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Pages from 2690 05112015-2 56 to 57

Pages from 2690 05112015-2 56 to 57

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Date Created:May 26, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 26, 2015

Tags:libya, Benghazi

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UNCLASSIFIED panm tate Case No. F-2014-1 No. 005743455 Date: 05108/20_1
Wednesday, Septem 201 Command Center:
Re: DSCC message
Vou original email below directs Contact you, which have done.
----- Original Message ---~-
From Command Center
Sent Hednesda tember 12, 2912 36:36 command Center
Subject. RE. DSCC message
DSCC currently under-staf-Fed and the situation changing rapidly the ground. Please
contact your desk officer For the latest.
This email UNCLASSIFIED -Original Hessage~ v--
Sent: Hednesday, September 12, 2312 6:24
To: Conlnand Center
Subject: Fw: DSCC message
Good morning, tragic day for us. expect speak with Ambassador Susan Rice and the rest the senior staff about this here USUN New Vork couple hours. would appreciate whatever details know and can
share soon possible, either here SIPR account. happens that the INSC will discuss Libya this morning. Hhile the meeting had been
previously scheduled, the situation will certainly change the tone and timbre those
deliberations not mention the substance. will call around 9800 for the_1atest well.
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-201440167 Doc No. C05743455 Date: 05/
UNCLASSIFIED u.s. Department State Case No. 2o14 1o1e7 Doc No. 743455 Date: 05/05/2015
ori nal
Sent Hednesda tember 12, 2812 95:36
Subject: DSCC uessage
DSCC reporting COM dead, wounded D5)
From: Comnand Center
Sent: Hednesday, Septelber 12, 2612 05:95
Cc: Command Center; DSCC_Management_Team
Subject: (SBU) Terrorism Event Notification Libya
The command Center sharing the following terror-ism event information for your
situational awareness. Please contact the Command Center directly for any follow-up
requests for information. 0560 EST the U.S. Mission Benghazi has been evacuated due ongoing attacks that
resulted the death Chief Mission
personnel and wounded. this the everyone has been evacuated
Tripoli and awaiting further movement.
This initial terrorist incident report tron the Connand Center.
The information contained this report provided only for immediate situational
awareness. Additional reports may follow, updating and correcting information, necessary.
Please protect accordingly. Command Center
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Departm State Case F-2014-10167 Doc No. CO5743455 Date: 05/08/2015