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Special Report Deep State

Special Report Deep State

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Date Created:August 30, 2017

Date Uploaded to the Library:March 30, 2018

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Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State Judicial Watch Special Report
Exposing the Deep State
September 2017
Judicial Watch, Inc. 425 Third Street, SW, Suite 800 Washington, 20024
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Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
Table Contents
Executive Summary....................................................................................................................................3 Introduction and Background..............................................................................................................5
II. Four Case Studies................................................................................................................................8
Case Study The Environmental Protection Agency........................................................................8
Case Study The Internal Revenue Service...................................................................................13
Case Study Outside Organizations, Inside Operations.................................................................16
Case Study The Intelligence/Law-Enforcement Community........................................................19
IV.Appendix............................................................................................................................................41 you would like additional copies
the report please contact:
Judicial Watch
425 Third Street, SW, Suite 800
Washington, 20024
Member Services: (888) 593-8442
FAX: (202) 646-5199
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
Executive Summary
They pride themselves operating below the radar and above the law face crisis the Deep State Alt-government, sometimes
call it. The actions the Deep State constitute direct challenge
our republican form government. Working primarily through the
intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, the Deep State actively
engaged subversive measures designed delegitimize Donald Trump,
cause the American people lose faith their president, destroy the
Trump presidency and eventually impeach him put him jail. Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton
This Judicial Watch Special Report analyzes the Deep State, which comprises legions
political appointees, career civil servants and powerful private contractors who run the
government matter who sits the Oval Office. matter which political party controls Congress. And, matter what the will the American people. matter who power, they exert control. Oftentimes, the liberal media effectively operates the
propaganda arm the Deep State.
The shadowy world which Deep State actors maneuver characterized three disturbing proclivities: Secrecy, surveillance and subterfuge.
The operatives manning and manipulating the Deep State demand activist, interventionist government, both domestically and internationally. Importantly, their worldview often
rejects the beliefs and values majority patriotic Americans. time goes on, the disparity between the values and beliefs the people and those the
Deep State becomes cumulative, and matter whom the people elect public office, the
Deep State takes the nation direction that increasingly diverges from where the people
desire go.
Sometimes, has with the Trump presidency, the Deep State rises the surface
rebellion, taking aggressive, seditious measures against president whose election opposed and who perceives threat its own agenda and, perhaps, its very survival. already clear with the Trump presidency, the Deep State can turn any president
that threatens its interests and survival. And left unchecked, may illegally destroy him.
This Special Report explores the workings the Deep State through four case studies,
each which Judicial Watch involved investigative action and litigation:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), involving three Freedom
Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits. One lawsuit focuses the efforts agency
political officials and civil servants hide their communications and circumvent the Federal Records and Freedom Information Acts. The second lawsuit demands see documents surrounding the EPA cost-benefit analysis
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
the Clean Power Plan, which Judicial Watch suspects fake science used justify the Obama EPA health claims the Clean Power Plan, scheme
end coal energy under the guise combatting alleged global warming. The
third lawsuit aimed EPA efforts propagandize the American People
illegally promote its power grab over clean water rule was attempting
promulgate the time.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), involving four FOIA lawsuits focusing the political targeting President Barack Obama political enemies, including conservative non-profit organizations and individuals, and the unlawful
collusion among the IRS and other agencies government, such the Justice
Department, the FBI, the Department Health and Human Services, spy innocent American citizens, propagandize them and bring criminal charges
against political enemies the Obama administration and/or the Deep State.
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Soros Open
Society Foundations, involving two FOIA lawsuits focusing the Soros
Open Society Foundations use U.S. taxpayer money channeled through
USAID destabilize and overthrow the democratically elected governments
Macedonia and Albania.
The Intelligence/Law-Enforcement Community, involving six FOIA lawsuits, additional FOIA request and advisory/demand letter, all focused
the surveillance, unmasking and illegal targeting President Trump and his
associates during the government investigation purported Russian involvement the 2016 presidential election and alleged collusion with the Russians Trump and his team. The Special Report examines the flood leaks and innuendos coming out the government surrounding Trump and his associates,
including the Gen. Michael Flynn episode; the Obama administration misuse the NSA database surveillance intercepts target and unmask the identities Americans; the Trump Dossier and the FBI involvement it; along
with James Comey purloined memoranda and the appointment special
counsel investigate Trump and his associates, including unsubstantiated accusations obstruction justice the president when allegedly ask Comey shut down the Flynn investigation. The Report assembles the evidence
hand and finds supports the conclusion that the Deep State, working primarily
through the intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, actively engaged
subversive measures soft coup designed delegitimize Donald Trump,
cause the American people lose faith their president, destroy the Trump
presidency and eventually impeach him put him jail. the beginning this Special Report, observed that the Deep State not monolithic
but shares common mindset and worldview, and characterized three disturbing
proclivities: Secrecy, surveillance and subterfuge. Secrecy catalyzes and enables surveillance and subterfuge. The only way observe and evaluate the workings the Deep
State penetrate the veil Deep State secrecy that shields the actions political appointees, career civil servants, private contractors and their relationship with the media and
outside agents influence that comprise the Deep State.
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
This Special Report concludes that time tear down the wall secrecy surrounding
the Deep State. President Trump should order federal agencies stop the stalling and start
obeying the nation open-records laws. Until they do, the dangerously malignant Deep State
will continue grow and undermine American democracy.
Exposing the Deep State
They pride themselves operating below the radar and above the law face crisis the Deep State Alt-government, sometimes call it.
The actions the Deep State constitute direct challenge our republican
form government. Working primarily through the intelligence and lawenforcement agencies, the Deep State actively engaged subversive
measures designed delegitimize Donald Trump, cause the American people lose faith their president, destroy the Trump presidency and eventually
impeach him put him jail. Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton Introduction and Background
There deeply embedded shadow government the United States running the affairs state The Deep State Alt Government, Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton
describes it. This shadow government not monolithic. But, does not have be. Its
operatives share common mindset and worldview. They travel the same social circles.
And, they walk the same corridors power. matter who power, they control.
They pride themselves operating below the radar and above the law. And, the
shadowy world which they maneuver characterized three disturbing proclivities:
Secrecy, surveillance and subterfuge. the words Judicial Watch Director Investigations Chris Farrell, the decidedly
left-leaning Deep State quite comfortable exercising all the levers the organs
the state. Farrell explains:
They come from Franco-Germanic political philosophy that, historically, has
always placed the state over the citizenry. They derive their power and exercise vigorously through the state. time goes on, this disparity between the values and beliefs the people and those
the Deep State becomes cumulative, and matter whom the people elect public office,
the Deep State takes the nation direction that increasingly diverges from where the
people desire go.
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
Deep State operatives are ensconced every agency the government; they have their
own agendas; and many them think they don have answer elected president,
the rule law the American people. They also are enmeshed and interface with
outside networks organizations, media companies, universities, think tanks and corporations that share their views, help shape their views and exert enormous influence policy
and its day-to-day implementation. The military-industrial complex President Dwight
Eisenhower warned about reality but not the only complex providing the architecture the Deep State; there are several them: the intelligence/security-industrial
complex, the environmental/academic-industrial complex, name but two.
The American media complex effectively operates the propaganda arm and transmission belt the Deep State. 2013 article (updated 2016), former State Department
foreign service officer and congressional policy adviser and analyst, James George Jatras,
American media increasingly have operated uncritically conjunction with the
bipartisan Washington political establishment Among the key features such
cooperation are:
Deficiency geographic and historical knowledge the American norm (the
less people know the more likely they are believe what they are told, with the
least informed most persuaded the need something
Reliance government sources, ventriloquism, and information incest
(unknown the public, much media information comes from government
Centralized corporate ownership (official policy imperatives interface with
ratings dollars for six giant corporate conglomerates);
Para-journalism, infotainment, and atrocity porn war trigger (atrocities appear seemingly cue and then receive saturation coverage);
Demonization Hitler memes and weaponization media (compromise and
negotiation have role confronting absolute evil war the default option);
America and the international community, the Free World, and American
exceptionalism and leadership; disregarding alternative media, American samizdat (accurate information available alternative media, but the
major[s] still decide exists not); never make mistakes, stay the course, and MoveOn-ism (U.S. policy
has rearview mirror);
Authors past blunders are not discredited, while those who said tolya
are ignored).
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State turn, media themselves are integral part multifaceted, hybrid
public-private entity with broad range and depth. Variously known the
Establishment, the Oligarchy, the Deep State, this entity includes elements
within all three branches the U.S. government (especially the military,
intelligence, and financial sectors), private business (the financial industry,
government contractors, information technology), think tanks, NGOs, the
Demintern, both political parties and campaign operatives, and army
lobbyists and professionals.
Looking into the future light 2016 anti-Establishment challenges from
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the shortcomings Barack Obama
policies Libya, Syria, and Ukraine top those George Bush
Iraq and Afghanistan, shrinkage the American Middle Class, and increasing
public skepticism the MSM favor digital alternative media, both
the Washington-based oligarchy and its media component show signs losing
their grip.
The possibility exists for peaceful evolution less warlike posture (impacting media well) that would refocus America domestic needs. Alternatively, the existing order could risk major war desperate bid save its
wealth, power, and privileges with unforeseeable consequences for America
and the world.
The operation the Deep State not meticulously organized conspiracy, masterminded and controlled any central authority operating out fortified bunker. Nor does
need be. The agendas the politicians, bureaucrats and contractors that populate the
Deep State are frequently the same, complementary, and the huge sums taxpayer
money involved tie them together inextricably. And, they ineluctably travel the same,
invariably elitist circles. Rather, the Deep State like systemic disease run-away
cells, replicating and metastasizing serve their own interests and survival. short,
The Deep State has life its own, independent whoever president whichever
political party controls the Congress. Though prefers operate through sleight hand,
with smoke and mirrors, times may rise the surface and become the handmaiden
overzealous and overreaching presidents who serve its interests did when Barack
Obama weaponized the permanent bureaucracy inside the IRS, the FBI and other intelligence and regulatory agencies against the American people and his (and the Deep State
political opponents.
Most frequently, the Deep State recedes back into the shadows where its agents quietly advance their own agenda and obstruct troublesome elected officials (and the public
that supports them) million different ways, large and small, deliberate and devious.
Sometimes, course, rises the surface rebellion has with President Donald
Trump, taking aggressive, seditious measures against president whose election opposed
and who perceives threat its own agenda and, perhaps, its very survival.
The Deep State more insidious than mere partisanship, and more dangerous because
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State permanent. While presidents and Members Congress come and go, the Deep State
remains permanently, growing ever more powerful and predatory. already clear
with the Trump presidency, the Deep State can turn any president that threatens its interests and survival. And left unchecked, may destroy him.
II. Four Case Studies
The Deep State comes two flavors: domestic affairs and foreign affairs. Frequently, they
overlap and reinforce each other. Four instances the Deep State work are illustrative.
Case Study The Environmental Protection Agency
Undermining the Rule Law. The particularly notorious fifth column inside the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prime example the domestic arm the administrative Deep State work. Judicial Watch currently seeking uncover the truth about
what the Deep State inside the EPA and how working undermine President
Trump agenda and the rule law.
For example, Judicial Watch recently filed Freedom Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit March 23, 2017 against the EPA pry loose information that could expose the deepstate bureaucrats embedded that agency. They are working undermine the rule law further their own radical environmental agenda using the cell-phone encryption application Signal thwart government oversight and transparency. Judicial Watch filed
the suit the United States District Court for the District Columbia (Judicial Watch
Environmental Protection Agency (No. 1:17-cv-00533)) after the EPA failed respond February FOIA request for: Any and all work-related communications sent from the following EPA
officials using the app known Signal, for the period February 2016, the present: Administrator (or Acting); Deputy Administrator (or Acting);
Assistant Administrator (or Acting), Office Air and Radiation; Assistant
Administrator (or Acting), Office Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention;
Assistant Administrator (or Acting), Office Enforcement and Compliance
Assurance; Assistant Administrator (or Acting), Office Land and Emergency
Management; Assistant Administrator (or Acting), Office International and
Tribal Affairs; and Chief Financial Officer (or Acting). Any and all records requesting approving the use the messaging app
known Signal any EPA personnel for official business.
The use Signal EPA officials thwart government oversight illustrative what going throughout the Deep State under the guise foiling misguided evil
some the Deep State) president. reported February 2017, Politico article entitled Federal workers turn encryption thwart Trump:
Whether inside the Environmental Protection Agency, within the Foreign
Service, the edges the Labor Department beyond, employees are using
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
new technology organize letters, talk strategy, contact media outlets
and other groups express their dissent.
Fearing for their jobs, the employees began communicating incognito using the
app Signal shortly after Trump inauguration.
[T]he goal create network across the agency people who will raise
red flags Trump appointees anything unlawful.
Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, had this say about the lawsuit:
This new Judicial Watch lawsuit could expose how the anti-Trump Deep
State embedded EPA working undermine the rule law. Let hope
the Trump administration enforces FOIA and turns over these records. Given
EPA checkered history records retention and transparency, disturbing see reports that career civil servants and appointed officials may now attempting use high-tech blocking devices circumvent the Federal Records
Act and the Freedom Information Act altogether.
Signal has long been touted within the high-tech community encryption device
particularly effective for blocking government access smartphone messaging. 2015
article entitled Signal Keeps your iPhone Calls and Texts Safe from Government Spies, advised:
Don want someone else handing your text messages, pictures, video
phone conversations over the government? There app for that.
iOS app called Signal project out Open Whisper Systems, not-forprofit collective hackers dedicated making harder for prying government eyes get hold your information.
The use private encryption software such Signal federal officials and employees
not only would make difficult for their work overseen; also would make nearly
impossible for federal agencies fulfill their record-keeping and transparency obligations under the Federal Records and Freedom Information Acts. The Federal Records
Act requires federal employees preserve all records work-related communications government servers, even such communications occur over non-government emails,
phones text messages. The records must forwarded the agency for preservation
and archiving, and the records are subject release under the Freedom Information Act,
unless specifically exempted.
The Environmental Protection Agency has history employees failing preserve records and using private emails conduct agency business conducting official business
through non-official communications channels:
According September 20, 2016, report put out the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, which was based upon emails obtained under FOIA:
Moving select correspondence about EPA-related business non-official
email accounts was understood, deliberate and widespread practice the
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
Obama EPA.
According December 21, 2016, Inspector General Report, the EPA mobile
device-management processes not prevent employees from changing the device configuration settings for retaining text messages all government-issued
mobile devices. Apparently, least one EPA employee set his phone delete
messages automatically after days.
Although excluded from the body the report, the Inspector General reportedly told the chairman the House Committee Science, Space and Technology, Lamar Smith, who requested the investigation, that EPA officials archived
only text messages out 3.1 million messages sent and received agency
employees 2015.
Chairman Smith originally requested the report November 2014 after was
revealed that high-ranking EPA officials, including then-EPA Administrator Gina
McCarthy, may have deleted texts hide official business. deep-state bureaucrats begin using cell phones encrypted against their supervisors and
information-management personnel, matters will only get worse.
Sidestepping Congress. The Clean Power Plan, proposed the EPA after Congress defeated cap-and-trade legislation regulate green-house gas emissions 2009, another
example how the administrative Deep State operates and how surfaces make itself
available overreaching president sidestep Congress.
Judicial Watch has filed FOIA lawsuit against the EPA for records concerning the agency claim that the Clean Power Plan, announced President Barack Obama August
2015, would provide significant health benefits the American People (Judicial Watch,
Inc. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (No. 1:17-cv-01217)). The suit was filed
June 21, 2017 the U.S. District Court for the District Columbia after the EPA failed
respond May FOIA request seeking the following:
All internal emails other records explaining, requesting explanation of,
the EPA decision claim that the Clean Power Plan would prevent between
2,700 6,600 premature deaths 2030.
The Clean Power Plan, aimed cutting carbon emissions from existing power plants percent 2030, was touted the Obama administration not only way forestall
global warming but also means providing large health benefits the American
public. The Plan, first floated the EPA June 2014, was implemented Deep State
operatives through regulatory interpretation the Clean Air Act sidestep Congress after refused 2009 enact cap-and-trade legislation regulate greenhouse-gas emissions. March 28, President Trump outraged the Deep State signing executive order
directing the EPA begin the legal process withdrawing and rewriting the Clean Power
Plan, which, left place, would have closed hundreds coal-fired power plants, halted
construction new plants, increased reliance natural-gas-fired plants and shifted power
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
generation huge, new and problematic wind and solar farms. June President Trump also announced the United States would cease
participation the 2015 Paris Agreement climate change mitigation,
which caused high anxiety among Deep State environmental bureaucrats
inside the EPA and near hysteria among the outside agents influence and
some Members Congress. California Governor Jerry Brown called the
withdrawal misguided and insane course action, while the Sierra
Club described Trump decision one the most ignorant and dangerous actions ever taken any President. Democratic Congresswoman
Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accused Trump betraying his grandchildren and
dishonor[ing] the God who made us, and that just what doing
walking away from the [Paris] accord. law, the EPA must conduct cost-benefit analysis accompany each
new major regulation promulgates. The cost-benefit analysis produced Deep State partisans justify the regulations underlying the Clean
Power Plan claimed prevent thousands premature deaths each year
well reducing serious health complications the agency associated with
coal-fired generation plants. August 2015 press release announcing
the Plan, then-EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy claimed: 2030, the
net public health and climate-related benefits from the Clean Power Plan
are estimated worth $45 billion every year. deep-state
begin using
cell phones
against their
supervisors and
Deep State
will only get
According the EPA cost-benefit analysis:
From the soot and smog reductions alone, for every dollar invested through the
Clean Power Plan American families will see health benefits
The Clean Power Plan will significantly improve health avoiding each year:
3,600 premature deaths
1,700 heart attacks
90,000 asthma attacks
300,000 missed workdays and schooldays
Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, had this say about the lawsuit:
This lawsuit essential the public debate over President Trump decision withdraw and rewrite the Clean Power Plan. Critics Trump executive order contend that will forfeit wide-spread life-saving benefits
EPA scientists determined would result from the plan. Given that permanent EPA bureaucrats have long history understating the detrimental
economic costs and assuming unsubstantiated and extremely dubious
health benefits from the agency regulations, the public deserves see the
details the EPA cost-benefit analysis.
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
Propagandizing the American People. Propaganda staple the Deep State, notwithstanding the fact that patently illegal for government agencies propagandize the
American people. The Deep State actors inside EPA are masters the propaganda game.
That why Judicial Watch sued the EPA for records its use the social media platform
Thunderclap for alleged propaganda. December 2015 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report concluded the EPA
use Thunderclap send out messages boosting the Waters the United States rule
(also known the Clean Water Rule) constitutes covert propaganda and violates the
legal prohibition propaganda federal agency. Subsequently, Judicial Watch filed
FOIA request for:
All internal emails other records concerning project administration, management, assignment tasks related the EPA use the Thunderclap
social media platform.
When the EPA failed respond the FOIA request, Judicial Watch filed FOIA lawsuit June 21, 2017 against the agency for all the records. filed the suit the U.S. District Court for the District Columbia (Judicial Watch vs. U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency (No. 1:17-cv-01218)).
The 2015 GAO report found that the EPA reached 1.8 million social media users through
Thunderclap, which uses synchronized social media blast amplify message platforms such Twitter:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) violated publicity propaganda and anti-lobbying provisions contained appropriations acts with its use certain social media platforms association with its Waters the United
States (WOTUS) rulemaking fiscal years 2014 and 2015. Specifically, EPA
violated the publicity propaganda prohibition though its use platform
known Thunderclap that allows single message shared across multiple Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts the same time. EPA engaged
covert propaganda when the agency did not identify EPA role the creator
the Thunderclap message the target audience.
Federal agencies are permitted promote polices, but are prohibited from engaging
propaganda, which defined covert activity intended influence the American public.
Agencies are also prohibited from using federal resources conduct grass-roots lobbying prod the American public call Congress act pending legislation.
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton had this say about EPA illegal propagandizing and
the lawsuit:
The Obama EPA has checkered history transparency and accountability.
Judicial Watch wants the details the Obama EPA sketchy effort secretly
peddle propaganda protect its regulatory power grab. was recently reported that the Trump administration taking action repeal the Waters
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State the U.S. rule, Obama-era regulation that gave Washington broad powers over streams
and other small bodies water across the country.
Case Study The Internal Revenue Service
The IRS-Targeting Scandals. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) domestic tax-collection agency but also has morphed into deep-state, domestic intelligence operation,
which interfaces with other U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, both foreign
and domestic. How this symbiosis between the domestic and foreign arms the Deep
State works explored both this case study and Case Study The Intelligence
The domestic political-intelligence operation spearheaded the Obama IRS, conjunction with the White House and other agencies, such the Department Justice, the FBI,
the Labor Department and Health and Human Services, dwarfs and trivializes Nixon
The evidence irrefutable that the Obama administration weaponized the IRS obstruct
and punish political opponents who had organized themselves Tea Party groups. not open question.
Through litigation, Judicial Watch obtained thousands pages material detailing the
actions IRS official Lois Lerner and other Obama administration officials concerted
operation thwart the free expression political opposition and organizing guaranteed
the First Amendment.
Were there any criminal prosecutions for this outrageous abuse power and corruption?
No. Why? Because, the highly politicized FBI and Justice Department were complicit
the scheme. After all, flagrant violation federal law, the IRS transferred 1.25 million
taxpayer files the FBI they could thumb through them and look for anything interesting.
President Obama politicization the IRS weapon against his political opponents now well known, thanks Judicial Watch. But, IRS attacks the First Amendment stifling free speech and expression are just one example the IRS Deep State work.
The tax agency also colludes with other agencies the government undermine the rule law where the Fourth and Fifth Amendments are concerned.
IRS Colludes with Main Justice Department Officials and the FBI. Though the Deep
State may not monolithic, its operatives collude regular basis further their
subversive agenda. That what Judicial Watch uncovered when obtained Justice Department and IRS documents that include official DOJ Recap report detailing October
2010 meeting among Deep State zealot Lois Lerner, Justice Department officials and the
FBI plan for the possible criminal prosecution targeted nonprofit conservative organizations for alleged illegal political activity. (See Appendix A1.)
The records also reveal that Obama Main Justice Department Officials wanted IRS
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
employees who were going testify Congress turn over documents before
giving them Congress. Records also detail how the Obama IRS gave the FBI
computer disks, containing 1.25 million pages confidential IRS returns from 113,000
nonprofit, social 501(c)(4) welfare groups nearly every 501(c)(4) the United
States part its prosecution effort. According letter from then-House Oversight
Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, This
revelation likely means that the IRS including possibly Lois Lerner violated federal tax
law transmitting this information the Justice Department. (See Appendix A4.)
The documents were made public result court orders two Judicial Watch FOIA
lawsuits: Judicial Watch Internal Revenue Service (No. 1:14-cv-01956) and Judicial
Watch Department Justice (No. 1:14-cv-01239). (See Appendix A3.)
The October 11, 2010 DOJ Recap memo included the IRS documents released
Judicial Watch was sent Lerner and other top IRS officials IRS Exempt Organizations
Tax Law Specialist Siri Buller. explained what occurred October meeting with
representatives from the Department Justice Criminal Division Public Integrity Section and one representative from the FBI discuss the possible criminal prosecution
nonprofit organizations for alleged political activity.
Just prior this meeting, Deep State operatives the IRS began the process providing the
FBI confidential taxpayer information nonprofit groups. One IRS document confirms
the IRS supplied the FBI with disks containing 1.25 million pages taxpayer records
(see Appendix A2.):
FROM: Hamilton David
SENT: Tuesday, October 2010 2:49
TO: Whittaker Sherry [Director, Program Management], Blackwell Robert
SUBJECT: RE: Question
There are 113,000 returns from January 2007 now. Assuming they want all pages including redacted ones, that 1.25 million pages get started right away,
before the 10th when the monthly extracts start, can probably get done week
The DOJ documents also include July 16, 2013, email from undisclosed Justice Department official lawyer for IRS employees asking that the Obama administration get
information from congressional witnesses before Congress does (see Appendix A5.):
One last issue. any your clients have documents they are providing
Congress that you can (or would like to) provide before their testimony, would pleased receive them. are 6103 authorized and can connect you with TIGTA confirm; would like the unredacted documents.
Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton had this say about the IRS collusion with Main
Justice Department Officials and the FBI revealed these documents:
These new documents show that the Obama IRS scandal also Obama
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
DOJ and FBI scandal. The FBI and Justice Department worked with Lois Lerner and the IRS concoct some reason put President Obama opponents jail before his reelection. And, this abuse resulted the FBI illegally
obtaining confidential taxpayer information. How can the Justice Department
and FBI investigate the very scandal which they are implicated? April 16, 2014, Judicial Watch forced the IRS release documents revealing for
the first time that Lerner communicated with the Justice Department May 2013 about
whether was possible launch criminal prosecutions against targeted tax-exempt entities. The documents were obtained under court order October 2013 Judicial Watch
FOIA lawsuit filed against the IRS (Judicial Watch, Inc. Internal Revenue Service (No.
1:13-cv-01559)). Those documents contained email exchange between Lerner and
Nikole Flax, then-chief staff then-Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller
discussing plans work with the Justice Department prosecute nonprofit groups that
lied (Lerner quotation marks) about political activities. The exchange included May 2013, email Lerner (See Appendix A6.): got call today from Richard Pilger Director Elections Crimes Branch DOJ wanted know who IRS the DOJ folk [sic] could talk about Sen.
Whitehouse idea the hearing that DOJ could piece together false statement
cases about applicants who lied their 1024s [forms] saying they weren
planning doing political activity, and then turning around and making large
visible political expenditures. DOJ feeling like needs respond, but want talk the right folks IRS see whether there are impediments from our
side and what, any damage this might IRS programs. told him that
sounded like might need several folks from IRS
The House Oversight Committee followed these Judicial Watch disclosures with
hearings and interviews Pilger and his boss, Justice Department Public Integrity Chief
Jack Smith. Besides confirming the Justice Department 2013 communications with Lerner, Pilger admitted the committee that Justice officials met with Lerner October 2010.
Judicial Watch obtained new documents about these meetings December 2014 showing
the Obama Justice Department initiated outreach the IRS about prosecuting tax-exempt
entities. (See Appendix A7.)
Following Judicial Watch lead, the House also found out about the IRS transmittal the
confidential taxpayer information the FBI. Because this public disclosure, the FBI
was forced return the 1.25 million pages the IRS.
IRS Colludes with Department Health and Human Services. April Judicial
Watch uncovered additional Deep State collusion when filed FOIA lawsuit against
the IRS and the Department Health and Human Services (Judicial Watch Inc. Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Department Health and Human Services (No. 1:17-cv00615)) for records about the Deep State patently illegal sharing private taxpayer
information under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
The enormity this unlawful breach taxpayer privacy revealed September 21,
2016 letter IRS Commissioner John Koskinen sent Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA),
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
majority leader the U.S. House Representatives, which stated part: strongly object any action the Administration improperly use
sensitive taxpayer information identify and harass individuals who have
rejected the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) choosing pay tax rather than forced into health care plan they don need
and don want. One the most important responsibilities the Internal
Revenue Service (IRS) protect sensitive taxpayer information. Recent
reports have revealed that order prop the failing health insurance
exchanges created the ACA, the Administration planning conduct
outreach directly taxpayers who paid penalty under the law individual
mandate previous years. order facilitate this reported outreach, access confidential return information needed, which raises legal and privacy concerns. also demonstrates the extent which the Administration
willing use the power the IRS insert itself into the lives individuals
who have made legal and personal choice not purchase health plan. you are aware, the confidentiality tax returns and return information
protected law U.S.C. 6103. implausible that information
whether individual paid penalty relevant for determining ACA subsidy
eligibility the sole permitted use this confidential data under current law. reported the Washington Times:
Administration officials want use IRS files identify and contact the millions Americans who have refused sign for insurance and are instead paying the
individual mandate tax for going without coverage.
Officials say makes sense harness the IRS because the tax agency knows who
hasn signed and would good candidates for outreach.
IRS officials insisted they wouldn share any private information with other agencies but said they didn see any problems helping sell Obamacare sending
letters holdouts.
This particular mailing consistent with our practices and the tax administration
requirements set forth the law, the IRS said statement about its plans.
Once again, there unambiguous evidence that the Obama administration misused willing Deep State operatives within the IRS commit unlawful acts, this time promote its
ill-fated health care scheme.
Case Study Outside Organizations, Inside Operations
The Soros Army. Judicial Watch filed Freedom Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit
against the U.S. Department State and the U.S. Agency for International Development
(USAID) for records relating their funding the political activities the Soros Open
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
Society Foundation Albania (Judicial Watch U.S. Department State
and the U.S. Agency for International Development (No. 1:17-cv-01012)).
The lawsuit was filed May 26, 2017 the U.S. District Court for the
District Columbia after both State and USAID failed respond identical March 31, 2017, FOIA requests seeking:
All records relating any contracts, grants other allocations/
disbursements funds the State Department (USAID)
the Foundation Open Society Albania (FOSA) and/or its
personnel and/or any FOSA subsidiaries. Such records shall include, but not limited proposals, contracts, requests for
funding, payment authorizations, invoices, and similar budget
records, well any and all related records communication
between State Department officials, employees, representatives and officials, employees, representative the U.S.
Agency for International Development.
All records communication between any officials, employees representatives the State Department (USAID), including
but not limited U.S. Ambassador Donald Lu, and any officials, employees representatives Foundation Open Society Albania, its subsidiaries and/or affiliated organizations. unambiguous
that the Obama
misused willing
Deep State
operatives within
the IRS commit
unlawful acts,
this time
promote its illfated health care
All assessments, evaluations, reports similar records relating the work Foundation Open Society Albania and/or its subsidiaries affiliated
All records communications transmitted via the State Department SMART
system sent from any employee the U.S. Government operating under
the authority the Chief Mission Tirana that pertain Foundation Open
Society Albania, its subsidiaries and/or affiliated organizations. March 14, 2017 letter Secretary State Rex Tillerson, six U.S. Senators (Sens.
Lee (R-UT), Inhofe (R-OK), Tillis (R-NC), Cruz (R-TX), Perdue (R-GA) and Cassidy
(R-LA)) called the secretary investigate the relations between USAID and the Soros Foundations and how U.S. tax dollars are being used the State Department and the
USAID support left-of-center political groups who seek impose left-leaning policies countries such Macedonia and Albania. the letter, the senators reference USAID funding Soros activities Macedonia and
then cite similar activities Albania:
Much the concerning activity Macedonia has been perpetuated through USAID funds awarded implement entities such George Soros Open Society
Foundations. the recipient multiple grant awards and serving USAID
contractor implementing projects this small nation 2.1 million people, our taxpayer funded foreign aid goes far, allowing Foundation Open Society Macedonia
(FOSM) push progressive agenda and invigorate the political left
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
This problem not limited Macedonia, but appears follow pattern alarming activity this volatile region. Respected leaders from Albania have made
similar claims diplomats and Soros-backed organizations pushing for certain
political outcomes their country. Foundation Open Society Albania (FOSA)
and its experts, with funding from USAID, have created the controversial Strategy
Document for Albanian Judicial Reform. Some leaders believe that these reforms
are ultimately aimed give the Prime Minister and left-of-center government full
control over judiciary power.
Soros association with the State Department Albania goes back least 2011 when
Soros urged Hillary Clinton take action Albania over recent demonstrations the
capital Tirana. Fox News reported August 17, 2016 that:
Newly leaked emails and other files from billionaire George Soros web organizations are shedding light the liberal powerbroker extensive influence
political and diplomatic affairs.
One email chain shows the Wall Street titan 2011 personally wrote then-Secretary State Hillary Clinton, urging intervention Albania political unrest.
Within days, envoy recommended was dispatched the region. May 2016, USAID announced that was providing million for its Justice for All
project Albania improve the performance Albanian courts introducing comprehensive judicial standards for efficiency, transparency, accessibility, and accountability.
According the announcement, the project will implemented USAID Contractor
East-West Management Institute (EWMI). According EWMI 2011 financial report, has received funding from the Soros Economic Development Fund: loans
About Soros and the Judicial Watch Albania lawsuit, President, Tom Fitton said:
This Judicial Watch second FOIA lawsuit uncover the truth about the scandal Obama administration siphoning tax dollars the Soros operations Europe. hope and expect the Trump administration finally let the sunlight this
growing controversy.
Preceding the Albania lawsuit, April 19, 2017, Judicial Watch filed the other FOIA lawsuit against the Department State and USAID for records and communications relating the funding and political activities the Foundation Open Society Macedonia ((Judicial Watch U.S. Department State and the U.S. Agency for International Development
(No. 1:17-cv-00729)). February, Judicial Watch reported:
The U.S. government has quietly spent millions taxpayer dollars destabilize
the democratically elected, center-right government Macedonia colluding
with leftwing billionaire philanthropist George Soros, records obtained Judicial
Watch show. Barack Obama U.S. Ambassador Macedonia, Jess Baily, has
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
worked behind the scenes with Soros Open Society Foundation funnel large
sums American dollars for the cause, constituting interference the U.S.
Ambassador domestic political affairs violation the Vienna Convention
Diplomatic Relations.
Here how the clandestine operation functions, according high-level sources Macedonia and the U.S. that have provided Judicial Watch with records part ongoing investigation. The Open Society Foundation has established and
funded dozens leftwing, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) Macedonia overthrow the conservative government. One Macedonian government official
interviewed Judicial Watch Washington D.C. recently, calls the Soros
infantry. The groups organize youth movements, create influential media outlets
and organize violent protests undermine the institutions and policies implemented the government. One Soros groups funded the translation and publication Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals into Macedonian. The book tactical manual subversion, provides direct advice for radical street protests and proclaims
Lucifer the first radical. Thanks Obama ambassador, who has not been
replaced President Trump, Uncle Sam keeps the money flowing the groups
can continue operating and recruiting, sources Macedonia and the U.S. confirm.
Case Study The Intelligence/Law-Enforcement Community
Overview. The most chilling acts the Deep State are occurring inside the intelligence
and law-enforcement branches the United States Government the National Security
Agency (NSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau Investigation
(FBI), particular.
Data recently made available the Office the Director National Intelligence (ODNI) its 2016 Statistical Transparency Report, for example, reveal that during 2016, intelligence/law-enforcement agency bureaucrats significantly expanded efforts under Section
702 the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) tap into NSA surveillance
intercepts for information about Americans vacuumed incidentally the surveillance foreigners.
The law requires that the names Americans caught the surveillance dragnet must
masked (e.g., identified as, say, U.S. Person One rather than name) and that information acquired from the electronic surveillance these Americans must subject strict
minimization requirements regarding how that information may used and disclosed the government. Minimization the legal jargon for constraints placed upon the
government ability retain, use and disclose non-relevant, private information collected
legally. (See Appendix A8.1 A8.6.)
Yet, intelligence and law-enforcement agents searched the NSA database for Americans
name tens thousands times and then unmasked thousands the names and distributed them across government agencies, such the IRS and FBI 2016, direct violation
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State the law. reports: all, government officials conducted 30,355 searches 2016 seeking information
about Americans NSA intercept metadata, which include telephone numbers and
email addresses. The activity amounted 27.5 percent increase over the prior
year and more than triple the 9,500 such searches that occurred 2013, the first
year such data was [sic] kept.
The searches ultimately resulted 3,134 NSA intelligence reports with unredacted
U.S. names being distributed across government 2016, and another 3,354 reports 2015. About half the time, U.S. identities were unredacted the original reports
while the other half were unmasked after the fact special request Obama administration officials. (Emphasis added.)
Table reveals the dramatic spike targeted agency searches the NSA database for
Americans who were incidentally caught the NSA surveillance dragnet and disclosures their identities during Barack Obama second term.
NSA Activity
Number names searched contents actual intercepts
Number searhes names intercept metadata
Number NSA intel reports with names Americans exposed
198  4,672  5,288
9,500  17,500  23,800  30,355  3,354  3,134
Source: Compiled from ODNI data make matters worse, the ODNI data are missing information from one the largest
consumers NSA intelligence, the FBI, which has direct access the NSA database.
Officials acknowledge that the number searches and unmaskings likely much
higher when the FBI activity included. The FBI has the ability not only unmask the
names Americans collected under FISA, but also distribute those names other intelligence community professionals and policymakers although has failed provide data the frequency such unmaskings which agencies providing the identities.
The Obama-Comey FBI came for particular criticism FISA judge March 2017
Memorandum and Order, declassified April 26, 2017. (See Appendix A8.3 and A8.6.)
According the document, the FBI searches NSA surveillance intercepts are
wide-ranging and indiscriminate there requirement that the matter serious one
nor that have any relation national security.
The FISA court judge expressed particular concern about the heavily politicized FBI
flouting minimization rules, especially for giving government contractors improper access FISA-acquired data, which, she said, seems have been the result deliberate decisionmaking [sic]:
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
The Court concerned about the FBI apparent disregard minimization rules
and whether the FBI may engaging similar disclosures raw Section 702
information that have not been reported. reports that:
Other statistics from the Statistical Transparency Report Regarding Use National
Security Authority for 2016 the third such report issued the ODNI reveal the
ever-expanding nature other surveillance the NSA and other agencies under
the provisions the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The number
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) probable cause orders issued per
year has stayed relatively steady, with 1,559 orders issued FISC applying
estimated 1,687 targets 336 whom are persons. However, the total number targets tracked through Internet surveillance and other means under FISA
Section 702 has steadily climbed well beyond that, reaching total 106,469
tracked individuals 2016. (Emphasis added)
Weaponizing Intelligence. Important elements the political right inside the Republican Party establishment loathe Donald Trump; much that, will seen later this
Special Report, was from Republicans within the so-called Never Trump faction
the GOP not from the camps any his primary opponents that money was raised
hire former British spy compile dossier Trump and his associates, complete with
unsubstantiated, salacious personal and business accusations, tailor-made extortion and
blackmail material. course, many people the political left also loathe the new president, especially Hillary Clinton partisans who cannot accept her loss Trump gracefully. Finally, both Republicans and Democrats within the foreign-policy status-quo camp oppose Trump well.
Thus, without the need for conspiracy coordination, there appears particular type coup tat underway, what Judicial Watch Director Investigations Chris Farrell calls soft coup: soft coup coordinated effort delegitimize undermine lawfully elected official.
Taken from the French phrase coup tat, which translates strike the
State coup may violent not. the latter case, soft coup. Traditionally, soft coups are the stuff Latin American political conspiracy theories and
paperback novels.
Soft coups include actions senior government officials refusing carry out their
roles critical tasks, otherwise acting opposition the letter spirit the
law diminish remove facto power from those who would otherwise legally
wield it.
*** 2017, propaganda powerful tool for shaping public opinion. Politicized
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
news media can complicit the scheme the soft coup engaging false
and misleading reporting, acting the propaganda arm the political opposition.
Suppose the news media advanced false narrative sensationalize and controversialize government official. What about unsourced whispering campaigns?
Sound familiar? should. time ask yourself some questions:
Have you seen marked increase supposed news stories attributed
anonymous sources? How about references multiple, purportedly confirming
anonymous sources? Anonymous sources can important and used legitimately but not exclusively. After all, one might think you just making
things advance your own agenda.
Have you seen news reports corrected follow-on reporting disclaiming earlier reports?
What about claims files, dossiers and secret meetings? Have they eventually
been discredited exposed false?
Have you detected new and sudden fervor aggressive interviewing styles
from talking heads who otherwise were cheerfully complacent, busy acting stenographers? you see certain words and expressions repeated reporting? How many
times have you seen the words chaos chaotic used different reporters any number news stories? presidential candidate, Donald Trump struck all the sensitive nerves those operating the Deep State and sent tremors through them. called NATO obsolete. criticized Europeans for freeloading the United States for defense. urged better relations
with Russia and opposed risking war over the countries Georgia and Ukraine.
called the Iraq war mistake, said the Afghanistan war was complete waste, called
both wars dumb wars. And said was time come home. warned President Obama, not attack Syria. There upside and tremendous downside, and said the U.S. should stay the hell out Syria and let Russia
fight ISIS Syria; said cannot the policeman the world. said love
Wikileaks while the CIA director calls Wikileaks foreign intelligence service.
suggested talking North Korea Kim Jong-un lower tensions between the two countries and questioned the nature the alliance with South Korea. questioned America
defense commitments and close alliance with the oil-rich Saudis, who foster terrorism their pursuit spreading Wahhabism. rejected globalism, pledged pull out
the Paris global warming agreement and advocated return America-first policies.
threatened pull out the World Trade Organization and called the North American Free
Trade Agreement (NAFTA) the single worst trade deal ever signed this country.
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
What better way, then, for those the Deep State who fear and loathe
President Trump stoke fear and paranoia both within the Trump inner
circle and the American public the boiling point and whip perfect
storm public opposition blow away sitting president than create Russian boogey bear intent undermining American democracy and
restoring the Russian Empire any means possible and then accuse the
president colluding with the Russians their sinister efforts? And, who
better than the malcontents the Deep-State intelligence community
use techniques the Soviets first labeled active measures during the Cold
War manufacture propaganda and manipulate the fear and loathing
Trump orchestrate just such perfect storm? ask the question, Who stoking the soft coup, answer it: Deep
State actors working concert with outside agents influence and the
media who fear and loathe what Trump professed stand for during the
presidential campaign. They have the means and methods and the proven
techniques delegitimize and destabilize regimes abroad; why not home? presidential
Donald Trump
struck all
the sensitive
nerves those
operating the
Deep State and
sent tremors
through them. Chris Farrell pointed out Episode Complicity Negligence
Domestic Political Espionage his weekly video-cast Watch:
With great irony, the American Left keeps crying wolf over Russia. few weeks back dissected their false and misleading claims
segment called The So-called Hack encourage you back and view that
episode. Russia has run Active Measures Campaigns against the United States
since 1917 sometimes with the active, witting assistance people like New York
Times reporter Walter Duranty and Senator Ted Kennedy. frank
done the same thing run various influence operations around the globe encourage assist various political factions. There nothing new under the sun.
Through all the smoke, deflections and distractions keep your eye the ball
concerning the Deep State criminal abuse national intelligence collection platforms and systems spy their political opponents. There been nothing even
remotely like the history our country. not just abuse individual rights abuse the power the government and crime against the Constitution. The story will frustratingly slow develop, because many government were either complicit negligent
allowing happen.
The Case General Flynn. The first active measures come light taken destabilize and delegitimize the new Trump administration began during the transition period,
even before Mr. Trump was inaugurated. November 18, 2016, Trump announced would appoint retired United States Army
Lieutenant General Michael Flynn his national security advisor. January 23, 2017,
just three days after Trump inauguration, CNN reported that the Obama administration
had been investigating Flynn late-December communications with Russian Ambassador
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
Sergey Kislyak. Unnamed intelligence and law enforcement officials (i.e., Deep State
leakers) told CNN that Flynn calls were intercepted through routine U.S. eavesdropping
targeting the Russian diplomats and the officials all stressed that far there has been
determination any wrongdoing. February 13, Trump asked for Flynn resignation the grounds that, although the
talks Flynn had with Ambassador Kislyak were perfectly legal and legitimate, lied about
them Vice President Pence, and consequently Trump lost confidence him. Read Politico rendition the firing and then compare Farrell exposition above about how soft coup works: Monday [Feb. 13] night, Trump had made his first big staff shake-up, causing
chaos nascent presidency and raising further questions about the president
ability handle national security matters the first month his tenure.
Trump became increasingly convinced that the question Flynn contact with
Russia wasn going away. His top aides and advisers distrusted Flynn, according senior White House officials and others who spoke with Trump, and Trump was
concerned that the intelligence and national security community would always
oppose Flynn, sources said.
Two people close Trump said that many Trump world had turned Flynn
and used the latest story try and drive him out. Others Trump immediate
circle wondered why Trump kept defending him.
Immediately after CNN revelation, Judicial Watch filed FOIA request with the Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA), the United States Department Justice and the Department
Treasury regarding records related the investigation General Flynn communications
with Ambassador Kislyak, specifically:
Any and all records regarding, concerning, related the investigation
retired Gen. Michael Flynn communications with Russian Ambassador
the United States Sergey Kislyak between October 2016 and the present. March 16, Judicial Watch filed FOIA lawsuit (Judicial Watch Central Intelligence
Agency al. (No.1:17-cv-00397)) against the three agencies because they failed respond the January FOIA request. (The National Security Agency refused confirm deny the existence intelligence records about communications between Gen. Flynn
and Amb Kislyak.) press release announcing the lawsuit, Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, cut
through the distracting leaks and innuendo swirling the media and Washington salons
when said:
President Trump something. The Obama-connected wiretapping and illegal
leaks classified material concerning President Trump and General Flynn are
scandal. Judicial Watch aims get the truth about these crimes and hope the
Trump administration stands with the fight for transparency.
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
The Deep State Onslaught Continues. Some five months after CNN acted the Deep
State transmission belt passing along the public intelligence-community/law-enforcement leaks the Flynn investigation, now confirmed that during the 2016 presidential
campaign and afterwards, substantial number communications Trump associates (and
perhaps Trump himself) were swept the Section-702 surveillance conducted U.S.
intelligence agencies and perhaps more directly through least one FISA court warrant
allowing the FBI monitor Trump and some his associates directly.
Although there was widespread scorn heaped Trump for suggesting the Obama White
House was wiretapping him, now clear that Obama allies within the Deep State
went considerable trouble obtain FISA warrants U.S. persons that would clear
away any legal hurdles the government conducting surveillance Trump communications directly, without the need rely simply scooping incidental communications that might caught the FISA-Section-702 dragnet. November the day before the 2016 presidential election, Heat Street ran story, little
remarked upon elsewhere the U.S. media except the Washington Times, reporting that:
Two separate sources with links the counter-intelligence community have confirmed Heat Street that the FBI sought, and was granted, FISA court warrant
October, giving counter-intelligence permission examine the activities U.S.
persons Donald Trump campaign with ties Russia.
Contrary earlier reporting the New York Times, which cited FBI sources
saying that the agency did not believe that the private server Donald Trump
Trump Tower, which was connected Russian bank, had any nefarious purpose,
the FBI counter-intelligence arm, sources say, re-drew earlier FISA court request around possible financial and banking offenses related the server. The first
request, which, sources say, named Trump, was denied back June, but the second
was drawn more narrowly and was granted October after evidence was presented server, possibly related the Trump campaign, and its alleged links two
banks; SVB Bank and Russia Alfa Bank. While the Times story speaks metadata, sources suggest that FISA warrant was granted look the full content
emails and other related documents that may concern persons.
The FISA warrant was granted connection with the investigation suspected
activity between the server and two banks, SVB Bank and Alfa Bank. However, thought the intelligence community that the warrant covers any person
connected this investigation, and thus covers Donald Trump and least three
further men who have either formed part his campaign acted his media
surrogates. The warrant was sought, they say, because actionable intelligence
the matter provided friendly foreign agencies could not properly examined
without warrant intelligence involves Persons who come under
the remit the FBI and not the CIA. Should counter-intelligence investigation
lead criminal prosecutions, sources say, the Justice Department concerned that
the chain evidence have basis clear warrant. (Emphasis added.)
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State March 22, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) confirmed
writing, and the press, that the Obama Administration Deep State operatives conducted
the following activities against President-Elect Trump and his team between November
2016 and January 2017: numerous occasions, the Intelligence Community incidentally collected
information about U.S. citizens involved the Trump transition.
Details about U.S. persons associated with the incoming Trump administration details with little apparent foreign intelligence value were widely
disseminated throughout the government, and apparently leaked Obama
administration allies the media. Those leaks are felonies.
Names Trump transition team members were unmasked their identities
revealed and circulated again, more felonies.
None this surveillance was related Russia any investigation Russian
activities the Trump team.
Prior Nunes confirmation active measures taken against Trump the Obama administration, March former Obama Deputy Assistant Secretary Defense, Evelyn
Farkas, confirmed MSNBC that not only was the previous administration collecting
intelligence the Trump team, also was attempting share that information (some
classified) far and wide possible: was urging former colleagues and, frankly speaking, the people the Hill,
was more actually aimed telling the Hill people, get much information you
can, get much intelligence you can, before President Obama leaves the administration.
This raises the question: How was Farkas, mere deputy assistant secretary defense,
able see classified surveillance information the Trump team? And, more importantly,
were Obama Deep States agents illegally sharing this classified information around town?
The former question was answered when reported that Obama signed
unprecedented executive order the final days his presidency, allowing agencies,
addition the CIA, NSA and FBI, view classified material swept the 702 dragnet. This executive order resulted top Obama aides routinely reviewing intelligence
reports gleaned from the National Security Agency incidental intercepts Americans
abroad. March the New York Times foreshadowed what Deputy Assistant Secretary Defense
Farkas would admit day later MSNBC, when revealed the Obama Administration
spread information about alleged Russian efforts undermine the 2016 presidential election.
The Times reported the State Department sent cache documents marked secret Senator Benjamin Cardin (D-MD) just days before Trump January inauguration:
There was also effort pass reports and other sensitive materials Congress. one instance, the State Department sent cache documents marked secret Senator Benjamin Cardin Maryland days before the Jan. inauguration. The
documents, detailing Russian efforts intervene elections worldwide, were sent
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State response request from Mr. Cardin, the top Democrat the Foreign Relations
Committee, and were shared with Republicans the panel.
Subsequently, May Judicial Watch filed FOIA lawsuit against the U.S. Department State for all records provided State Senator Benjamin Cardin office related
alleged Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election. The lawsuit was filed
the U.S. District Court for the District Columbia (Judicial Watch U.S. Department
State (No. 1:17-cv-00852)).
Judicial Watch filed the suit after the State Department failed respond March
2017, FOIA request seeking:
All records provided any official, employee, representative the Department State Senator Ben Cardin, any member his staff, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and/or any Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff member
regarding, concerning, related efforts the Russian Government affect,
manipulate, influence any election the United States any foreign country
from November 2016 present.
About the Cardin episode and the Judicial Watch lawsuit, Judicial Watch President, Tom
Fitton said:
Did the Obama State Department improperly share classified information with
Democrat Senator part anti-Trump scheme? Needless say, the Senate
won investigating Senator Cardin role any potential violations law but
Judicial Watch going federal court just that.
Who Unmasked Whom? Here are the questions that must answered about unmasking
the identities Americans caught incidentally surveillance foreigners:
Who was aware what was going on?
Why was not disclosed Congress?
Who requested and authorized the unmasking?
Who directed the intelligence community focus Trump associates?
With respect the question who unmasked/authorized the identities Americans
swept the NSA Section-702 dragnet, now apparent that former Obama National
Security Advisor Susan Rice was the center the operation. April Bloomberg
White House lawyers last month learned that the former national security adviser
Susan Rice requested the identities U.S. persons raw intelligence reports
dozens occasions that connect the Donald Trump transition and campaign,
according U.S. officials familiar with the matter.
*** February [White House Senior Director for Intelligence] Cohen-Watnick discovered Rice multiple requests unmask U.S. persons intelligence reports
that related Trump transition activities. brought this the attention the
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
White House General Counsel office, who reviewed more Rice requests and
instructed him end his own research into the unmasking policy. confirm Rice role the unmasking and dissemination Americans identities,
April Judicial Watch submitted FOIA request the National Security Council (NSC)
Any and all requests for information, analyses, summaries, assessments, transcripts, similar records submitted any Intelligence Community member agency any
official, employee, representative thereof former National Security Advisor
Susan Rice regarding, concerning, related the following:
Any actual suspected effort the Russian government any individual acting behalf the Russian government influence otherwise interfere with
the 2016 presidential election.
The alleged hacking computer systems utilized the Democratic National
Committee and/or the Clinton presidential campaign.
Any actual suspected communication between any member the Trump presidential campaign transition team and any official employee the Russian
government any individual acting behalf the Russian government.
The identities U.S. citizens associated with the Trump presidential campaign
transition team who were identified pursuant intelligence collection activities.  Any and all records responses received former National Security Advisor Susan Rice and/or any member, employee, staff member, representative the National Security Council response any request described part this request.  Any and all records communication between any official, employee,
representative the Department any Intelligence Community member
agency and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice and/or any member, employee, staff member, representative the National Security
Council regarding, concerning, related any request described Part this request.
The NSC response? The NSC will not fulfill the Judicial Watch request because all the
responsive records have been removed the Obama Presidential Library and law will
remain locked and unavailable the public for five years. (See Appendix A9.)
Subsequently, May 25, Judicial Watch sued the Department Justice and the NSA for
information about Rice communications with the two agencies concerning the alleged
Russian involvement the 2016 presidential election, the hacking DNC computers, the
suspected communications between Russia and Trump campaign/transition officials and
the Deep State unmasking the identities any U.S. citizens associated with the Trump
presidential campaign transition team who were identified pursuant intelligence
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
collection activities (Judicial Watch U.S. Department Justice and
National Security Administration (No. 1:17-cv-01002)). This case still
About the unmasking scandal, Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, had
this say: want know about the Obama White House involvement
the unprecedented spying Donald Trump and other political
opponents. This intelligence operation may have led the illegal
unmasking Americans and the leaking intelligence information foment the story Russian hacking the DNC and
sinister Russian influence Trump and his associates. The Trump
administration has opportunity expose what the Obama White
House was to.
The Trump
dossier was
funded initially anti-Trump
and later
The Trump Dossier. comprehend the full scope, enormity and depravity the Deep State intelligence operations against Trump, instructive dig into the allegations that the active measures taken against Trump
and his team went well beyond merely the misuse signals surveillance
information gathered incidentally spying the communications
The so-called Trump dossier, for example, was written former British MI6 intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, who allegedly was commissioned initially anti-Trump
Republicans part their opposition research during the Republican presidential
primaries. According the Telegraph:
Mr. Steele, the co-founder London-based Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd,
prepared 35-page document that alleges the Kremlin colluded with Mr. Trump
presidential campaign and that the Russian security services have material that
could used blackmail him, including allegation that paid prostitutes
defile bed that had been slept Barack and Michelle Obama.
His research was initially funded anti-Trump Republicans, and later
Although Steele work reportedly was funded initially anti-Trump Republicans, after was clear Trump was going the Republican presidential nominee, the Republican
money dried and Steele was hired unidentified Democratic clients continue
opposition research Trump.
Throughout Steele involvement building dossier Trump and his associates, Deep
State leaks about the existence the dossier and the nature its contents percolated
through political, intelligence and law-enforcement circles and the media. January 2017, according the New York Times:
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
James Clapper Jr., the director national intelligence, issued statement decrying leaks about the matter and saying Mr. Steele dossier that the intelligence
agencies have not made any judgment that the information this document
reliable. Mr. Clapper suggested that intelligence officials had nonetheless shared give policy makers the fullest possible picture any matters that might affect
national security. (Emphasis added.) picture now emerges how anti-Trump opposition research, consisting unverified
sources and unsubstantiated accusations paid for anti-Trump factions within both
political parties and the author that material himself were used least one U.S.
intelligence/law-enforcement agency (the FBI) justify intelligence operations against
Trump under the guise investigation. April 28, 2017, the Guardian reported that memos written Steele were passed
Senator John McCain (R-AZ) who then handed over copy them then-FBI Director
James Comey December 2016. The Guardian goes on:
The Steele dossier was referred intelligence briefing provided the FBI
and intelligence agencies Obama and Trump January. Comey has confirmed that counter-intelligence investigations are under way into possible links
between Trump associates and Moscow, and CNN has reported that the FBI used
the dossier bolster its investigations. (Emphasis added.) January 10, 2017, the 35-page Trump dossier was made public BuzzFeed following report that day CNN stating President Obama was presented classified documents alleging Russian Intelligence had compromising personal and financial information about
Trump. Although the intelligence agencies receipt the dossier admit that sources
and accusations have not been verified, the Washington Post reported February 28,
2017 that:
The former British spy who authored controversial dossier behalf Donald
Trump political opponents alleging ties between Trump and Russia reached
agreement with the FBI few weeks before the election for the bureau pay him continue his work, according several people familiar with the arrangement.
(Emphasis added.)
Before the Steele/FBI money deal could consummated, however, BuzzFeed published
the material, and the FBI promptly ceased discussions with Steele.
But that did not end the FBI entanglement with Steele and his dossier. March 30,
2017, the BBC Paul Wood reported:
The FBI using the explosive but unverified collection memos detailing allegations collusion between President Donald Trump campaign team and Russia roadmap for its investigation into Russia interference the 2016 presidential
The same day, Vanity Fair reported that the summer 2016, Steele had settled
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
plan covert action involving the FBI:
The F.B.I. Eurasian Joint Organized Crime Squad Move Over, Mafia, the
bureau P.R. machine crowed after the unit had been created was particularly
gung-ho team with whom Steele had done some heady things the past. And
the course their successful collaboration, the hard-driving F.B.I. agents and the
former frontline spy evolved into chummy mutual-admiration society. (Emphasis
added.) was only natural, then, that when began mulling whom turn to, Steele
thought about his tough-minded friends the Eurasian [FBI] squad. And fortuitously, discovered, his scheme took solid operational commitment, that
one the agents was now assigned the bureau office Rome. early August
[2016], copy his first two memos were shared with the F.B.I. man Rome. chummy were Steele and the FBI Deep State operatives that the Bureau was willing pay him continue his work, until, that is, the whole sordid affair became public. effort get the bottom the Trump dossier, Judicial Watch filed FOIA lawsuit May against the U.S. Department Justice for records communications and
payments between the FBI and former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele and
his private firm, Orbis Business Intelligence (Judicial Watch U.S. Department Justice
(No. 1:17-cv-00916)).
The suit was filed after the Department Justice failed respond March 2017,
FOIA request seeking:
All records communications between any official, employee, representative the FBI and Mr. Christopher Steele, former British intelligence officer
and the owner the private firm Orbis Business Intelligence.
All records related the proposed, planned, actual payment any funds
Mr. Steele and/or Orbis Business Intelligence.
All records produced preparation for, during, pursuant any meetings telephonic conversations between any official, employee, representative the Federal Bureau Investigation and Mr. Christopher Steele and/or any
employee representative Orbis Business Intelligence.
CNN and many other news organizations refused publish the Trump dossier because they
had not independently corroborated the specific allegations, and former Director National Intelligence James Clapper reportedly said couldn corroborate the sourcing, particularly the second and third order sources. According Fox News, despite Clapper disclaimer, former FBI Director James Comey insisted that the dossier included January
intelligence report alleged Russian meddling the U.S. election. (Emphasis added.)
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
Here what Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, said about the Trump dossier:
The so-called Trump dossier the center the anti-Trump Russian collusion
and conspiracy theory. disconcerting that the Obama FBI and Justice Department trafficked this document and evidently used justify unprecedented surveillance the Trump team. Our new lawsuit seeks expose the truth about this
dossier. Maybe with new leadership the FBI, finally get some answers.
Comey Involvement and Appointment Robert Mueller Special Counsel. After
months active measures being taken against the Trump transition quietly from within the
Obama White House, with the help the intelligence/law-enforcement community, all began breaking into the open January 23. Three days after Trump inauguration, CNN broke
the story that the Obama Administration had been investigating Flynn communications with
Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, going back least far late December, 2016. January 26, 2017, Obama hold-over and then-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates
informed the Trump White House that Flynn public statements were odds with intelligence intercepts Flynn private conversations with the Russian ambassador and suggested Flynn was potential Kremin blackmail target. According the Washington Post,
Yates and other Obama officials had been digging into NSA intercepts Flynn since
least December, 2016, after which the Obama administration, December 29, announced
sanctions punish Russia for what said was the Kremlin interference the election attempt help Trump.
According the Post account, Yates, then-Director National Intelligence James
Clapper and then-CIA head John Brennan argued for briefing the incoming administration
about results the Obama administration fishing expedition Flynn the new president could decide how handle the matter. Then-FBI Director James Comey argued
for withholding the information from the new president, citing concerns that could complicate the Bureau investigation. part Judicial Watch efforts get the bottom the Obama administration targeting and unmasking scandal, filed FOIA lawsuit against the U.S. Department
Justice for emails former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates from her government
account. The lawsuit was filed the U.S. District Court for the District Columbia (Judicial Watch U.S. Department Justice (No. 1:17-cv-00832)).
The suit was filed after the Justice Department failed respond February 2017, FOIA
request seeking access Yates emails between January 21, 2017, and January 31, 2017.
Ms. Yates was appointed President Obama U.S. Attorney northern Georgia and
was later confirmed Deputy Attorney General under President Obama. January 2017,
she became acting Attorney General for President Trump. January 30, Yates, who remained Obama holdover the new Trump administration, ordered Deep State partisans within the Justice Department not defend President
Trump January executive order seeking travel ban from seven Middle Eastern countries. That same day, President Trump fired her for refusing defend the action.
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
About Sally Yates and the Judicial Watch lawsuit, President Tom Fitton said:
Between her involvement the Russian surveillance scandal and her lawless effort thwart President Trump immigration executive order, Sally Yates short tenure
the acting Attorney General was remarkably troubling. Her email traffic might provide window into how the anti-Trump Deep State abused the Justice Department. February 14, the day after Flynn resigned his job national security advisor, President
Trump met with then-FBI director James Comey. was this meeting that Comey claims have memorialized memo written that same day, which accused Trump
asking him during the meeting shut down the Flynn investigation. Trump categorically
denied did, and the White House issued statement stating, the president has never
asked Mr. Comey anyone else end any investigation, including any investigation
involving General Flynn.
One news outlet, clearly working from information passed from someone inside Deep
State FBI corridors, headlined June story, senior FBI officials can vouch for Comey story about Trump; Sources: McCabe, Rybicki, and Baker could corroborate the ex-director claims that the president asked him back off investigating Michael Flynn. The
story recounts how:
One one this winter, then-FBI Director James Comey pulled aside three
the bureau top officials for private chats. calm tones, told each them
about private Oval Office meeting with President Trump during which, Comey
alleged, the president pressed him shut down the federal criminal investigation Trump then-national security adviser, Michael Flynn.
This story may true, right down the atmospheric flourishes, but hardly vouches
for corroborates the ex-director claims; merely uses third parties, who have
first-hand knowledge, transmit hear-say accusations passed them the accuser
Finally, May President Trump fired James Comey head the FBI. Trump
letter termination Comey, the president explained that reached the conclusion that
Comey not able effectively lead the bureau. went on, essential that
find new leadership for the FBI that restores public trust and confidence its vital law
enforcement mission.
Trump later elaborated interview with NBC Lester Holt:
Look, showboat. grandstander. The FBI has been turmoil. You
know that, know that, everybody knows that. You take look the FBI year
ago, was virtual turmoil less than year ago. hasn recovered from that. week after Comey dismissal, May with the Russia-Trump conspiracy narrative now planted firmly the minds the public and Members Congress the Justice
Department suddenly felt compelled appoint special counsel investigate the Russia
tale. None other than Robert Mueller, the former FBI director under President George
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
Bush and Barack Obama and Comey predecessor and ally the FBI was appointed
special counsel investigate alleged Russian interference the 2016 presidential election
and purported collusion between Trump campaign and Moscow. Comey and Mueller
were professionally close and became personal friends while Comey served deputy
attorney general under President Bush during Mueller tenure head the FBI.
Comey admitted testimony before the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee June
that arranged for the memo about his February meeting with Trump leaked
the media through third party the hope prompting independent investigation
Trump. Comey old comrade arms and friend Robert Mueller, then settled the
role special counsel, promptly seized the opportunity, using Comey accusatory memo justification expand his investigation beyond the confines the Russia probe
include obstruction justice the president. Less than week after Comey testimony,
the Washington Post ran story headlined, Special counsel investigating Trump for
possible obstruction justice, officials say.
And so, the Deep State swamp creatures Washington, who fear and loathe Donald
Trump have gamed the system through active measures and propaganda effort
sow discord among Trump inner circle, shake the confidence the American people
their president and destabilize and delegitimize Trump administration. This illegal
domestic political espionage scale never before imagined. June appearance NewsmaxTV America Talks Live Judicial Watch President
Tom Fitton said:
Comey gamed the system and Mueller whole appointment has now been tainted,
and the president has independent obligation, however politically uncomfortable, make sure the Justice Department actually acting just way.
The president, view, doesn have much worry about legally from any
honest prosecutor, but there are other people who are subject this investigation
who now face lot legal jeopardy and time and expense result special
prosecutor who shouldn there
This isn about law, this political investigation, and the reason Mueller was
appointed was appease the left who was attacking the Justice Department about
its investigation this Russia collusion scandal.
Fitton also told Newsmax host Bill Tucker that President Donald Trump may justified firing special counsel Robert Mueller turns out ex-FBI Director James Comey
had silent hand getting him hired probe Russia interference the 2016 presidential race. added that firing Mueller may necessary thing given the way [he]
was appointed and the circumstances around it.
Here how Fitton responded comment Tucker:
Tucker: testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey admitted
leaking information the press bid get special prosecutor appointed
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
look into possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia.
Fitton: That real question about what Comey did and whether
what did was appropriate terms taking documents from the
FBI, and then leaking them with the express purpose getting
special counsel who turned out Mueller appointed.
What was Comey involvement having Mueller appointed
special counsel and Mueller going have investigate Comey,
who, public reports suggest, either friend prot Mr.
Given that close relationship, there has honest evaluation whether there conflict interest between Mueller and his
really [sic] charge now investigate what Comey did.
Judicial Watch Digs into Comey Affair. efforts delegitimize and
destabilize the Trump administration continue leak out the Deep State
and bubble the surface the Washington Swamp, there opportunity hold accountable the people who are responsible. According
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, that why Judicial Watch now focusing the actions James Comey and trying get the bottom both
the records removal and the leaks the media and then hold accountable
the persons who were involved.
Comey admitted arranged for
the memo about
his meeting
with Trump leaked the media the hope
investigation Trump. that end, Judicial Watch sued the Justice Department, which oversees the FBI, for the
key Comey memo. The lawsuit, filed June 16, seeks access memorandum Comey
wrote after his February private meeting with President Trump regarding the pending
investigation Gen. Mike Flynn and potential Russian interference the 2016 presidential election (Judicial Watch U.S. Department Justice (No. 1:17-cv-01189). This
the sixth six, date, Judicial Watch Freedom Information Act lawsuits related the
surveillance, unmasking and illegal targeting President Trump and his associates during
the FBI investigation purported Russian involvement the 2016 presidential election
and alleged collusion with the Russians Trump and his team.
The suit was filed U.S. District Court for the District Columbia after the Department Justice failed respond May FOIA request for:
The memorandum written former Director James Comey memorializing his
meeting and conversation with President Trump regarding the FBI investigation
potential Russian interference the 2016 United States presidential election. For
purposes clarification, this memorandum was reportedly written about February 13, 2017 and the subject New York Times article dated May 16, 2017.
The memo purportedly recounts conversation between President Trump and
Comey about Flynn which Trump allegedly pressured Comey shut down the
Flynn criminal investigation.
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
About the lawsuit for Comey memo, Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, had this say:
Having sue get document leaked the New York Times scandal. The
memo should released forthwith, and, frankly, the president can and should
order its immediate release.
This lawsuit was only one several significant actions taken Judicial Watch the
aftermath Comey absconding from the FBI with bureau records and then leaking them.
Before filing the lawsuit, Judicial Watch sent letter June acting FBI Director
Andrew McCabe reminding him about the FBI legal obligation under the Federal Records Act (FRA) recover records removed from the agency, including Comey memos
apparently taken Comey when left the FBI and subsequently leaked the media.
The letter McCabe states:
Dear Acting Director McCabe: you are well aware, former FBI Director James Comey gave sworn testimony
last week before the Senate Select Committee Intelligence. Among other things,
Mr. Comey confirmed that, while office, created various memoranda regarding his meetings with President Trump. Mr. Comey also confirmed that, after his
departure from the FBI, provided least some these memoranda third
party, Columbia Law School Professor Daniel Richman, for the purpose leaking
them the press. Various media outlets now have reported that Professor Richman
has provided these memoranda the FBI. unclear whether still retains copies the memoranda. writing you behalf Judicial Watch, Inc., not-for-profit educational organization that seeks promote transparency, accountability, and integrity government and fidelity the rule law. furtherance its public interest
mission, Judicial Watch regularly requests access the records the FBI through
the Freedom Information Act and disseminates its findings the public. fact, May 16, 2017, Judicial Watch submitted FOIA request seeking these specific
memoranda removed from the FBI Mr. Comey. Judicial Watch also has pending
FOIA lawsuits which the memoranda may issue.
These memoranda were created Mr. Comey while serving FBI director, were
written his FBI laptop, and concerned official government business. such,
they indisputably are records subject the Federal Records Act. U.S.C.
2101-18, 2901-09, 3101-07, and 3301-14. The fact that Mr. Comey removed these
memoranda from the FBI upon his departure, apparently for the purpose subsequently leaking them the press, confirms the FBI failure retain and properly
manage its records accordance with the Federal Records Act. Even Mr. Comey longer has possession these particular memoranda, now claims, some
all these memoranda may still possession third party, such Professor
Richman, and must recovered. Mr. Comey removal these memoranda also
suggests that other records may have been removed Mr. Comey and may remain his possession the possession others. so, these records must recovered the FBI well.
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State you may aware, the Federal Records Act imposes direct responsibility
you take steps recover any records unlawfully removed from the FBI. Specifically, upon learning any actual, impending, threatened unlawful removal,
defacing, alteration, corruption, deletion, erasure, other destruction records
the custody the agency, you must notify the Archivist the United States.
U.S.C. 3106. Upon learning that records have been unlawfully removed from the
FBI, you then are required initiate action through the Attorney General for the
recovery records. Id. the event you fail take these steps, you should aware that Judicial Watch
authorized under the law file lawsuit federal district court seeking that you compelled comply with the law. Judicial Watch, Inc. Kerry, 844 F.3d 952,
955 (D.C. Cir. 2016); Armstrong Bush, 924 F.2d 282,296 (D.C. Cir. 1991). Please
advise later than June 26, 2017 you intend take the action required under
the law. not hear from you that date, will assume that you not
intend take any action. Thank you for your attention this matter.
Thomas Fitton
Mr. Comey left the FBI with government records, and the FBI and Justice Department are
obligated get them back. they don Judicial Watch may sue try force them so.
III. Conclusion
Professor Patrick Neil the University Puget Sound, January 2015 article,
The Deep State: Emerging Concept Comparative Politics, concisely elucidates the
underlying foundation the Deep State (p.4): foundational logic, the deep state justifies its existence through the necessity tutelage over both state and society. The deep state views itself guardian
national values against internal and external foes. short, the deep state does not
necessarily trust the government, state (perhaps even military) society preserve the nation. Accordingly, actors within the deep state can justify array
actions against the government, society, and state necessary defend against
traitors the nation and national ideology. The amorphousness the deep
state accompanied the belief that its members are the symbolic core the
nation. (Emphasis added.) the beginning this Special Report, was observed that the Deep State not monolithic but shares common worldview and characterized three disturbing proclivities: Secrecy, surveillance and subterfuge. Secrecy catalyzes and enables surveillance
and subterfuge. The only way observe and evaluate the workings the Deep State
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State penetrate the veil Deep State secrecy that shields the actions political appointees,
career civil servants, private contractors and their relationship with the media and outside
agents influence that comprise the Deep State.
That why Judicial Watch court day after day shining the light the activities the
Deep State. time put end the obsessive, oppressive and destructive secrecy
government. the rule law survive, America constitutional protections are
endure, essential roll back the sinister secrecy that allows, indeed encourages those
operating the Deep State hold themselves above the law and beyond the Constitution.
There way rein the Deep State but requires commitment extreme transparency elected officials. requires determined leadership from the White House and serious bi-partisan action the part committed Congress expose the goings inside
the permanent D.C. bureaucracy and the connections between the Deep Staters, the media
and the outside agents influence.
There plenty blame around for the transparency failures that foster the Deep
State, most recently the Obama administration executive over reach and the veil secrecy President Obama pulled over his administration hide it. And now, unbelievably,
those same secrecy policies seem auto-pilot the Trump administration. Thankfully, though, when comes sunshine actions, the Trump White House has solution hand only would use that both elegantly simple and breathtakingly radical.
The Freedom Information Act allows for the executive branch make discretionary
disclosures. Judicial Watch Director Investigations, Chris Farrell has noted: plain English, that means President Trump and his cabinet secretaries
can release whatever they want whenever they wish so. They can
exercise their discretion release records that are broad general and news
media interest concerning important policy issues and/or the operation the
federal government. These discretionary disclosures take nothing more than
the stroke pen.
Beyond the discretionary disclosures provision the Freedom Information Act, Executive Order 13526, signed President Obama 2009, and the Supreme Court ruling
Department the Navy Egan (484 U.S. 518 (1988)) confirm that under the Constitution, chief executive, the president has the legal power declassify information immediately, his say alone. the Court stated Egan:
The President, after all, the Commander Chief the Army and Navy the
United States. U.S. Const., Art. II, His authority classify and control access information bearing national security flows primarily from this constitutional investment power the President and exists quite apart from any explicit
congressional grant.
During the presidential campaign, Candidate Trump pledged drain the swamp. There better way drain the swamp than impose extreme transparency the Deep State
Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing the Deep State
where the swamp festers and putrefies. Regrettably, however, instead
applying the transparency remedy, Chris Farrell reports, The Department Justice under Attorney General Sessions currently making
the exact same legal arguments the Obama administration and using
all the double-talk and excuses from the Obama era, too.
Freedom Information Act officers the executive branch are overworked and under-appreciated, situation that has severely restricted the
effectiveness the law. But doesn take congressional action
spending increase change that. President Trump could trigger FOIA
revolution simply ordering new era extreme transparency and discretionary disclosure.
Micha Morrison said perfectly Judicial Watch Investigative Bulletin:
Extreme transparency could bring huge benefits. Swamp draining would get super-charged boosters. The president could seize
the moral high ground the Russia-connection case with the release his tax returns and all relevant White House documents.
the Judicial Watch docket, among the records that could quickly
produced are: the Comey memo; records related former National
Security Adviser Susan Rice and the unmasking controversy; records related the so-called Russian dossier; records relating
the controversial tarmac meeting Arizona between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch; FBI
and intelligence community files the Hillary Clinton email investigation; never-revealed draft indictments Mrs. Clinton the
Whitewater investigation; and notes and reports then-Secretary
State Clinton the Benghazi affair.
Beyond the president imposing extreme transparency through discretionary disclosures, immediate action also needed pave the way for activist citizens and outside watchdogs, such Judicial Watch, investigate
and expose corruption and malfeasance within the government. time
tear down the
wall secrecy
the Deep State.
Trump should
order federal
agencies stop
the stalling and