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Tom Fitton: Mueller Report Confirms Russia Hoax, NEW Deep State Lawsuit, & More!

April 19, 2019 46130 views 540 comments

Mueller Report Confirms Russia Hoax, Judicial Watch Sues Deep State over “Get Trump/Protect Clinton” Docs, & John Kerry Colluding w/ Iran? Donate today! ►https://www.judici...

Tom Fitton's Weekly Update: #SpyGate CONFIRMED--& Smoking Gun Clinton Email Cover-Up Docs

April 12, 2019 72511 views 857 comments

Check out our latest findings on the Clinton email scandal HERE Donate today! ► Subscribe on YouTube...

Tom Fitton's Weekly Update: Dems Abuse IRS to Target Trump, Mueller Report Games, & More!

April 05, 2019 34597 views 382 comments

Dems Abuse IRS To Target Trump...Mueller Report Games...JW Sues Over Deep State/CNN Leaks Donate today! ► Subscribe on YouTu...

On Watch

On Watch: "POTUS Wants to Know Everything" -- What DID Obama Know about Trump Targeting?

March 28, 2019 56796 views 464 comments

In this episode of "On Watch," JW Director of Investigations & Research Chris Farrell discusses the Mueller special counsel report & how Barack Obama should be questioned about the...

On Watch: Designating Cartels “Terrorist Organizations” & Re-Evaluating Mexico’s Trafficking Record

March 21, 2019 9085 views 87 comments

Read more about Judicial Watch's report on TCOs & human trafficking HERE Though a critical ally and trading partner, Mexico presents unique challenges and ...

On Watch: How Donald Trump was Targeted by the FBI

March 13, 2019 42624 views 367 comments

In this episode of "On Watch," Judicial Watch Director of Investigations & Research discusses how the FBI abused counter-intelligence policies to target Donald Trump. Donate toda...

Inside Judicial Watch

MUST SEE: Tom Fitton Blows the Lid off the #MuellerReport!

April 24, 2019 40566 views 544 comments

In this episode of "Inside Judicial Watch," JW President Tom Fitton walks through the Mueller report and what Judicial Watch is doing about investigating the investigators. Dona...

Fitton to Mueller: 'You Failed to Find the Real RussiaGate Colluders--Now Judicial Watch Will!

March 26, 2019 138919 views 496 comments

In this special edition of "Inside Judicial Watch," JW President Tom Fitton discusses the Mueller special counsel and its report clearing President Trump of collusion with Russia d...

Inside Judicial Watch: The Border Crisis, Election Integrity in CA, & the Clinton Email Scandal

February 07, 2019 26341 views 189 comments

In this episode of "Inside Judicial Watch," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton reacts to President Trump's second State of the Union address, illegal immigration, border security,...

On Issue

Judicial Watch On Issue: Exposing the Deep State

June 25, 2018 20353 views 129 comments

The Deep State is comprised of legions of political appointees, career civil servants and powerful private contractors who run the government--no matter who sits in the Oval Office...

Judicial Watch On Issue: Draining the Swamp

September 25, 2018 7416 views 42 comments

You don't have self-government if you don't know what the government is up to. That's where Judicial Watch comes in--we know what questions to ask and know what lawsuits to litigat...

Judicial Watch On Issue: We Have Questions for Hillary Clinton

October 23, 2018 13154 views 192 comments

Judicial Watch first broke open the Hillary Clinton email scandal--and we are STILL fighting to get to the truth of her illicit use of her nonsecure email server. ===============...