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Judicial Watch • 07 20 15 Brian McCann testimony

07 20 15 Brian McCann testimony

07 20 15 Brian McCann testimony

Page 1: 07 20 15 Brian McCann testimony

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Date Created:July 21, 2015

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Testimony, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. Tuesday July 21, 2015, A.M. behalf the McCann family want thank you, Senator Grassley, and the other
members the Judiciary Committee for this opportunity share with you
efforts return justice our family after the violent death brother Denny
June 2011 Chicago, Illinois.
Denny was crossing Kedzie Avenue marked crosswalk four years ago and was
violently struck drunk driver who dragged Denny under his car for block
attempt flee before Denny died. The family was notified the Chicago Police and
the killer was placed into custody and charged with aggravated DUI causing death.
Two days later ICE issued detainer because the young man was illegal alien
with prior felony. The family was assured the Cook County prosecutor that the
defendant would not allowed post bail and released. Three months later the
Cook County Board passed the ordinance that effectively requires the sheriff
ignore detainers. During the intervening weeks after Denny violent death, Cook
County President Toni Preckwinkle and former mayoral candidate and
Commissioner Jesus Garcia pushed for the ordinance and rammed through
September 2011. Two months later the killer made bail and absconded Mexico.
Perhaps the most disturbing aspect this whole ordeal was that also learned
that this illegal alien was prosecuted for another felony two years earlier and ICE
was never notified then. was removed from probation February 2011 and four
months later killed Denny. short, Denny would alive today and enjoying the
birth new granddaughter born two weeks ago the Cook County criminal
justice system that included the county board did its job. received confirmation that indeed Mexico from the FBI and currently
driving truck. had prevail congressman get the FBI cooperate with request for information and action. have not heard from the Bureau over six
Three months later worked with few commissioners amend the ordinance and
that turned out more charade their part than serious effort. asked
the commissioner who represents district and others many times the very
least bring vote and they refused. During that same period was
monitoring the efforts former ICE Director John Morton his correspondence
with Ms. Preckwinkle. His January 2012, letter made clear that the ordinance
was clear impediment and the few months since the ordinance was passed 268
detainers were ignored and many the aliens who were the subjects these
detainers were felons. reminded Preckwinkle that the ordinance was violation federal law. Five weeks later wrote another letter and made reasonable
request, view. First, that ICE agents allowed interview detainees and
have access records. Second, that the agents would take custody the alien with detainer the day the prisoner release.
For the next several months remained steadfast via phone calls and
correspondence efforts get amendment passed requesting that the
Cook County Board invite independent experts meet with the commissioners and
President Preckwinkle and that request was ignored, well. became clear that the Cook Board had intention revising its policies
despite the consequences. found very frustrating that federal agencies-especially
ICE-did not follow through their warnings Cook County and took further
action compel the county drop the policy. Nor has the federal government
attempted sanction the county, such withholding federal funding.
The following October family friend told about the good works Judicial
Watch and met with their chief litigator, Paul Orfanedes, the next month. few
months later press conference was held the State Illinois Building announcing
the filing lawsuit entitled Brian McCann Thomas Dart April 22, 2013. the lawsuit challenged Sheriff Dart refusal honor immigration detainers
cooperate with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) identifying deportable
criminal aliens. the time Cook County jails had released many 1,000 criminal
aliens sought ICE the previous months. continue this legal fight the present day. Just last month filed petition for
review with the Illinois Supreme Court. Because ICE longer routinely issues
detainers are longer challenging Dart refusal honor them. However,
continue challenge the Sheriff policy prohibiting and restricting
communications and the exchanging information with ICE officials about
person citizenship immigration status. Now under PEP (Priority Enforcement
Program) even ICE requests that Cook County notify them the impending
release deportable criminal alien, Cook County would not comply. find this
unacceptable and will fight this policy the courts until the end. remain very concerned that the current immigration enforcement policies seem
encourage jurisdictions like Cook County and San Francisco continue their noncooperation policies. understand the new Priority Enforcement Program, does
two problematic things: first does not guarantee that illegal aliens such Saul
Chavez will ever priorities for enforcement because many exceptions are
allowed. Second, even the illegal alien criminal considered priority for
deportation, the PEP program does not require local agencies turn over illegal
aliens ICE-they can simply ignore ICE request for custody. Secretary Johnson has
stated that does not think that the federal government should try discourage
sanctuary policies.
For many years, veteran have been active member the American Legion
and have taken supportive interest their Policy Immigration. The policy
states clearly that should secure the borders, eliminate the jobs magnet and
social services for illegals, stop granting amnesty, reduce the number those living
here illegally and effectively screen and monitor foreign visitors.
Finally, have been active supporter The Remembrance Project National
Director Maria Espinoza, who for the past five years has been maintaining contact
with the thousands family members who have lost loved ones due these unsafe
sanctuary policies. Maria here today with other family victims.