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Judicial Watch • Pages from JW-FOIA-Broward-shooting-031418- 26-27

Pages from JW-FOIA-Broward-shooting-031418- 26-27

Pages from JW-FOIA-Broward-shooting-031418- 26-27

Page 1: Pages from JW-FOIA-Broward-shooting-031418- 26-27


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Date Created:March 15, 2018

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Obtained at, Public Retains Law Migrant/arch, inc
University Texas.
Killed Taken down deputy and civilian who came back side Tawer,
SAY: More recently saw problems with time evolving during the Washington New Shipyard shooting. Slides
During that event, September 2013, the suspect.
Aaron Alexis. was able get base with shotgun Show video
without being detected since was contractor there suspect
Using the shotgun, killed guard and proceeded through
roam the building shooting people. building
Alexis had anger issues and had shot gun road rage
incident before. Also was hearing voices.
Timeline events the slide. Emphasize the inability police communicate and how long this event went on,
The PowerPoint now going cover response tactics
use the active shooter events
There are three desired outcomes for active shooter,
ADD: Force the suspect surrender. Force the suspect into barricade situation [SWAT
will handle since they have the tools and tactics.) Slides 18-20 lncapacitate the suspect shooting him (stopping
the threat) suspect shoots himself.
All the outcomes are good) however most events and
with number
During Columbine, the response ongoing shooting situation was contain the suspect. BLANK mining fumlsJBLANK Course Lesson Plan form Revisedjenunry
After Columbine the International Chiefs Police
addressed the problem with the response and came
with the Quad diamond formation.
With the quad, the first four cers respond entered the
building with coverage all directions. This was critical
address the concerns cers who previously would not
enter and just wait for SWAT.
The problem with formations, the training would only
once the career cer and they would most likely
forget what during active shooter event. Also,
formations move slowly and now know that time
critical. Slides
Finally, there the iconic picture four cers the
quad formation moving down the hallway school. The
problem with that photograph that missing the hoards students running down the center the hallway were
the team would be. reality, the team would have split the sides
the hallway.
After reviewing lot active shooter incidents, the
environment and the shooter dictates the tactics.
The majority incidents were over minutes. There
need get there fast.
Histony shows when suspect confronted any armed
individual (poiice. security, concealed carry person) they
either shoot out with that person kill themselves.
Either way. the shooting innocent bystanders must stop.
Now, the first officer two cers scene will
immediately confront the shooter.
Military tactics work well this situation. The two man
bounding overwatch our response. BLANK training forms/BLANK Course Lesson Plan form Revised January 211