerned.
Dwaredva Abwumamwacr
8/7/17. 6:59:50 PM! Bruce: course,
8/7/17, 1:27:39 PM} Bruce: Skype app suing up. Can use the
Whatapr; voice call?
[3/7/17, 1:30:61 PHI Bruce: think skyne working now you
want can me.
[3/7/17. 1:47:31 Thanks for that. nLd fmznd.
Please fight oar cause keep touch. Really fundamental
issues stake here. Very Best
[BIG/17. 8:25:41 hang there!
{3/9/31}, 4:611:39 Missed Voice Cali
(3/9/17. 7:21:53 AM} N13 news yet? Thanks
[3/11/17, I111 Pleaae call when you can.
[3/12/17, 6:47:41 Bruce: Barry. was out town with call
service fur few days you can talk.
[3/12/17, ?:03:43 can talk trams}? know early far you.
[3/15/17, 3:20:41 AM} would USei have
Whatsapp can later p053 have some points raise and
mum awreciate update frail your and. Just rue know when mul
suit. Many thaws always
[3/15/17, 23:58: AMI Bruce: Would time warm for you? Only
hours time differmce,
{3/15/17, 9:93:28 AN] Yes, thanka. that warks and
believe are anly In). Best
{3/16/17, 7:52:21 PH] Hi! Apparently
the D03 official reapcm overseeing the FCPA/D app
Bilfingel uur nampaying Geman WIHBEI cmpany Client. Best
[3/17/17, man PM] Bruce: manks. Have quad weekend:
(3/18/17. 4:45 H1] Hi! Just wondering you had
any news? Obkusly apprehensive given Comeys schedubed
appearance Csngress Monday: Haping that important fimvialta
mm. Marry thankS,
[3/18/17, 5:32:36 PH] Bruce: Sorry. new news. Believe earliar
infomation is: sun accurate. W111 let yau Know immediately
there any change.
[3/24/17, 7:15:12 Bruce. surreal week in.
me. Inter aha, was westmnsfer linder gmun Station when the
terrorist attack happened! Otherwise understand apprnach from
the Senate Intelugence: tmnit cee mmnaemt. would like
discuss this and our raspsnsa with the next ample days
gass ble. Please let use [mm when might suit? Many thanks and Best.
E3/2Ml7, 5:34:15 WI] Bruca: wow, thats nuts. Hope yon ara okay.
can Chat this weekend you ane available. would sometime Sunday
work foe we? are
[3/24/17, swam? Thanks Bruce. Lets speak
Sunday eve time. may EST the? works far you? 895::
[3/24/17, mum; Bruce: 111% east mast time Sunday will mark.
Ihankg and talk with you then.
edva byJumiaW
[3/36/17 67:46 APE}
{3/39/17 9:15:24 Bmce; Chris. news this and aside
the you emu 117. Dear Bruce. would gratefui
for ward ever the next coup ays. Could fix time 101
Whatsapp can pleaae. Many Thanks, Chris
[5/2/17, 13:56:11 AM] Bruce: Chris, coursa. mum tmmrrow
London tilw work for you? ace
5/2/17, 11:43: AM] Yes thanks. thats good for me.
Lets speak then.
[5/2i17, :12 Bruce: Excellent. Talk with you scan.
[519/17, 5:64 PM] abviously it; chaotic with
yuu over were right new should pmhably talk again over the
next couple days. yaw can. Let know what mighi work. BeSt
[5/9/17 11:15:03 PM] Bruce: Sure. Would Wednesday 10mm
time work far you?
[5/10/17, AM] Yes, thanks. that {me for
[WW/l7. 4:93:05 Good luck with everything
IS/IZ/U, 4:22:56 PM! Bruce: Thanks agam for your tune Wednemay. you have time for art follow call sometime this weekend?
[5/12/17, 5:11:09 PK} Yes. (nurse. Perhaps
snmetilae Tumor-raw. When might suit?
15/12/17. ?:37:15 PHI 8mm}: mum pl! your work? pretty
open just 11;
[5,113,112. 7:54:46 Fine. passibly even
our Time that works yuu est
[5/13/17, 8:21:22 Au] Sruce: your time gem. will
quick. Thanks!
[5/15/17. 1:31:95 Bruce: Thanksf will 1,8: them know and VIP will
follow up.
[5/15/17, 42: Bruce: Ira-mks again. chatted with
colleagues and can giv when you have minute.
:Hi Bruce,
Anything help from ate. anks and Best. Chris
[6/22/17 11:19: PM] Bruce: 2417 6:46:42 Bruce:
the summer.
swarm Abwumamwacr
Best, ris
[Hui/11, PH} Bruce: Chris, mod near from you.
Have 311 well. will ass along coLleagues. Thanks!
93/5/17, 12:23:94 Bruce. none you well am}
getting some haliday (mil whenever canvenie would like mat, there lot gnmg and are frustrated with
Best All, Chris Bruoe Chr
tomorrow morrung a1:
Best, ChViS
(8/6/17, 7:43:53 PM} Bruc worr es. Would Tuesday better?
[SH/17. 3:17:39 Probably, what am: your
wimmws tomorrow? Thanks
[8/7/17, 5:48:19 AH] Bruce: Anytime the morning before 11, time. that work?
13/7/17. 15:65:29 AH] Yes, should d0. Probably around
19% Eastern time.
[8/7/17, 9:27:38 AH] Bruce: Perfect. can you than.
[9/7/17, 5:11:55 AH] Bruce. appreciate this
might tricky but appreciate brief chat about Latest
devclvumelrts. Over 1:) win and es:
[917/17, 7613291 Emu:w RINK mum Tomorrow mnrning DAT.
time work 13:7 Thanks but
5:: maybe late this eve. time.
{9/7/35}, PM] Bruce: getting pretty Late over were.
Shall say Saturday? What best for yam?
[WY/1?, PM} 1339 1420 time dapending wheLher you need ll/17, 2:55:41 PM] Bruce: 13m U.K. time Saturday will work. rush. 111 here
19/9/17, 8:13:442: vnicp Can
mas/17, 7:158:53 Voice {all
I1E125/l7. 3:99:48 PM] Missed Voice Cell
Dwaredva Abwumamwacr
{13/26/17, 7:12:47 Bmce. Can have ward
tulmrrow please? 3051 story The media sham The Bur
handing over docs Congress about work and relationship [as ena
[10 27/17, 766 PM] Bmce- Chm. apolngxes, just saw your
mee age. an] availabl can tomorrow am.
Ina/27m, 3:28 PM} Thanks Bruce. just off had
here now! Shall spas amun war time? Best Chris
[10/27/17, 7:57:63 PK} mce: That sounds Q0051. with you
man/17, 4:07:56 Bruce, having spoken um:
Glenn Landon today, ears and and appreciate what yuu ware
talking about Saturday. Love and Best Wishes you, Nellie and all
the family.
[11/1/17, :18 Bruce, was there any feedback question (if the Chris
[1118/17. 3222 N4] M19566 VDiCe Call
ill/W17, PM] Rruce. yml are ahIe,
would welcome quick worn. any anks
[11/8/17. 2:32:10 PM] Bruce: Chris course. Are you avaiLanle
now? (mt, when 00:!
HUS/17. 4:33:38 PM] Missed Voice Call
[11/11/17, 10:36:43 Bruce, sorry bother you Saturday but were won rmg there was any respcmse the
Guestw raised last week? fume this Mend. Thanks and
Best Chris
[11/11/17, 143 7:43 AM] amc
Thanks. :36 any thanks. Much
angrecmted. Chris
[11/13/17, a;22:14 Dear name. nape you and
family are man. Its bsen another tbugh week here under the media and with ressums hearin down as. resunlin
Also, remain the dark what
DOM 85, OUT 655615 and hWiOUS Work.
knew you understand the importance all this and have dune your very
fateful you couw centinue
Sincere thanks for everything again soon.
Best, Chris
{Ii/1.8! 5:22:42 Bruce: Chris, thanks reaching out.
umerstand this difficulties and uncertainty you are experiencing.
Dwaredva Abwumamwacr plan talk early t!e use! Bruce
[11/27/17, mwzwu 111 Bruce. there any chance could have catch-up whatsapp call this eve GMT, maybe around 1509
with yam? Otherwise tomorrow eve GMT? any thanks, Chris
[11/27/17, 19:48:15 Brae Chris have meeting ending 15%
tmay that nigm spill 215. Would 3515 work yum?
[11/27/17, 16:53553 AME Yes, course.
[11/27/17, 11:45:24! v11 can you then.