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Judicial Watch • JW v State DSCC docs 01733 pg 8

JW v State DSCC docs 01733 pg 8

JW v State DSCC docs 01733 pg 8

Page 1: JW v State DSCC  docs 01733 pg 8


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Date Created:October 19, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 19, 2015

Tags:Nouran, Brigade, compound, 01733, Annex, DSCC, Twitter, noforn, Tripoli, Embassy, HOSPITAL, Ambassador, reports, personnel, Docs, SECRET, response, hotel, Benghazi, unclassified, department

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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2014-10167 Doc No. C05715337 Date: 09/01/2015
The0QRF and friendly militia forces were unable locate the Ambassador, pull bac!<
the off-compound Annex. All classified material the compound secured RSO
personnel. Embassy Tripoli receives phone call from the injured ARSOs cell phone (which had
been left with the Ambassador) from male caller saying the hospital with
unresponsive male who matches physical description the Ambassador.I
ripoli charters airplane and sends Benghazi with six personnel onboard response team. 2215 hrs, Benghazi ARSO[
~ailed DSCC report that theOresponse team
has been the ground Benghazi for approximately minutes, but are waitin for the
February Brigade escort them Seniors ask ARSO
about the
ident ity the reported white male the hospital.
DSCC reports ARSq
Ithat there are two American Citiz~n (AmCit) Defense Attache ~~(~~(C)
Office (DAO) contractors the Nouran Hotel Benghazi.
lw_s not aware
these personnel. decided that when the
response team arrives the Annex, non1.4(0)
essential employees and the remains the IPO will depart. ARSO
)was given
direction have the February Brigade over the hospital for verification. 2227 hrs, image was broadcast Twitter showing Caucasian man being carried out
the Benghazi compound 2230 hrs, Tripoli was notified regarding the image broadcast
1.4(0) 2243 hrs, U.S. Embassy Tripoli reports that they are contact with the contractors the
Nouran Hotel. 2250 hrs, the February Brigade departs the airport with the 6-member response team
route 2313 hrs, repo rted that the
res ponse team has arrived
the Annex.
-------------;:====:---- --R?(C) 2332 hrs, ARSO
reports that they are under mortar attack, with rounds
hitting the Annex. There
and the
need for medical evacuation. The response team site and either inside deployed the
roof. The agents are sheltering place with minutes .to sunrise. 2349 hrs, Speci~I Agent
[was reported hit during the mortar attack, which has sin86
All .othe (C) agents are accounted for.
Wednesday, Septem ber 12: 0006 hrs,LJtates that they are evacuating the entire compound with convoy friendly
militia one movement the airport.
does nbt know the plane still the ground
Derived from: Multiple Sources
Reason for classification: E.O. 12958 1.4 (b), (c), (d)
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2014-10167 Doc No. C05715337 Date: 09/01/2015