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Judicial Watch • Senate Ethics Complaint Sen Cory Booker

Senate Ethics Complaint Sen Cory Booker

Senate Ethics Complaint Sen Cory Booker

Page 1: Senate Ethics Complaint Sen Cory Booker


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Date Created:September 11, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:September 12, 2018

Tags:Sen, coons, Cory, Booker, rules, Ethics, senate, SECRET, complaint, September, committee

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September 12, 2018
Johnny Isakwn, rman
Clndslophcr Coons. Chairman
U.S. Semi: Sclg Com
220 Hem Bullding 51:11 ale axhingmn: 205
Re: anuiry ink) whether Sen. Cory Booker NJ) iulated 5mm Rule:
Dear ihairman Imkscm and Co-Chaizman Coons: non-pm: non-pm snn educminnal foundation Llul
bilily, and inlegriky ermne
Sen. Cory Booker admitted violaling Scum: rules when {must} Waco!
cds~~l broke comminee mics wading from comminec con dcmial docs. Booker 1km posted the following may his Lacchuuk
Saturday, Sepicmbcr
And the classi .uaiimx ofmzmy dmmcms Committee Con dential sham willfully View (hm sham rules, accept any
consequences migh! .mm actions inhuding cxpul.
(Size htms:l/wvvwfacabookxom/con boukeriphomx/nJ 5558592227/1 158
241220222228/ Mme bemem
5938-142 org
T31: (203) 6V)
mm: Third SW. 809. mgkm,
FAX (202,: Tmmvlv zit mince Him
cptembcr, 014
Drophm hcailiiig BimkuCou dciiiial-
18% In: 4in )lnnianklx/cmu
waygrwg publico easing Committee (onydemia! mom Sen, swim
luvc Viviana! llruv and/u! Ruls {he Stan 1115 Rulcs (ifth; Semis (Rev,
Jan 2013): which s1ipu iaic: Any Scrmlur, employee 9mm who disc]
the secret conixdcmia} business procecaings oftke Sonata
including bus ncss and pquc rdings omie mminees iubcommihc.
zindn iccs (af hall ahlc. Sena suffer expulaiun lmm [he budV and cer employea
missal From the scrvmc ofmc Swan). and punishment for
(ii Wlienevci: the rquest ufthe serum: any mmminee
thereu dmmmems papcri shall bx: unicaicd the an) JILIntml mlIling procccding regard
which secret co) dcmzal undenhe mica :id doc em:
and papers ehziH idered :as con de,
without wave ott iic Senate,
Scnafe the President the
any matter pending (he Sen and shall not pp, 13sdocixmh
imsxigaiion into hum, B00 iuidlcd Scum: Rhlt releasing om,
(tonimeuiia: records :hmi 1ng his mudia mums.
Thank you for your nnsid taikm ofihis mazmi 407
minim itrg
Senate Select Commincc Ediics
Scptembc E2. 2018
The inxiiV sutxnimng this mnmiou are and acxnmsdgad
that section 1001 ofmle United sum Cmie appaiss 10. the infnmlation being
provided. uhmined by.
1115 Third Siren SW. 800
Washington, 20024
(202) 172
1;; 5413/14;
Mann; mini SW, 5m:
FAX (202) 646 5199 En)
mm: much