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A fly by night solar panel company that got more than half a billion dollars from the U.S. government to promote green energy has abruptly folded, stiffing American taxpayers while laying off more than 1,000 workers.Shortly after cutting a fat check President Obama touted the northern California firm, Solyndra, as a prominent example of clean energy. “Companies like Solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future,” the president said during a visit to the now-defunct company’s Fremont headquarters.The investment in Solyndra had been hyped up by the administration as part of the president’s “aggressive strategy to put Americans back to work” and reduce the country’s “dependence on foreign oil by developing clean, renewable sources of energy.” At least that’s what Obama’s Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, said shortly before Uncle Sam doled out the cash. He also seemed quite confident that giving money to companies like Solyndra would create “millions of new, good paying jobs.”On the day Solyndra got its $535 million from the government, Vice President Joe Biden appeared in a ceremony—via satellite from Washington D.C.—to announce that thousands of jobs would be created. “By investing in the infrastructure and technology of the future, we are not only creating jobs today, but laying the foundation for long-term growth in the 21st-century economy,” Biden proclaimed.Try telling that to the 1,100 people who just got laid off with little notice, no severance pay or extended insurance benefits. Painful and devastating is how some described it in a local newspaper report as they hauled boxes containing personal belongings. Seeking an explanation from the Obama Administration, the paper published a quote from a low-level Department of Energy spokesman who handles public affairs.Here it is: “We have always recognized that not every one of the innovative companies supported by our loans and loan guarantees would succeed. But we can’t stop investing in game-changing technologies that are key to America’s leadership in the global economy.”

In its continuing effort to make the U.S. environmentally friendly, the Obama Administration is dedicating tens of millions of dollars to train the “next generation of industrial energy efficiency experts.”It marks the latest of many costly, taxpayer-funded projects required to transform the country into a leader in “green” technology. At least that’s what the commander-in-chief wants Americans to believe while he keeps throwing their money at a number of dubious projects.Just a few months ago the administration doled out around $35 billion to politically-connected businesses that promise to launch “clean energy” startups that help reduce pollution. A chunk of the cash went to one of Obama’s top fundraisers, who just happens to be an adviser to the cabinet official (Energy Secretary Steven Chu) who regulates his industry. Read all about that scandal here.The administration has also wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on so-called biomass energy plants that, in many cases, actually infest the air with a “toxic brew of pollutants”that includes nitrogen and sulfur dioxide as well as ammonia and carbon monoxide. That scandal was recently exposed by an investigative journalism group that published a scathing report on its web site.This month’s green project du jour will give universities $30 million to train the next generation of industrial energy efficiency experts. Taxpayers may reasonably wonder what exactly that entitles so the Department of Energy, which is handing out the cash, tries to explain though it fails miserably.An industrial energy efficiency expert conducts “energy assessments” in a broad range of manufacturing facilities and helps companies reduce waste, save money and become more economically competitive. Energy Secretary Chu assures that these skills are necessary to transition to a “clean energy economy,” which he says is a “growing global sector.”

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