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Details surrounding the State Department’s expected approval of a controversial oil pipeline are being kept secret in an apparent effort to conceal impropriety created by the tight knit relationship between Hillary Clinton and the lobbyist pushing the multi billion-dollar project.The Secretary of State must approve the permit for the Canada-to-Texas pipeline, known as Keystone XL, which will span nearly 2,000 miles and transport around 1 million barrels of heavy crude oil daily across six states. Predicting opposition from environmental groups, the Canadian company behind the mega project hired one of Clinton’s national campaign directors (Paul Elliott) as its chief lobbyist.The tactic has been quite effective because Clinton indicated that she would approve Keystone XL long before the completion of a federally required environmental impact statement. Incredibly, her support hasn’t wavered in the aftermath of a preliminary Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report that gives the pipeline project the lowest possible ranking.A coalition of environmental groups has joined forces to obtain details on the influence that the Clinton-Elliott relationship has had in the matter. Using federal public records laws the groups requested all correspondence between the politically-connected lobbyist and State Department officials considering the pipeline permit, including Clinton.In an apparent stall tactic, the agency denied the request claiming that it was “invalid” because it didn’t specify a time frame. The groups appealed and the State Department agreed to open a new request, noting that “unusual circumstances” may arise that could require “additional time to process” the new request. If the Obama Administration, which has promised unprecedented transparency, ever makes the information public, it probably won’t do so until the pipeline is half built.Last week the groups filed a lawsuit against Clinton and the State Department to obtain the records that could prove impropriety. In their complaint the nonprofits assert that the information they are seeking directly relates to whether the relationship between Elliott and Secretary Clinton might inappropriately influence the State Department’s decision to grant or deny the pipeline permit.The groups claim the transcontinental pipeline poses “massive environmental risks” and significant public health dangers that are being concealed from the public. One of the attorneys for the environmental coalition rightfully points out that refusing to provide records on the approval process “raises important questions of transparency and fairness.” Keep in mind that these are liberals who undoubtedly support this administration.

Thanks to a notably corrupt first couple today is a shameful day in political history, she barely escaping perjury charges after lying to a federal grand jury and he publicly denying a scandalous affair with a White House intern.Who else could it be if not Bill and Hillary Clinton? On this day in 1996 the nation’s current Secretary of State lied to a grand jury about obstructing justice to cover up an illegal real estate scam known as Whitewater. Orchestrated by Hillary’s Rose Law Firm, the shady Arkansas land scheme essentially bilked the uneducated and elderly.Fifteen years ago Hillary reluctantly spent more than four hours testifying before a federal grand jury investigating how her husband’s White House obstructed justice on her behalf. It marked the first time in history that a First Lady of the United States had been subpoenaed before a grand jury and the only time a First Lady has been subject to a criminal investigation.Turns out the White House “mistakenly overlooked” a trove of incriminating Whitewater records that had been subpoenaed years earlier, but Hillary had no role in the fiasco. We know that because she signed an affidavit to Senate Whitewater investigators stating that she “does not know” how her Rose Law Firm billing records ended up in the White House. The mystery has never been solved.Bill Clinton offered an equally laughable explanation for the lost and found records on national television: “I just would like to ask the American people to take a deep breath, relax, and listen to the First Lady’s answers, because we’ve been through this for over four years now, and every time a set of questions comes up, we answer the questions, and we go on, the American people are satisfied, and they will be again.”Speaking of Bill, on this day in 1998 he delivered his most memorable line as commander-in-chief of the United States: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Pointing his index finger at television cameras, Bill confidently made the statement after the scandal broke that he was having an extramarital affair with a young White House intern named Monica Lewinsky.

A few months after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton compared drug-related violence in Mexico to an insurgency, she’s praising the country for battling the cartels even though bloodshed remains at an all-time high.The amusing about-face comes amid record levels of drug violence and just days after seven people were murdered in Ciudad Juarez, where the situation is so serious that bullets from shootouts among rival smugglers regularly spill into theU.S. In last week’s incident, drug lords used assault weapons to spray gunfire on a public soccer field.In the meantime, Uncle Sam has showered Mexico with more than $1 billion to combat serious crime associated with illicit narcotics operations, which incidentally hit record levels in scale and brutality in 2010. More than 13,000 people were murdered across Mexico in disturbing and cruel ways not commonly seen in previous years while the U.S. keeps sending cash to deal with the issue.Never the less, Clinton assures that “we are seeing real results on both sides of the border.” During a brief jaunt to Mexico this week, Madame Secretary commended our southern neighbor for combating the drug cartels and called Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s leadership “very courageous.” That “courageous” leadership is one of the reasons why we are making some important gains, according to Clinton, who failed to offer any concrete examples.After all, Clinton told her Mexican counterpart (Patricia Espinosa) that “we are part of the same family, we share the same land as our common home and our children will inherit a common future.” The contributions that Mexicans have made are a “fundamental part of the fabric of the United Sates,” Clinton said during the schmooze fest in Guanajuato this week.Sounds like Clinton was making amends for rattling Mexican officials by comparing the country’s drug cartels to a Colombia-style insurgency that devastated that South American nation a few decades ago. Offended Mexican government officials rejected the notion, claiming that the only similarities are a high demand for drugs in theU.S.

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