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Judicial Watch • Def Status Rpt (8-29-2014)

Def Status Rpt (8-29-2014)

Def Status Rpt (8-29-2014)

Page 1: Def Status Rpt (8-29-2014)

Category:IRS Scandal

Number of Pages:3

Date Created:August 29, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:September 04, 2014

Tags:Def, Revenue, 2014, FOIA, court, IRS, report

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Case 1:13-cv-01559-EGS Document Filed 08/29/14 Page THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE 

 Plaintiff,  Case No. 1:13-cv-1559-EGS-JMF  

STATUS REPORT INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE issue this case are four Freedom Information Act requests that Judicial Watch, Inc., submitted the Internal Revenue Service.  This status report being filed pursuant this Courts minute order May 2014.  Since Judicial Watch filed suit, the Service has produced 6,033 pages responsive documents.  Since the Services last status update April 30, 2014, the Service has produced 2,746 responsive documents follows:  315 pages May 23, 2014, 205 pages June 30, 2014, 865 pages July 31, 2014, and 1,361 pages August 27, 2014. The Services understanding that Judicial Watch agrees that the Service has fully satisfied one the four FOIA requests issue providing information about the number applications for tax exempt status under U.S.C.  501(c)(4). the Court aware, the Service processing Judicial Watchs remaining three FOIA requests based database compiled response the ongoing investigations four Congressional committees.  (8/11/14 Kane Decl.,  (Docket No. 26-5).)  Creating that database and producing documents Congress has involved over 250 employees, 120,000 hours, and direct cost nearly $10 million.  (Pl.s Mot. For Status Conf., Ex. (Docket No. 20-2).)  Because the large number potentially responsive documents and the broad scope Judicial 
Case 1:13-cv-01559-EGS Document Filed 08/29/14 Page 
Watchs remaining three requests, the Service unable provide the Court with estimated date which its production Judicial Watch will complete.  The Service continuing its rolling production and intends make another monthly product Judicial Watch the end September. 
Counsel for the Service conferred with counsel for Judicial Watch prior filing this Status Report. Judicial Watch takes the position that filing status report inappropriate this juncture because the Court ordered the parties, July 10, 2014, file status report and recommendation for further proceedings September 24, 2014, the close the meet and confer period.  Because not clear the Service that the Courts order requiring such status report obviates the Services obligation update the Court regarding the status its rolling production, the Service submits this status report out abundance caution. 
Dated: August 29, 2014 
 Respectfully submitted, /s/ Geoffrey Klimas    GEOFFREY KLIMAS 
Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service 
Trial Attorney, Tax Division Department Justice Post Office Box 227 Washington, 20044 GJK Telephone: (202) 307-6346 Fax: (202) 514-6866 COUNSEL 
United States Attorney RONALD MACHEN, JR. 

Case 1:13-cv-01559-EGS Document Filed 08/29/14 Page 

CERTIFICATE SERVICE certify that August 29, 2014, electronically filed the foregoing STATUS REPORT INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE with the Clerk the Court using the CM/ECF system, which shall send notification that filing all parties registered receive such notice, including plaintiffs counsel. 
/s/ Geoffrey Klimas    GEOFFREY KLIMAS