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Judicial Watch • JW v State interrogatories 01363

JW v State interrogatories 01363

JW v State interrogatories 01363

Page 1: JW v State interrogatories 01363


Number of Pages:9

Date Created:May 25, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 09, 2016

Tags:responsible, jammy, Abcdm, grounds, interrogatories, 01363, Civil, clinton, FOIA, states

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Flamlim Civil Adi03Nov u-C 16} (E63)
PIAINTIFFS INTERROGATORIES amuldanoe with Rule ofthz Rules Civil Prauxhzrt, Dcfmdm Unimt
States Dcpmmcm oFS1aL2, Khrnugh um; muse; harsh} responds 35.1mm
Who was Responsible
pmssmg sputum mum,
emu. Cunmn and aim mpmy via 0521:
Respanse: sum Depmmen: chimp; this inimmgamry 15ch ombma
the grounds ll! mike Lumps
ale cumming: dues not mu:
perm; aml (Ibex :vJ Idual the OE} i-fdle ofwhich thew war): Idtyduzlk Idcntl the CauliE May 3016 OMB: (ac scope diumw
The State ohjcczs
Iegaxdirg pmcassing mum respmdm; noII F0]A record :cqums. lzcyuml the mp0 ducme man.) 111:: (.mm Wilma: mmg mam-Lens, 1.: State Dcpnrlmem
armzLion emu: tcs and whn rounwmg which providssl
mgcmcnt rrnspvnsibility for pmtezmir, FOIA reams: z:- sEcreun CIEnmu and
Hum Abcdm wee: szsm :1; 2009 (the date Saueuuy cum) wok and ?cl>
2016 (the date or. which the Sale Depsu Hod ixs rum: semi: beinmiian 11m mum
The 0mm: infmmzion ng, SL1 wins was th: pnmmy pain! 95mm 2!: naming management mfomzim
izwhxling whh ruspm mwesm pursuant the Fteedom mtiun Act FOIA FAM
Nam; The Uirn for nfE raspansible for amassing and rasmxding requa inianmuun under 1:13 YLIL 1h: Imam from E0043
12me 2316 wen: Mmgarcr nnfeid (from mam- January 2009 Mar; 2010). Alex
Lilllwich (:11;
12: Thomas (Aming Co~3irccun from March 20:9- Beaming: 2mm
Sheryl walla: (Dcccmbc: 201: Match 2314mm Jahnl {Acnng 11mm Mm}: 2014
4.5: 201:; mmmr: June 2013 March 2mm
Lumn mam :mum, TPS mi? wamalc (ch requm determine Wain}: clhrr rrcras systcms with: the Ufpznmem may mason bly
expecled mum the muck requested FCJA reqm: incoming cums former
52::smy hmoz: mir Me. Abcdm was lypiuJy 54:: 0113c: Com-spondme and
Hemmer ercmniw:mam-mmzb sawx hadm) -to-dzy esp3z In.
ge, :21 research, including conducvng and ennman mm: mpmc
POM mums, FAM (August 20:4). Dunng xmcr Seemary Clinton an] AbccinR mums, 1h: Dawn: was neyA Effectiv: Jan wan mergnd thm gamma gunman 2h: Exeumlvc Scmcmnzn
s-sv; (Rummy (Zonesgmm ence. Rec/0mg and 5m: Drama): 3163.5
mspans ilmwm: Mm. n-(tnr man mum mam, we,
:chichl mhivu dmumcnm upon mum Jazz-2(2) Clamm Finrncy has lht:
pct-11.13:: Depuly [mm 5/555 and tha Canaap ndcnc: Remnli. and swim;
Since 11:: time
Dwiun :mm nm: mexgu Lb: plegtm. [be numtms mg;
the mew have been Paul 50mm: (lmxuzry 2033 March 20m. ManKay Carlsos: (March
2014 Nnucmiwr 2014). Mary Kmhcnnc 5mm (Dcwmhcr 2014 2015) and Km; Hang
(July 20:5 101% :mm), IERROCAI GRY leipangibl: fa: Invanmtjling other ammunigg Mrs. Clinmns and Ms,
Alycdxt cums. mama, and inrmnm The sum Dcpnnmcnt objarts 1W: mum responsible. inv zwrying,
accounting. imbma vagu: and overbruaJ. Demmm dddi onaliy
abjec gmnry gmunds angel: psnnis map: mammary 11) Cams mm, The Sam nemmen- mga
grounds that tlocs idcntify mlcvam
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Elm Dams and
Departmem provxdei :he qwm; which in:
animus who had 3133392319 mspn records managmen: Statuary (:Immns
and Hum Ana lacmncnts human Immm 2004? dam tummy Clinton took
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2016 {me which the Depnm nmt led mis manor),
Thc Ewcmiw, Srmezamn Si/$63) xcsmvmm mum management documents Depumrmrit mums as. well (frrzy knowfcdgn, and upon 1mmnn
Dame Mcy 22,231
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maria; electronic mml lallawing:
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