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March 19, 2013Brief Filed Challenging Constitutionality of Arizona Medical Marijuana Act

January 29, 2013Brief in Support of California Proposition 8

December 14, 2012Brief Argues that Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Erred in Ruling Arizona Proposition 200 Violates NVRA

September 06, 2012Brief for State Legislators with Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in Support of Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

September 05, 2012Brief in California State Supreme Court in Support of Law Banning “Same-Sex Marriage”

August 29, 2012Brief Supporting the Right of All Persons to Obtain Public Records from All State and Local Governments

June 08, 2012Brief in Support of Tennessee’s Attempt to Remove Ineligible Voters from Voter Registration Lists

May 29, 2012Brief with U.S. Supreme Court in Opposition to Race-Based Admission Policies at the University of Texas at Austin

May 09, 2012New Brief in Lawsuit to Stop Maryland Community College from Providing In-State Tuition Benefits to Illegal Aliens

February 14, 2012Two Amicus Curiae Briefs with Supreme Court Supporting Arizona’s Illegal Immigration Law SB 1070

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