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Judicial Watch • Clinton Emails CREW May 10 2013

Clinton Emails CREW May 10 2013

Clinton Emails CREW May 10 2013

Page 1: Clinton Emails CREW May 10 2013


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Date Created:May 10, 2019

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 10, 2019

Tags:ofyour, yourlettes, xatmessages, wwmam, CREW, 2013, email, Emails, unclassified, clinton, department, Washington

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UNCLASSIFIED S.Depavtm n10 State C359 [54016-01402 Doc NB. 0061341522 Dme: 08!29/?016
Case Not: 13-201 2.413181
Ms. Ame Weismarm
1400 Eye SE, NW, Suite 450
Washington, 20005
Dear Msv Weismsm:
Ircfer yourlettes daled Daccmher 2012 :eques. Eng under the provision: Fmedom aflnfmmaiim Act (This 3056 suction 1523 and/or
:iv 39y Ania ill: SAUSC Sectim 5526} than: case ufwemin words
maintained the Department Shite.
The Depanmenrer Sun has unmhm sysmmm Cam} Foreign
Policy Record aummted Mam mmjning
substan forc iga-pnlicy documents.
Ijapmmem andForcign Smiw 130.3. .33 mahm {$33 qiifc their
(ms. anmnun ahmt. {1m {3611- and 111,6 Sign Jud {me
its vidwl bureaus and ng, well axg spo hum! may feund
our website, wwmam. [1,93 111 th: published
the Geve mmcm Printing and avazlgbic 13! mag: publm libmim.
Bmd. tha Subject mans: ofyour rgquysk, sssrc edm les ufdw
0mm mummy likety min momivg wordy urcau
Inmlkm Resouma Mamyziueng Emufwc Swmmfiktts mfmmaxion
Resumes angcmcm 095cc, and Exceu czem sat
Correspondence and Rex ords {new GM: were seam] pmmmual
amploy famjiiar win; their mums and mgxaimicn records
responsive you: requcs: was Iocatad.
UNCLASSIFIED Dapa knam 51816 Case F-2016~01402 no: No. (205104322 Dam 08129/2045
UNCLASSIFIED Depanmen! Slam Case F-2016-01402 Due No. (103104322 Data 089912015 backgmumi, may helpful-tor yDu know xatmessages from
Secretary var: accasion lymsm the Department via e-maili
However, :hesa messages armmnsmined from dummy email address 0121 not capable recei malice, Rather than functioning email
[regret mat the Dcpamxmis mspcnse your request not mere positive
Nessa direct qucsticn cunecming the pmccssjng ofyour can the
Information Programs and Seniucs, NGlS/ZYS. SA- Robin 8100
Depamnemo State Washinmm DC. 20522 81130.0r Meghan: mbzr
(202) 26142484.
The CErcuit Appeals, 920 Cir ag? that men]? mpom maagmm
Wm: dmvminntian, making satiny {1! ppm App 153315 (he qnhsm (Emmi marmirxazinn that Hepmmem daes mom
:esppnsive your mqlf {as Rpgenlw withimm) day
lever Alihviigh Bcli eVe rch effort has- bean qume Imam 1:: that an: awa thns court decision
Appears mud- beaddnesmno imam, App als-Rcvim/Fanel, c/u Appmlx ccr, 13539)???ow 00; SA~2, U4S.Bcpmmr dfsmte,
Washington, Dill 48100; copy ofme-Depmucm appwl bracedurw enclosed. Please refer is: 11: ease nuniml numbcr sham abb /ejmal!
correspondcncc camcming mi; cast.
Simemy, @572:
763 Sheryl Walter, 93mm
03km? Infomiar ion regmmmmiSm-vices
Enclosure: stated.
UNCLASSIFIED Depammem CIT Sims Case ND. mom-04402 {76c No. 906104322 29/21316