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Video Weekly Update

Tom Fitton: The REAL Collusion Scandal, Obama State Dept. Launders Steele Dossier, & More!

June 14, 2019 31175 views 411 comments

Read more about Judicial Watch BELOW Coordination Between Obama State Department and House Democrat Leader on Christopher Steele/Russia Christopher Steel...

Tom Fitton: More Missing FBI/Clinton Email Docs, Suspicious Deep State Cash for Bruce Ohr, & More!

June 07, 2019 48873 views 431 comments

More Missing FBI/Clinton Email Docs, Suspicious Deep State Cash for Bruce Ohr, PLUS--Immigration Crisis Update Catch AG Barr's exclusive interview about the Mueller report on CBS ...

Tom Fitton: Mueller's Attack on Trump, NEW Docs Show FBI Gave Clinton Special Treatment, & More!

June 07, 2019 39711 views 433 comments

Judicial Watch Weekly Update w/ Tom Fitton: Mueller's Attack on Trump—ANOTHER Abuse of Power, NEW Docs Show FBI Gave Clinton Special Treatment, & Clinton was WARNED about Securit...

On Watch

A One America News Special--'Chris Farrell's On Watch'

June 13, 2019 20779 views 183 comments

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT--Judicial Watch's Director of Investigations & Research Chris Farrell hosted a special episode of "On Watch" at One America News, featuring: Luke Rosiak Inve...

Private video

June 13, 2019 views comments

This video is private....

On Watch: FBI Corruption--Covering-up for Hillary Clinton & Falsely Framing President Trump

June 06, 2019 71906 views 599 comments

On this episode of "On Watch," Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell talks about FBI corruption and covering up for Hillary Clinton and falsely framing President ...

Inside Judicial Watch

Bill Marshall: Hillary Clinton Got 'Royal Treatment' from Obama FBI on Email Probe Docs

June 07, 2019 107472 views 105 comments

Judicial Watch announced it received 218 pages of disgraced former FBI officials Peter Strzok-Lisa Page emails which show then-FBI General Counsel James Baker instructing FBI offic...

Inside Judicial Watch: Obama WH Orchestrated Clinton Email Cover-Up

May 16, 2019 124916 views 969 comments


AG Barr Needs to Investigate #SpyGate AND #ClintonEmailScandal--Emails Found in Obama WH

April 25, 2019 40700 views 377 comments

In this episode of “Inside Judicial Watch,” JW President Tom Fitton & JW Senior Investigator Bill Marshall discuss the Clinton email scandal and how the Deep State is covering ...

On Issue

Judicial Watch On Issue: Exposing the Deep State

June 25, 2018 20559 views 128 comments

The Deep State is comprised of legions of political appointees, career civil servants and powerful private contractors who run the government--no matter who sits in the Oval Office...

Judicial Watch On Issue: Draining the Swamp

September 25, 2018 7463 views 39 comments

You don't have self-government if you don't know what the government is up to. That's where Judicial Watch comes in--we know what questions to ask and know what lawsuits to litigat...

Judicial Watch On Issue: We Have Questions for Hillary Clinton

October 23, 2018 13772 views 188 comments

Judicial Watch first broke open the Hillary Clinton email scandal--and we are STILL fighting to get to the truth of her illicit use of her nonsecure email server. ===============...