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Judicial Watch • JW v State Cardin documents 00852

JW v State Cardin documents 00852

JW v State Cardin documents 00852

Page 1: JW v State Cardin documents 00852


Number of Pages:42

Date Created:September 5, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 06, 2017

Tags:Russian 00852, Cardin, Russia

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UNCLASSL us. Department Sta No. 92917424799 Doc 606372464 Demos/3012017 34(3)
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn, nc FowA 114(9)
UNCLASSIFIED U.S Depaiimenlefstale Case N0. 74017-04799 DOC C06372484 Date: 0813012017
UNCLASSIFIED US. Department efSIate Case 9201704799 Doc No. (205372454 Date: 05130201
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn, nc FowA 1.4(0)
UNCLASSJFIED U.S. Deparirnenl Sims Case F-2017 04799 DOC Ne. 006372484 Date: 0813012017
UNCLASS! US. Debanment Slate Case No, BEEN 04789 Dec No. 5206372464 Dale 0880/2017
Obtamed Judmwa Wamh, nc 4(0)
UNDLASSEFIED US, Department State Case No, F-2017-04799 Doc No. (206372166 Dale: 08/30/2017
UNCLASSIFIED US, anmcnt Stan Case No. 92017434799 Do: Na, {105372454 Date: 08/30/2017 Obtamed Judmwa Wamn, FowA
Sensitive 54(8) 4(0) ~(SBU) This past April, Der Spiegel reported how Russia has built
relationship wzth the Alternative For Germany (MD) pmty, including closexics
belwcsn the and-Uniicd Russia youth wings, and perhaps provided direct
fuming the party, This repgnihg discussed how Russia has paid bring
youth leaders (and youth leadc omthe eredom Party Ausm [FP015nd
-France Natioml Frdnl) cohfqrences Crimea and Dcnbas, where they slou
defended Russian policy?
DOS~5FBC-201 l216-004
UNCLASSIFIED Department cistate Case No, 92017-04799 Doc No, 37?464 Dale: 08/30/2017
UNCLASSIFIED} Eaggtmam Slate Case Na. 2017 04799 Dec uncon ned Date 05/30/2017
Sensitive 4(a) .d(D)
--(SBU) The Russia E-lurzlsin Institute Tbilisi organizes protests, publicizes
studies critical DENATO, and agitates against integration, The Caucasus
Research Network, funded directly the Russian government moves these
products through the region The Gotchakov Foundation established the
Russian MF,A funds youth camps and projects promote networking among pru-
Russian youth and advances the Moscow narrative current events Russia foreign aid agency, Rossoirudnichesrvo, responsible :or promoting Russian
CUltuIe, but many ofits grunts human rights groups that obsizrve cleclinns
defend ethnic Russians oversus and publish selective Human rights reports.
.~(SBU) the United States, organization known the Human Rights
Accountability Global Initiative working erode support for the Muintsky
Act (which Imposcs sanctinns persons responsible for the death Serge)!
Magnitslcy and other gross human rights VIolatIonS) The organization screened an-
anti- Washington Newseum June. Circumstantial evidence
suggests the organization funding connected individuals who benefited from
the tax fraud that Magniusky unmvcred 2008. 4(8)
(SBU) o-Kiemlin think tanks also provide opportunity for the Kremlin uence unsuspecting audiences 20l6, Dentsehe Welle discussed the Berlin launch theDialcgue ofCivilizations Research titute (DOC), part nfthc-
World Public Forum The DOC founder and financier Vladimir kunln
longtime Putin associate and former heati Russian RA: [ways who was sanctioned the United States after Russias attempted nnneitation Crimea: Though the
DOC denies any connection the Kremlin funding not transparent and
DDS~SFRC~101611 005
UNCLASSIFlED Department State Case No. F-2017A04799 DOC No. (3063721164 Dale: 53/30/2017
UNCLAglelED Depanmenk clstate Case 2017- 04799 Doc No. (206372564 Date: 0513012017
Oblamed Judlclal Wawh lnc vIa FOlA
several Russian businessmen are clog: are Iiiinored II)
contributors. Ihe Russian Insiimtc for Strategic Studies (KISS), headed
former senior Russian inelligcnce cial has been vocal argumg against
Sweden and Finland joining NATO. RISS has replesematives Finland, France,
and Poland, and also partners With local ins-Ilium Scrbia.
Acquirmg Inlerast Strategic Economic/Informatiun Assets =1.4(B) 4.40)
cusszrimnouW Page
DOSAS$ [11220151216006
UNCLASSIFEED Depa mem Stale C355 Nai F-2017 04799 Dot: Nn, 036372464 Dale 05/30/2017
UNCLASSIFIED US. Depanmem Stake Case No. F-2017434789 Doc 506372464 Date: 08/30/2017
Oblzmed 1111mm Wamh, inc FOlA
Sonsnive 4(8) 4(0)
Successful Pushback (SBU) Wliile every country targeted unique and Russian covert campaigns
vary widely, there like examples ofhosl-cuunuy push- -l;aclc Lhal cast spotlight
Moscow anions while raising the 00111 Russm seam services Same xamplcs follow: 4(8)
has adopted zero tolerance approach to- illegal activities
Russian intelligence operatives Bsionia does nof downplay the cap ure
deportauon Russian illegals, nor does quietly wade them back Rusm
instead, Estonia pros cues such individuals the maximum exlem ofihe law, and
Estonian authorities discussed this approach openly with Foreign Affairs magazine; June 2014 Evcry you Kapo, the E51 on} domes-xii: intelligence service, puts
011m public review major publicly naming organizations and indiv1duals
that are suspeued ofworkmg with the Russi 18115
UNCLASSIFSED U.S, Dapanmeni Slate Case No, F-2017 04799 Doc NO;_CO6 ?2464 Dale. OBIBBIZGW
UNCLASSIHED Us: Depanment 013% Case N5, 3201;057:3970 Na. 00537246.;
0313012017 Obamed Judm Wail), nc
1.4(3) 4(0)
81. Signature: Kerry
gensiuve DOS-SKRC-Zol ulerow
UNCLASSIFIED Us. Department State Case NO. F-2017 04789 Duc (206372464 Date: 05/302017
UNCLASSIFIED Department Stan; Case 2017 04799 Dec 008372464 Dake: salsa/2017 Obtamed Judlma Watch nc FoxA
cussmomou Page
Sensitive Dos-swozmexnsma
UNCLASSIFIED Department State Case 52017414799 Doc No. C05372 Date {2850/2017
UNCLASSIEIED Department 015mm Case 201704799 Doc CDB372520 Dale: 081302017
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn nc slgfi RELEASE PART 1.4:3).a1,1.4(m
Scnsmv: 5705mm.
Msy 2015/6914252 MAV
WASHOC. sscsm novnui_
FEEL. mow. Mme. Ru. Caplious: sEN mve Reference: srggxumu 29g 1mm onglgg 91W Una: AMCONSUL FRANKFURT nss AMCONSUL uusszmum
AMEMBASSY 56mm mas mcousuL LEWZIE
mamsassv PARIS PASS. YomcunsuL smassouno AMEMSASSY MQSOOW mss: AMGONSUL vmmvos Amsmwsv mosoow PASS moonsm YEMTERINBUFIG.
Subject. Swzulsh Lgsdem Respnnd Russian Lamv Thlzat 4(5) .403)
Rmsian Thmaxms Mimm Empty-st: Pomuia Swtdlsh NATO Mcmmhio (U) Russian Formgn Minisxcr Sergei Lavhw mxene lulxy respunse ngamsi Swedm should join
NATO dunng (@129 intervizw with Swedish ily Dagcny Ivyhelcr .igm every mu, Sweden indrpcndwtly ducldc the farm. fur how wants mange ,smning {mm EL: national cresLs Sweden decides MTG roxnm mmar Swans will mac-c since chd mimuy inrrssvmcmrc simauon sunomnm NATO: high command mummy lakc newssary {cchmcal military measures out nunhem sum other sadc
UNCLASSIFIED aamnem 82219 Case No. 2017 DA799 Doc 6961272520 Date: 08/30/2017
UNCLASSIFIED Dapa ilof Slate Case No. 2017-04799 Doc C06372520 Dal 081300017
polnresl eiee regards Russ!!! men: and mernels every held her neck. Lame suied when
whal eenerele mess-e was rcfcning lu. Lavmi replied med Thai lob, mnner for Dur
nary lurees,medelense minieny,nnd l-lc Russisn genesis sda wnen lney see wnel kind poiemial mere niner Sid: urine nerder dirselly nnr border his runner urn border men may wiII knew wnal
use ceeaeiiy end wnel can expeeled irNATo suddenly decides slopes hol rennner
eddnien Guam-sing sweden seem prospccnve wnro rnerneersiue, stmv nlsa blamed Sweden 10! die nezen
eelelions bzmecn enemies and crilicimd die Ami the Unlied Slates number erpnlnes
include Umms, Syria, Nnm exesnnnn, and general liccmiousncss efwwem cullure.
und oslillm headers Candi:
chdls Gave (U) swedisn govcmmenl and deeds .enders qeickly condemned leruv smitmens andsmnnee
eden sovereignny oven? seenniy Prime Mindstm sielnn Lofve celled Lavmva Ibrcau very
unnecessary end nnenllen foL Swadm make our own deeislens atom our dcfcnsl: end seeuriry palicye
omcr Loumry decids silos: runners fox handle seem aurselvcs. demand reseeel ier leis. )Dsl nke
rcswm nines counwics decisions sheen ureir sesun and defense pane Derense Mlnreier zlel Hukqvisl
similarly rmcd Swedens auimmmy ceiling Levrovs suiem ems nneeepuele and unyesnlnelern
make our ewe else ans. nal nine eeneem sense: are chavge dunes enlees, issue
welgn. and new wl: sssess dovulupmm our region and eel-er pens ufme nerld, eel sovzreiglly snd
independence shall nei lse gnvnmed Mia: diners say ways like lire. Minisrer Merger Wellsedrn
sleied rweel mnl Sweden securny peliey ad: Seeder, one The eenier right senssilien
pnnles else eendenm szmv seeiernenes, die lesgen nrwinen are Modern. Pnny, called Eh:
smunnn Russian embasseder resnense
Id. (SBU) Noleely. lire govermnmi also emphasized Swed nun-stigma wheres; serne oppmi
pnl ens used Lavlvys sizlurnenis ugunseni in: Swedish NATO membership Prime: Minisier thven
seemed response lieu wall-known what: send, Swmicn lees neen neneligred fol long sine and ens served well hive penned nus en: world :imes, end Meseew knows mm. reseign
Mirnsler Wellsrrenr ended her Men neeui Swedens seeuriry polity inning elm mllltary nonellgnmenl senes we]1,and remains plans Conversely, Cenler Party Lender Annie Lumeugued that Russias eeiions
underline the need (ereouperelldn :cclmty policy, Sweden needs lolnmigATo wardinnliun wiln Finland
end wulr bmed parhamsnwry segpen. sne bulk! seeunly wlm others. Chrisllw Dcmoua less
Adakmsson sssened ens: Lavmv spells nul clearly snews wny chdlm sneeld join NATO Linersl
Palsy fereign pamy spokesmen Birgim Ohkson menu pierure arm: Lavmv irnerview winh the
vupllun NATO mumbtnhip now
5.! 4(9) 4m)
Russian Illicillnulu Operativnl Angina! In: uence Dthaieun NATO NSA
6-1581!) Russia rnede head nes enee min Apvil when she Swedish seeuiiry sewiee, SAN), publicly
con rmed Russian mlelligenee upemives nave enemnled unncc else dnrneslic dabilte Swedens utiun nmre NATO mus There has been lively deem Sweden din NSA we: die pas! ynar including number anfe enees and seminars snpo ChiefAnalysl Wilhelm Unge, rend Degeru Nyhzler Ayn! 34: lien th: agency had decernenzed numbes Russian neliuilies direeled lire NNS person
can lie Russiuri mlelligmcc pmi urea leesl sne suen eonrerense, when: lied scliuely erg uzd
regains: lire agreemenl. Bergen: Nyimer elsoqurned Swedish gevernrnem some, who ssid This Russiul
slrdiegy, They eln eel openly raise Russias argumems Igainst use agrecmcm. Tney lnsieed use argumenis illel
UNCLASSIFIED Dspa rilenl State Case No. F-2017-U4799 DOC NC. 00632520 Page: 0l2017
UNCLASSIFIED panmam Slate case Mr; F2017 04799 Dec 0053.7 520 Date OS/SOIQD
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn nc FowA
can appeal some chdes, including argumenb about Nomi: xluc zar fruz me, non alignmml, and Sweden inaewndu voice Ith {New The HNSA :23;sz xha prcvinus dminislmion
Scplcmher 21m and will vuiad mrl amzni May 25.11.: Iglccmzm suppormd six Mag)!
pariml pangs smimmng permm alga/namznmy sens. and pest cxpms Ms, End mum)
.1! 14(8) mm)
signaum. Rap
UNCLASS FIED U5. Depa ment State Case F~2Gi7~04799 Doc (206372520 Date: 06/30/2017
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmentoistate Case No. 047953 One 008372570 Date: 0513912017 Obtamed Judmwa Wamn nc FowA
Dale/DTG: May 0:. ozmaz AMEMSASSV ROME
mango; SECSYATE Roan/ 13526
Raiarsnce: VA)MILAN FLORENCE SUBJECT navy: Russia Expands Representa (and uence?) 4(5)
oos-smcqo 1612154399
UNCLASS FIED Oepanment State Case No, 92017434799 Doc No, 506372570 Date: 06/30/3017
UNCLASSIFiED US. Depanment ofSiate Case No. F-2017~04799 Doc No. 006372570 Date: 05/30/2017
Italy bilaicral (raids goods wnh Russia feii tromeEDJ, iializm exports 1-: Russia fail approximaieiy one~1hird his period, 10. biliiun 201310 1.I billion 2015. The drop exports occurred
acwss all sways, including nonrsanm ouad agricuimml pmducm such aiivc oii and wine,
well non-sanctions: seciors such Furniture, Th: pamncms niche Chief
Economisi estimaied the sine; inaiiaii experts due soieiy smiions (bani USIEU and
Russian counter-sanciions) 0.2 perceni its global expo but individual businesses have
suffcrtd and provide foddavr for whc argue mat sanciionx shuuid moved (sen) The [my-Russia Chamber creommwe and (he Italian Embassy Mas-cow, :ugeuie:
with 11.351 ofliaiian ministries and business graups, aimed guide Maychihat highlighis
unions-{rec investmeni opparmniiics Russia for Italian companies. example, me.
guide ciies Russian overtures sancticns-ariecied chaasu pruduoers Turin more Ihcir
productisn Russian regions ihatpruduce high~quaiiiy miik. Russian adva mges :he
casts armaieriai and labor. These efforts track wnh those ofhusiness siraiegisis Consuiaie
Milan dierim who are public advising Italian companies invest manufacturing plants
Ruwia Saw impan duties and beneiil from amended markutm Russia
mcmbcrship she IEuro Asian Customs Union
Rusbla Continues Make Fropagiinda and Commercial xiii-om Sici .Despile Suncxicns
5-1 415) 4(D)
UNCLASSIFIED U.S Depenmenl State Case No. F-2017 047S9 Do:
372570 Sate 08/30/2017
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmer-Yof State Game 04799 Doc 008372570 Date: 08/301201?
mm) 4(0)
Russia rgzts Industrial Nom (SBU) Russia has wucinued :xpzmd rcprcsemii mai foclprint lmly indusmy-rioh
nonh, The Russian Ewemion established Septcmharzo Hnnorary Consulate
the Chambci quummerr/e chdinc. Fnun Venezia Giulia region led PD). This addition Honorary Consulnles Van ,Vemna, and serum. and Consulates Gcnsml Milan and Genus The few! meeting and rkshcp leian-Russi industrial, economic
and mmma rciai pannerships was held Milan Fubmary I2, wiui Ru: ii-s Milan,
Aicksundei Nurizade, and Imly Ambassador Rilssial Cesare Maria Ragaglim
10. {SBUIRJSSW seems encam ging region rcgion invesmcnk business delcgation
from Vcnctowi visit the Chtly bmsk and Tyumen Oblasts June ZUIG. Bath wnscwalive
and lcR-Icming Italian mgixsnal gavcmmems an; exchanging min with Russian
counterpans Lamb rdy and Novosibirsk have been panner vzgions since July L5;
delegation fmm Lombnxdy, led legional Depury President Fabrizio Ssh: (Form Julia; F1).
mined Navasibirsk (Jan 19-20), and delegation frcm Uguria red itsregionai president
UNCLASSIFIED U5. Departmem Stan: Case Noi 92617704799 pm: No. 008372570 Date: 08/30/2017
UNCLASSlFlED Depal ment Stale Case F12017 v04 Doc No. (305372570 Date 0513012017
Oblalned Judlclal Wamn lnc vla FOlA
Giovanni (Fl), visited Masccw and Rymn (March 20k?) addil; an, sent
administeaed Nonhcm llalian regions like Picdmunt and Fliull Venezia Giulia. has! Russian
dclcgslic-ns regular basis Turin hnslnd delagmian fmm Moscow urhan planning
March ZOES, and Octob 2015 Juli hosmd Russian dclzgaxion dunng EXPO parallel
pmgram. Trentine Alto Adige, panlcular Allo AuigeJSudmol, targeted Russia its 2015-16
tourism plan. Addlllonally) Italian MEPs from Form llalla, led ME? Elisabetta Gammi
(clecled the Non): Consti (may 2014, currently running [he cemcr-right
candidate for Mayor Bolmno) vlslmd Russia December 20H.
1:, (sum Central lmly, Russ-:a appur: {allowing same playbook. rccemly cpsnm Hanamry Consulate insid: the Italian panion arm: Rimini airpcn Emilwkornagna. KUSEAEU even posl-
sanctions, are the largest tourist presence the area (Ref B). Tn: Tuscany region recumly
approval memorandum ofundersmnding with {he Rnslov oblast Russia aimed :9! lbstsring
ewnomx: and cultural lies, apparcm response decrease ofTuscan xpons Russia
pnsl sanczions. Acco. Unionnqmere, the fulcrax iun ofCllambcrs Commerce. expons
from Tuscany Russ deemsm by} yawn! during {he xsl Six modihs M2915K whilc
dacreasc was class perc during 2c- 34(5) 4(0
.5ignallma: Mums
UNCLASSlFlED UlS. anmemofSlaKe Case No. 2017 04799 Doc ($063775!!! DalaLOBISUIZOW
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmemofscale Case No. F-zb mfsg Doc caesnsm Cat} 0523012017
Obtamed Judmwa Wamh nc F-O
oos-srac-mmn 16-163
UNCLASSWIED U.S, Department Skate Casse #201104799 Doc No, 0053725707 gate: 03/50/20
UNCLASs FIED Depanmem 013mm Case F2017-04799 Doc (705372574 Date: 08/30/2017
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn nc FowA
RELEASE PART agaymn 4(0)
DawaG; ommmsnjsmzzuct
From: wsmwsv PRAGUE WASHUC SECSIAYE Rourms 3526 Psuv P-r mu?
NCFORN. SENSHNE snappwsums;
meousug mesum FMS AMCDNSUL mamas
AMEMBASSY EERLIN ass mcousuuswzse-
AMEMShSSV moscow ass 7;: AMCORS vmusauns
AMEMBASSY macaw PASS mcousuwumvosmx
mama/.55? MOSCBW PASS AMCONSUL yennrsnwaum
5mm. Czenh Gunnmem Exubi she: Carve: Ccume! 7mm 4(8) 4(0) The vMs Inmathe mu) cmh rlmc: Mlnlsiur Hohueiav Sobn urdered mammal sunny ahdlk mowing the Pam and Emmi: 3mm assess new Kapubllz mitigate lmzma 71:! 2mm: wxu was. ml; gum zwevu
UNCLASSWIED US. Department Slaie Case No. 2017 04799 Doc CG6372 Dam 08/3OIZO17
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmemolstate Case 2017- 0479!) Doc No. (306372574 Dine: 08/30/2017
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn nc FowA CLAsswmnoNrm
[mm the wins lutcriur, and mew mm, wel: [Linnea no. mama and
:anmumrv, wdemi swamp areasconx muzlrg ema! seruviwmveau. Same hexz arm may
inlzrmnnmzc: Yermnim mil/Wyn Sewxw Aspens Mngmxun Orgameu Energy and mum 52mm Currenry manna: syamxxxy (ybEiSemr Innmmanmemnvowgu. Human hveaL llelcwing 50- Inx (meals) Enmcnmem 1mm Hybrid :Hrvaubmpagalnla am: amnmmamn) 15mm mm: 5mm such pmvidu legal frameworx mm: thg auihmlt up: mueswnhln
the Gavevnmmz rewind men The has maxed worklu- grown sandy (at?) nrea! Each wurkln
group brings meme: Experts (mm the [km-z governmzm Minki Cinch Ime ngem service; ihlnk and
acmzmia The working rzgulv basis 47sz pas {2w mums. curnr: lat
enample, mama Prague hased om: BNV:rsjlv,Bm1>bued Masaryk uni-4mm agadamlns Pom
Unlumw mute prmidzng exams:
.aecgmmenmlnns (SEL The dng gmuvi zlevzn threzi areas mums update {79: Mlicnal Saw Caunzkl (lubed {he
Prime anu women, mama Chdvanzc. (gun: my. general mud-mans will mm-a Helium!
scam; munwand Kkzwzpnrwed ythe mmmumbyme cm: wear Guavanetmdzdlhanhe dmumenls
mum bcmmz gumalry ame(a erGovEmmznlaggrava1).hulnmed{114K(heacltgnplanswillhbw: amraa thamers no: atrenlbiz Ih? puhuz.
szzrfwrcncrhm and mmm 4(5) Muf 31: kcmt chaileug :thz cemvwmraceln pruaun 13mm pmnum thil eerclzan
pow She aummed dislniormanan Inhzrentry nulitlm marveled, mmphcaxmg :1! Mal
(mm taper- wk: seiplaluad max Were dose cuoummn wnh ell-xv gamers.
CLASS CAYO DosvsFRc-zmsmscs page of3
UNCLASSIFIED Dapanment State Case No. F72017704798 Duo No. (206372574 Datg: 051$042017
UNCLASSIFIED Department oVSKa.e Case (017 04793 Dar: 005372574 Daxe: came/2017
bbtzmed Jumma Wamn nc FowA
cmssmcm mn:m
pmwa: Enema! Mum MLn (EEAS) mmam tan. :5! wzlcamm! clusev mammalian
us. agendas and hopes: ma: (here Mr: Dpyurlwvixves (h: mama :and cram :oopmnnn
Immtsnlm dxssnymmanbn wreak, pammlzrly shark-g mama: and mitlsannn warms.
iguana-e: smapim Sensmv:
gaLgfzqugmcf uos-ssaozmsmams
UNCLASSIF Deparimsnt 5mm Case 2017~04799 Dog No, 005372574 Date: 0830/2017
UNCLASSIFIED 74.3, Department State
Case 20304799 Doc 005372588 Date 05/30/2D17
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn nc FowA
panama: Amwzmsnemazmw AMEMBASSV ERAGUE
Anion: WASHDC. secmm mmw:
2.0 33525
mes: FEEL 030v ECDN.SDC!, Ema
capuons: smsmvg Linc: ELR/CE FOR LAWRENCE was
Subjucc new Rapubln: Rul ian mmmmauon the Cheap .5qu Summary. szassy menowm acres cm; was set acaaugnia mzmiuen amely wee Russian dislnfamauun madame, has been grbwlng, unectallv wake aims mlgyamw deua >w;
hayz seen Amman muease the numbet news sewer: ml: almmanvelam mm!
Vuxzmaunna deveiepmenu man my; malnmwm the gem Repubhc, cnllne mama servers are amm
mxumwmn um: whc :an alien described psalxusmn, while many Moms 99; GMENEVS belme
Ihe Innuem nlkumm ammmnm minimum they also (omen: acme mks exacerbne ssures
the expgn mzny End summary
wlmln new surmxappxran-o :Ksutliaulnn wkhm same xegmanu cloud-I society xnclozconomk mum mu) Ami! (he Open Same. pyuuuwd Qsee 4:1} maths numan dmnlarmellon Repubhc ouuwrng (he Ru-ylan [Ma- umm: and anma nff mea the Flu! arm)
anahmng (he [mpz Human dismonnaxmn cram Kepuhk; Asubsequen}
wwiocus omne mlauunz ussian Embassy nepualu use me. msWarmmon desgribe usslm onsu: unu emme xhe
unity and veonr lrdusallanu: EUIIME sowing amen; :mpms nsllchns. pm. and 0:2 ailianm
penile Soll terminal Vizws? [saw Few regar: epubh: gammy targex (or Ruulan dlnnlormaxscn, considz haw {he wazem sumewhat emn
napunixcs mam mils such nrzgug, an: mnre ccunomlzalw predmible and mum just
squashing :hs was Sad!!! reform movement Soviei and Wmawpact tournme: was 5:1!er the
museum memory :2? was Yhe reality, amusing!
me: why mar: s1unrMosgmas dv: Cxcch
Im) sens: naslaighz In: varied fmrn 2559 deepiy maxed amnngn pens ners and, 61255 new
young; mule ago have; {Eca :emmms perm These viliases smn lawns are whnr:
Europes lavgcsx unrzfcrmza enmmuum parry. Cnmmunl may schema gm} Murs (Kscm), 6mm must
cuas srxcmcn: uncussunsd
Fage c713
DOS SFRC-Zm 1216090
UNCLASSIFIED Decannen. MState Case 2017 04799 Dec 006372583 05/30/2017
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmentofsme Case Maj-2017204789 Dc: 006372535 Bahama/3012017
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn, nc ywa FowA
iunw (Mule. Cunenuy xscm mum parw ouch mduvnem gem 200, Eng me) (u) The mnomx: mar): miem chhe govemmenx V3; all new; Ndy mans mm: tha arm ouwdn
mam v-rv Numemus lancn; warkers. pankulalw maniac sum Enmwnws (sag) mining and heavy
wmm was and soda banc wzz to. 5mm 1:1 are my. 051(3Va,i Nunbs- Bahama
limb-r132! wlth (mmu East Gznnznvnhnvzyc! recouw Jabs new economy liken yaquldng advanma zGu YlGn
and sum; in: pmdominamfy commuted and [Rigel may mane! rural
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ViHaEES have any been exacelbaled Sim: (he Valve! Rewlulian :55! (DWHS Northern when 5025!: legion magma mm, exampienher: sense ma: game have Wosk nu: (u) mumahm mu: ma: media, mMermimw [max-:6 den (age1n Fugue, mama
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UNCLASSIFlED Depa ment Slate Case No. 92017-04359 D05 Nu. 006372588 Date 08/30/20:?
CLASSIFIED Department Sum Case 2017- 04799 Doc CD63I2588 Date cane/20 Obtamed byJudIcIaIWaIch Inc vIaFOIA
CLASS FICATION: UNC ASSXFIED homing mmms zommun Oath. wneme gln Ice: 1:! wan, the melee; hureaumu wlm
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sIgnamre: Kashheu UNCLASSIFIED sau
UNCLASSIFIED U,S_ Departmem SIate Case No. 92017-04759 D5: ND, 372568 Date DEMO/2017
UNCLASSFIED Depanment Slate Case 2017 04789 Due (305372600 Date: 08/30 2017
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn nc FowA
mm: 1,3 neuglg
Dale/0T6: us, 2015/ mzzaz act
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Amen: WASHZIC. sscsvmz Ron/m4: 2.0 ISSZS .TAGS: PREL PGOV
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UNCLASSIFIED Depanmem State Case F-2U17~04759 Dec COGSZQSDG Dam: 08/30/2017
UNCLASS FIED Depanmentolsmte Gas F-2017 04799 Dec QOSBIZSUO Dai
.Obtzmed Judmwa Wamn nc FowA
05/30/201 LAS SIFKZATIONW 4(8) Am) 4(8) Am)
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UNCL ASS FIED Department o!State Case 2017- 04799 Dec 006372600 DatEIOS/3C12017 UNCLASSIHED usv Depanmm ease 2017704795 Doc 003372800 Date. 05/30/2017 Obamed Judm Wamh, nc LASSIFICATXOsz
Commem 14(5)
Signzlym UYFHARA rmlm: cussmcmoum
page DDS $FRC~20151216-076 UNCLASSF US, Department State Case 201704798 Doc No, 372500 Dale: [RISE/2017
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmentc!$tate Cas eNa F2017-04799 Dec (308372604 Bahama/3012017
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn nc FowA
Pagz1af4 1mm (6)
awIDYG: Sap [23301932 SEF
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Russws Fills Faucets uence Pumamanlsr] Eleqmns 4(5) 4(D)
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UNCLASSIFIED USV Depanment 0781329 Case No. F72017704799 Doc No. 006372604 Dale: OBIBUIZO17
uwcmssmzn Department Stab: Case No. 92017434799 Doc 005372604 Dal (ya/30,1201?
Obamed Judma Wamh, nc
1.4m) Gaegm New Camgaign and ammx (saw explameu charge rm! mm, (mm [or [is pilgn advgmsgmenu and staugy. bu: bums suppanevx, wha wait euro: raliy. farmed vol/E me! zaMsts helwum 200400 was para-ouch (of INS: mivjues
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UNCLASSFIED Depanmenl Stake Case Nu. F20 @4799 Doc No. (306372304 Dale 08/30/2017
UNCLAS-SIFIEU Department State Case F-2017-04799 Doc 006372604 Date: (SS/3012017
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn nc FowA
3159mm zddluon mun the-warmed PAD had aonmadmd and e-ea Dan mum ems run
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14(0) 14(9)
Signature: UYEHARA
page DOS-SFRC-stulsvon
UNCLASSIFIED US. Department films Case F72017 04799 Doc Nu. {306372604 Date 05/30/2017
UNCLASS FIED IDepartmem ofStale Case 20*? 04799 Dec (306372604 Dale: 0530/2017
ObtamedbyJudma Wamh nc FowA
Sens lwc
UNCLASSIFIED Depamnem State Case Nc. 92017704789 Dec No. 063.72 lzate. 08/30/2077
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmenta! Shim Case 9201704799 DDC NO, 00337261: Date: 0880/2017 Obtamed byJudmwa WaIcthc FowA
CLAssyrlcmloN-W ELEASE PART 51mm: Scum-1e Mascowai;
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Puss Line. memussv Moscow PASS moonsm. FEYERSBURS
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UNCLASSIFlED Depa ment Sla Case No. F-ZOW-OdiBQ DOC Nu. 006372511 Date! 0850/2017
UNCLASSIFIED Dcaanmemolsme Case FEW-047559 can (20637261! DaIe: DE/aOiZOI?
Obvamed JudIcIaI Wamn Inc FOIA
CLASSIFICATIONW wsiliun Swaps among mgme and zdeval MndaI: pm! dose assaciaxe 631ng had (helr Germany. many considered Belya ninuv unmuchabIe mummy EehaNnm mom: that. Anomer
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4.1 14(8) 1,4(0) 14(8)
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department Stats Case No, F-2017704799 Doc No: Qp$ 72611 Date: 08i30l2017
UNCLASS Department State Case Na. 9201704799 Duc Na. C06372611 Dake: 0313mm? 14(5)-
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn, nc FowA 4(0)
UNCLASSIFIED us. Department ofSKale Case No, BEEN-04799 Dec 005372611 Date 08(30/2017
UNCLASSIFIED v.5 Depanmentcfstate Case F72017704799 Doc 00637261? Date: 08/30/2017 Obtamed JudIcIaIWaIch, Inc FOIA
gauge 915
Keaszhy campniiuun 5:11:13 Ban, K2295 Authoritin ND! PcIIEIm AnaIysWdewu-a symmmic xmmure whizh gym would pctsxsx inn: amok!!! wawev reswd sachv ndi (he was. She IIkenm mmpr let): willy {he KemIin
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UNCLASSIFIED Departmam Siam Case No, F-2017704799 Doc NE. (396372811 Dal
UNCLASSiFlED Department (:1 State Gas: 2017 04759 Dec No. 006372611 Date 08/30/2017
Obtamed Judmwa Wamn nc FowA
UNCLASSIFIED Depanm ntcfState Case No, F-2017-047S9 Dc: guea72611 DatezlJB/3012017
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmenia) Stine Case NO. FH201704799 Doc C0637?618 93915300017
mimic: Jun 25,2015/26I5532JUN15 mammssv 5ELSINKI
wasnoc, szcsmz aauvwi
PREL. new. as. up. an,
sans: rm:
Iimfs Divers: uvial! M1nufMA 5(5me Audience Maseru]
1.(SBU) SUMMARY. Firiinnris eniimsisn 000 Russian snuksrn a): cLImicalIy saimcniiy divers:
gimp that enjoys sizes: nish cauuiinn rnuiis. snd ciiiunship, bu! snuggjcs with iriiamui ham
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impugn-ids Russi) actions nramni suspicion among many nnxivi Finns. nun-em, which could slow in:
min-mo, inlegniion END SUMMARY piverss unis Gruwing Minor (Sim Russias ire Fin iimds largesi immignm gimp. 2014,103000 Russian sinus lived miiiinn, imrn .appmimaicly 50.000 Abuni30.000 nenpi: min Russim ciiizunship,
Que 10.500 pcapl win: new dim] Russian ind Finnish ciiimship 2m. Finnish mmori gum! men
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{summary mei 2014 Apniiunions minim pmniLs Em! mpur-ny visas dchiriuI iii 20m pmbniiiy
bus 1-. crib: woncning economic sima Russia {$311) ii. Von: nnnnc ufihc minnriry Ibis mini imprec Many ism Russim spasms com
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Assaciauan nfkussian snake: Organ-in {FARO} estimates shat number Russian spzskers some
Else DOS~SFRC~201$1216
UNCLASSIFIED us. Depanmeni Distaie Case V-2017-04799 Doc No. (205152618 Date. 08/30/201?
UNCLASSIF Department ofstate Case 92017011799 Doc 0083726l8 Date: 08/30 201.7
Rays on: high lolmon Mum: grilles: hidden minim ins] (550) Finnish slalislics suggcsl llml leasl half om: Russian Spizchl-s living Finland couples or-
lamiliss will-l children; mm, lo. 000 Rnulan waking Wupla; and another nearly can Russ: speakers man-ind Finns (moslly wamen married Finnish men) and 000 lam single pawns Abnui percenl
Russian spasms in: apiial 3:. and mmindu lives mllnly smaller lawns minim: raw
UK: Russian bonsai Mos: will: Kussmn iptakcrs war: born outsid: Finlmd and mivsd mllnpse sin/ml Union, wand gencruinn, wno unwed children was barn Finland since inc 1590;, wily
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only hand?! affomgnm lmmlg niall smpcs hm- snuggled rum men 918mm Finland knit
and lighlvlipped society, acmldmg our intact Russians are disadvanmg: Email Fullnmi history iol wlm its larger nelghbnr anr polls show (ha! Among in: iuilv ked gmup iljm-nigrams alim-
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begin ldcmify man: Russians after moving Finland bbwuse may {in Ilka Russians llalivi: Plum
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Unemplaymnl High (SBU) Alchemy. many Russian mig spank rmnisli and mpcivb schoclmg Finland away wim good Muslim, unmplayran mum; Russlm spasms 534:me higbcr man nalianal
rule pcmcm, bin we]! heklw esilmnml llemly pzluml linsmploymnl Somali community 20(2 slimy slinwd idmlical lab applitailcns wen min: ely mull ini rvlews when ban Fimllsh nan-l: minim: when wlauvc applicsm lim leim llama. Russian spukcrs also 12ch being paid lLLs than me]! alive Finnish w)lcagl:m. and being nprlmsndad {or speaking Russian pusonni capaoity
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Russian Spenkm Remain Fragmented and Palitlwuy lilac {Slain Wim :lm gmwing nnmbei olxusiinn immigrmu. llle organimll monglgussim Wig ans
swear: increasing, xibcil Elam .ev:l FARO on: largesmmssmmim ofRusslan groups
Finland servts umbpeun orgamuii for many Russimlmgdagc span. ohmlshlc. and ullml sclivilies Poi; FARO comm cxplulnud aim club: nol wily Wide emcum uauimlies ful- Rumm-
speaking children, inn also pmvidc cmyloylncrli ily and mini mum lvm for many adults who
animus: would bl: isolml and momma: Finland. This nwm Mg: minim ofspeakzx provide wine rung: mi-rings ism also allow tom: remain Ruisinn lmgusg: bum: (sau) Despilc uni: numbem Riga-on imam [maul pulilicallj divided and mumlve, wilh the lowcsl
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page 314 DOS-SWC-lol lll -OSZ
UNCLASSIF U.Si Department 015mm Case No. F-2017-Cd799 No. (306372818 Date: 05/30/2017
UNCLASSIF1ED Departmemo Slaxe Case F120174M7E19 Doc (206372618 Date 08/30/2017
0111.1111e11 Jud1c1a1Wamh 1115 FO1A
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UNCLASSIFIED 1J.S Depa memof Slate Cass 154017414799 Doc: C05372618 Date: 08!30/EO_17_
UNCLASSIFIED Department cfSiats Case F2017 04799 Doc cossneia Date: 30/2017
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UNCLASSIFIED U,S. Depanment State EINE 2017v04793 Doc Nu, C06372618 0519: 0850/2017
UNCLASSIFiED U.S Depanmenl State Case F-2017-04799 Doc No. C06372650 5/30/2017
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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Departmem State Case Na. 2017 04793 Doc No. COSS726 Date: 05/30/201?
UNCLASSIF Depanmentofstate Case No. 2C7 04789 Dec 006372356_Da1e 30/2017
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cussmcmmum UNCLASSiFIED US. Denanmen! Slate Cage Ne. F-2017-04759 Doc No. 006372650 Date: 08l30!2017
UNCLASSIFIED U3. Depanmem State Case Nu. 92017-04799 Dec COS372650Date: 05/30/2017 4CB)
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UNCLASSIF U.S Depa ment male Case No, 2017-04799 Doc (305377.650 Date:08130/2017