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Judicial Watch • JW v State US Dep State Status Report 01511 February 5, 2016

JW v State US Dep State Status Report 01511 February 5, 2016

JW v State US Dep State Status Report 01511 February 5, 2016

Page 1: JW v State US Dep State Status Report 01511 February 5, 2016


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Date Created:February 5, 2016

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Case 1:14-cv-01511-ABJ Document Filed 02/05/16 Page THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT
Civil Action No. 14-cv-1511 (ABJ)
Defendant U.S. Department State State counsel and pursuant the Court
minute order January 29, 2016, respectfully submits this status report:
The Freedom Information FOIA request issue this action seeks [a]ny
and all records concerning, regarding, related notes, updates, reports created response the September 11, 2012 attack the U.S. Consulate Benghazi, Libya include[ing], but not limited to, notes taken then Secretary State Hillary Rodham Clinton employees the Office the Secretary State during the attack and its immediate aftermath, limited
the timeframe September 11-15, 2012. Complaint (ECF No. 1). January 12, 2016, State reported the Court that had recently identified
source potentially-responsive State Department documents collection electronic files
that had not previously been identified searched. See Def Mot. (ECF No. 24). State
explained that search these newly identified documents, must upload the files system
which they can electronically searched, and estimated that could complete this process and
file status report disclosing the volume potentially responsive documents and proposing
revised schedule February 2016.
Case 1:14-cv-01511-ABJ Document Filed 02/05/16 Page January 12, 2016, the Court entered minute order directing State complete
this search and file status report February 2016, specifying the volume records
involved and proposing schedule for their review and production. Minute Order Jan. 12.
The Court further stated that, Plaintiff objects State proposed schedule, may respond and
set forth the basis for its objections before February 2016. Id. its minute order
January 29, the Court granted State motion seeking, account the recent blizzard, 4-day
extension until February file its status report. that same order, the Court changed
Plaintiff deadline for response February 11.
State has performed keyword searches and applied appropriate date limitations,
where possible, determine that there are excess 1,700 pages which must review for
responsiveness and, for those documents that are responsive, review for information that
exempt and must redacted.
State proposes that make two monthly productions the non-exempt portions responsive documents subject the FOIA, the first March 2016 and the second April 2016.
Case 1:14-cv-01511-ABJ Document Filed 02/05/16 Page
Dated: February 2016
Respectfully submitted,
Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General
Deputy Branch Director
/s/ Robert Prince
D.C. Bar No. 975545
Civil Division, Federal Programs Branch Massachusetts Avenue
Washington, 20530
Tel: (202) 305-3654
Counsel for Defendant