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Judicial Watch • JW v DOJ Weiner laptop complaint 02105

JW v DOJ Weiner laptop complaint 02105

JW v DOJ Weiner laptop complaint 02105

Page 1: JW v DOJ Weiner laptop complaint 02105


Number of Pages:4

Date Created:September 10, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:September 11, 2018

Tags:defendam, Plain, laptop, venue, 02105, WEINER, appeal, Plaintiffs, complaint, Emails, defendant, filed, plaintiff, request, document, FBI, DOJ, FOIA, district

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Cage 1187cv-02105 Document Filed 09/10/18 Page THE UNITED ICS DISTRICT COURT
425 Third Street, Suite
shingtom 20024,
95a lVama Awnuc
Washington, 203 um,
Plain filludmml VVZ Inc, brings 11:15 2mm) agaum Defendam us. Departmem
mm: Camps] ccmphanoe thh the madam oflnfomlation Act, U.S.C. 55:. A.- grounds
thwrfwy p1m1in anegms quaws:
ctimi ovcy xms acnun pursuantm us. Mimomxm
amizxus 1.5133 Venue pmpv: intlvjs pulsuamm use 1391(6).
PARTIES lainniflmixcxal Wan-IL Inc. not for-pm educational orgzimntiun (Ifihe Dis offuiumbia and headquanered 415 Third 81mm
mcmpmmcd the Suite 251% Waslnngjmm 20024, Iamtiff SCCKS promote Transpar icumnlzmiliky,
and intzgmy gowmmem and delay lb: mic law. part ofits nussicn. Pmimi
leg aques recemh rmm mm} agencxcs puxSqu FOIA Plaintiffanalyzcs (h:
Case 1215-01702105 Document Filed 09/10/18 Page
responses and diwcnmutcx ndmgs and the rcqumtcd Lucord the Americas pubuc
miomx thcm about Why
gnvmmem 1.- mtmmt Us, Depanment 01}th agency ofthe Unned Sum
Government, Drf entizint hem posewmn, msmdy, and control words which Plainti kte
use Defr dam Imadquarwteti 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, W,. Wauhington,
STAT FACTS Bomber 10m 1hr: Wasmngtm 05! reported the Federal Bureau
kwcstigamm ()hleiim wanam it) search the emails found computer
ctmgrmmtm Amhmly WCIHCX that zzuy comm evidence t-etemm 1hc inm inm limozt urivme emml server. ght that rogxott member an, 2016, Ptatmt submi teq [hr FBF, mmponcm Defendant, peeking emails setzett pursuant ttt the search wtmttt, 1cm dated Fcbmary 2011, the FBI denmi Plantinx request. April 201 Plaintiffadminisuativcly uppculcd the ttenia Haimm
submitted its appeal ccni cdmail. Jam, Dcftudam has not made determmtmon Ptaim zttiynim:
10. Saplcmbct 29V 2017 tail
submit second FUIA request the TB]
Any and racozds regarding cottcmmg th: march
laptop mum: merly owned former Congesmm Anthony
thcr, Any and rccmds mttevcd from laptop muted ilvrmc owned
former (quth sma Amhony chcr.
Case 1:18-cv702105 Document Filed (IQ/10,118 Page but not limited {mm FBI nmci pusx ihlr kmmledgr
Tncr Ccmgn-wsman Amhnrw Weiner.
Emails, icxi messngc and
relating Hdlaw
whines mvolvm
11. letter dined Ocmbw 16, 2017331: FR! ackmmledg m}: Plaintiffs
second FOIA {equcst assgned FUIPA Requcs Number 1386628-00U.
12. rcspcct PIaimi mound reque nixhe Lhis (Icmplaim.
the FBI has failed (0: ii) produce ihs requmcd rntnrds dmmmumr lhal requemd rccmh
zuc 1:. exempt from producnun; may lemm ccnpe ofany responsive recoxds
dam pwdlwc hhnm and the vcasnns; for any wimrmming nu)
adverse dclcmunamms,
(vimmiono mm.
.51; 552) llnimi re, gespim lhmugh xllysmtudhcrcin.
Plaintiff beingirreparahlyharmcdbylkfmd ViolationoffOlA and
dam compcllcd comply
mymb], harmed unless
dam! was
15, trigger Administrative cxhauwon quircmzm.
quulred make determnmmn laimifi adm; mum: appcal whh zcspcct its
Dernmber 12, 2016 5701A request wnhm [he uma limits set FOIA. mgger adminismmvc cxhausiim mquimmmg fandant was
rsquirsd make nal detamineihun lamti Scpmmbcr 297 2017 FOIA xtqncst
maimzimm, yFUIA. Act giy.Dermdam.jezezmmauonwasduchymvcmm 14,
2017 minimum. Defendam was obligmed to: gathex and rewew (he requemed moor
(ii) Listsrmin: and mmmunicalz Wemti lhe wane many respo records Defendam
mmnadum product; orwilhhom and (h? reasons Fur any wnh aiding: and mi; inform Plain
Case 1130 02105 Document Filed 09/10/18 Page
that! lim appeal anyadequmelyspeciflc,udvcrse( rtcnnimnun. Sums: Cm. nyfor nrn 71} F.3d180 188-89
Responsibllil) ana Elhim ingron 614 6mIEi mlizm Cum
(m3. (iii, 2013}
17. Because Defendant zillled dst minr, whelhel I.) Comply with Plaintiff Pom
rcqucsts,T 13illtlff:s deemed haw lauslel admlnislratlw appeal iciiiedies, use
552(3)(6>(C)(i) mail Caurt: ordm Dcfmldmu
WHEREFORE Plalmiff mspc mane
conduct Searches for any and all TDCQl rsajmnsiue Plaintiffs FOIA lcqucsts demo .latc
that emplaycd scamh method: Trusxmzihly likely lead till; discovery respanslw Plaintiffs FOIA lcqumts; (2) (mist Deihndam pmdm, date Certaln. and 311nm
excmpl mom lcspurlswe reqimsts and iruughn indices ofany respomiw
chctds Withheld ulldcr claim ofexemplkm: (a) enjoin lJcrcodaiil fieiii continuing withhold and all non-exc mpl rcclmh raspnnswe Plain EOJA cqucsts; gram Pluimiiiviin
award oiatwmcys and nlhel liligtltllm was caaonsbly Named ilm pursuam
use 55mm mil (5) glam:Plaimll fsuck011m reliefas Conn demzdjilsl and
Date Scplcmbcr 201$ Respectfullv submitted, Third Fungal SW, lmc SOD
Washinglvm, 20024
Phone: {202) 64675172