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Judicial Watch • 012018 Senator-Ron-Johnson-Letter-to-FBI-Director-Christopher-Wray

012018 Senator-Ron-Johnson-Letter-to-FBI-Director-Christopher-Wray

012018 Senator-Ron-Johnson-Letter-to-FBI-Director-Christopher-Wray

Page 1: 012018 Senator-Ron-Johnson-Letter-to-FBI-Director-Christopher-Wray


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Date Created:January 20, 2018

Date Uploaded to the Library:January 23, 2018

Tags:strzok emails, Mueller, Strzok

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January 20, 2018
[in llmmmbic (ni isluphcr
Fulani Bureau invviigaiion
935 Pennsylvania
Wailiingmn. DC. 20335
Dear Director Wray: lic Comminw Homeland Security and Governmental Affaiis con rming
oversighl lhc chmazl Bumau ([Invcsligalion (FBI) and the FBIS investigation] ofclassi
inlormaiion former Secretaiy oiVStale Hillary Clinton yrivat: amail SCl VCi, write
venuw inmrnmiinn almut lhe lass recnrds connected this invesligalion: and how ihn
Hll owersees its employees use privme email accounts for cial business. January 201 H1: Dcpuernnl anuslicc produced 384 pages oftexl messages changed between FBI employees Lisa Page and Peter Suzok. Accmding cover letter
acwmpmiyiug vile documenm the FBI did not present lcxl mcssa llama: Me. Page and Mr,
Slrwk between approximately Decembar 14. 2016 and May 17, 2017f Th2 cnvcr letter
expiaincd: Department wants bring your attention that the FEM lcchnical system
for retaining messages semi and received 1113} mobile devices failed
prum text messages for Mr. Stack and Ms. Page from Dccembcr IA, 201
uppmximalcly 17, 2017, The FBIhasinIumcd [lhc Dcparlment
Juslioej that many FBlvprovided Samsimg mubile devices did not capture
More taxi mcmages due miswn guraiion was yelalccl mllouls:
pro lling. and soliwzrre upgrades that comiicled will) the FBI culicciion
Capilbnllik The remit was that data that should haw: been aulnmalically
collecvsd and relained f0: Magi/arm storage and retrieval was imicolllsctcri.3
The loss records this period concerning because apparent from olhc:
maids mat Mr, Sirmk and M3. Page mmmunicamd frequently about the inxresiigation,
February 20%. Ms. Page lexled Mr. snzuk thanrcandidate Trump simply can no! isicl
Loner pm) Boyd Assistant Anomcy Gen. for legisimive Affairs, DeprofJustice,m Ran Junnson,
iiiiawrumi, ,mmn Homeland Sccunry and Govi Affairs Jan. i8. The latter asn utoindcd 38-! pagcs
ch images iimwmxi Slizok and is. Page [liucm aim Jan. production W],
The Honorable Christopher Wray
.lltnuary 2018
president,t May4,2016 oner theil-Uireclm Comey hegan dinning his July statement
clearing Secrcrury ClintoniMs. Page and Mr, Stl zok wmmunicated about pressure building nish the FBI investigation following candidate Trump likely nomination: Page: And holy shit Cruz just dropped out oftlic race. going
Clinton Trump race. Unbelievable.
MI: Strmk: Whlil YWV Page: You heard right friend
Mr. Struik: saw trump [Jitf] wn, gured would bit
Mr. Strzok: Now tile pressure really starts nish MVFH Page: sure does. need talk about follow cull tomorrow.
still never have.5
The reference the Mle Mr, Stl refers the midyear exam. the FBI case
mime for the Clinton investigation.6 addition, Ml: Stack and Ms. Page discussed the drafting ofDircetor Comcy
.luly slulcment onnewling Secreuiry Clinton, June so, 2015, FBI personnel ulatcd draft Director Comey statement that noted that Secretary Clinton had
emailed with President Olmma from the private server while abroad the territory
sophisticated adversaries.7 The passage read: also assess that Secretary Clinton tise ofa personal email domain was both
known large number people and readily apparent. She also used her
personal email extensively while outside the United States, including from the
territory tifsopllisticated adversaries. Tlmt use included email exchange with
the President Whilc Secretary Clinton was the territory such
adversary Given that combination offactots, assess possible that hostile
actors gained access Secretary Clinton personal email account.EA slime afternoon, otter FBI cials edited the replace the President with another
senior government cial StlZth sent text message Ms. Page notifying her ofthe
ehunge, The exchange rend,
1Jan. production
Ion. l9pmductioll l4,
oltwn Beavels. Conley llhgml (/l af/lllg Clinton :ml llit rlirrlzmtllv advance; The Hill Oct lo, 20l7 Documents FBl produced the Committee onhuv. 17.2017 mallted SJC 000023000271 lhereili aller FBI
FBI documents SJC 00006 FBI documents sic 0000724
llrn llono rhle Christopher
January 20, 2018 Strznk: Ryblcki just sent another version,
Mr. Strzuk: Hope 50. Just lel Bill. Talked about the speech. the [redacted]
sttlll relating the ease, and what told you about earlier.
Mr. Sir/0k: changed President another senior government icinl.M
Director Conley; statement ultimately delivered July omitted reference either
President obnrnn another senior government cial.
the umersuliulls between Ms. Page and Mr. Sttzok also appear suggest that them
Attorney General Lynch was aware thnt Dir-cuter Conley wuultl not recommend criminal charges the Clinton investn titm prinr Attorney General Lynchs almonneemcnt that she would
accept whatever recommendation the linl made. uly 67m: same day Attorney
(lenernl Lynch announcement, hut before the FBI had interviewed Secretary Clinton and
before Director Conley had nunouneetl his lCDUlnmClld llU iMS. Page and Mr. Strzok
exchanged the following messages:
Mr. Strzok: Hal) Cowmnyt breaking Apuzzo, Lyne [tilt] will accept whatever
rec and career prosecutors make. political appointee input.
Mr. Strzok: Lynch. Timing not great, but whatever. Wonder that why the coordination language added.
Ms. Page: way. lhis purposeful lenk following the lurpllme snnfu.
Mr. SIrLuk: Timing looks like hell. Will appear choreographed. All
major news networks literally leading with accept FBI
recnmtncmlatinnf Jnn production rlt lat
.rtnmnnrr Director James Camzy the Invmltgulmn afSecre/zlrv Htl/n Chnlon Us: Ufa Personal
EJVIUV/ lam, July 20K). tlvrlllalllu (I! VVVVVV. jl, nvr llews. ressrell lessereleaseesmtementrb 4N-
(lireclolr nnteeh Conley n-the-ln atipn fvsecretzly-hillary-cllntan201951useru person
Director Carney Jul lnlemnu read. assess lhnt hostile natal: gamed sec. the pllwttc eclnmctclal
ntail accmnttt (it people with whom Sceletary Clintnn was regular suntan from her personal account the
assess tlnn Secret nnr use personal uml donmui was bath knawn large number people and
readily nppn. she also used her personal c-mail extensively while oulslde the United States. including sending
unit receiving war/kn eluted charts the telrltol ntsoplnsricnred advclsanes. eiven thrrt combination effectors, assess possible lhm hostile actors gained access Secretary Clinton personal :vmail account. Mark Landlel Malt pr/o, and Amy Chozlck, [wet/u Lynch Awep/ (If Recotltlllerlrllamm (Ilm
ann lrlqm ms, July wyy nvthnes colnl7016l nozmsi 0]itienllorettarlvnchrhillurv
chntnnemnrl Iver html7mtrtel wuw vomlc cements-trauma SCUVOSSUAAZVZMOMM asznmwtatry. lefcls former l-Bl onecmr James Comey
The Honol ahlc Christopher
January 20. 018
Ms. Page: Vcah, that trwriil timing, homing enn about it.
Mr. Strzak: What meant was, did D0] tell yesterday they were doing this, added Ihal language.
MLStrzok: Yep. Ilold Billthe samething. Delaying] stmakcsitworsc.
Ms. t-nge: Amlyes, Ithinkwclladsomewaming ofit. Iknow they sent
some statement rybicki. enlled amly.
Ms. Page: And yeah, renl pro eunrugw [sir] ulce she knows ehnrges will brought. addition. the text messages appear suggest that Ms. Page and Mr. Suzok used
FBI-issued devices lss FBI business. For example. April 20l Ms, Page texled Mr,
Str7ok, look. you lcxt that phone when talk about hilln [sic] because can traced. you were just venting [heeeueel you reel had that you gene much hut can
helped right now. Mr. Stl70k replied. Right. But did you say anything other than work?
did, [iedacletllf addition. Ms, Page and Mr. Strzok reference several times about emailing
each other Gmail.
Under federal lnw. the hend ereneh redernl agency required preserve all records
documenting the ion-making process and essential transactions ofthe agency. light
the Department oflllsliCe noti calion lhal FBI records from the Clinlun investigation are sing, and the Senate committee wth jurisdiction over federal records. ask that you please
produce the following informalion and material: Flat explain the scope and seale nrhll reeurds lost, destroyed, ntherwise alienated
during the midyear examination investigation. Does the FBI have any records ofcommunicalions between Ms. Page and Mr. Slrzolt
between December 14, 2015 and May I7. 2017? Ifso, please provide those
communications Has the FBI conducted searches Mr. Sluuk and Ms. Page null-[BIAiSSLIcLi
cnmullmicntion devices accounts determine whether federal records exist those
Jan. prnduetten 167 production It/
See, Nuvcmher 10,2016 text from Ms. Png --l ley Without thinking repliedto the email you sent
(miall But Went your Verizon. please clear. Lei know ilyun warn the send again somewhere else.
Jim productionnt321,de2tllr0 ttetehera. 2(ll5 ieit rrtnu Stuck goingto work And haven although [just did gmail. Jan. production
lol. Honorable: Christopher Wray
January 10. 2018
nonnt accmmts Please explain haw the FBI complying with fetlcml records
mqllircmetlts with respect these devices. Hits the FE! produced text messages the Dem mcllt ofJusticc Office Inspector
General {DO} 01G) Many other FBI employees furllwnmce D0] 010 rm-
(it the Clinton email inmstigtttion? like, pleuc idcntify which FBI employees
communicalmns were produced. llu: the FBI pmduccd Micrmo Lyme mnverszilitms between Msl Page and Ms. Strzok
the DQJ 018 Please explain,
The Committee lItxmelmtd Scout-it and Governmental Affairs authorized Rule
XXV tlte Standing Rules the Senate investigate the ciency. cconmny and
effectiveness all :lgcucics :md demrtmcnts the (iovenu rrent. Additionally, Res.
(115th Congmss) authorizes the Committee examine ciency and economy all
branches the tvcmment including the possible existence ftaud feumnue, malfeasance
collusion, mismanagementv incompctemkz. curmption, unethical practices
Thank ytru for your attention this matter. you have any questions about this request,
please contact Kyle Brnsnan Brian Downey the Committee slafl (202) 224475
Sincerely, The Honorable Claire McCaskill anking Member
.RllleXXWk) tut/mus Rex 10th C(lng.(2004) Re; ti2 ism Cong, tzom.