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Judicial Watch • Heather Samuelson deposition 01242 pg 13

Heather Samuelson deposition 01242 pg 13

Heather Samuelson deposition 01242 pg 13

Page 1: Heather Samuelson deposition 01242 pg 13


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Date Created:June 27, 2019

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 27, 2019

Tags:heather, cotca, samuelson, Brewster, blackberry, clintonemail, 01242, deposition, Hillary Clinton, State Department

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Transcript Heather Samuelson
Conducted June 13, 2019 cant use mine all day since whole office skiff. dont yet have computer, and had change address and lost some e-mail traffic. you see that? do. Okay. And all the and you see the e-mail address that Secretary Clinton used communicate with General Petraeus? do. Okay. And whats that e-mail address? Its Okay. And then you see Secretary Clinton used different e-mail address all the earlier e-mail messages -16 Yes. reflected this document. that right? Correct. Okay. And whats that e-mail address? Okay. want ask you first with (45 48) aware that she changed
Were you aware that time? that time?
During this time frame, yes.
Not specifically that day, but during this time period. was not.
MS. COTCA: And, counsel, would just ask that you know that speaking objections are not permitted.
You may object for the record, and thats fine. The transcript will speak for itself. But speaking objections and coaching the witness not permitted.
MR. BREWSTER: The objection was more for
And well within rights object.
MS. COTCA: Youre within your rights object, but not speaking objections. Ms. Samuelson, when did you first become aware that Secretary Clinton used the e-mail address while she was the State Department? respect the e-mail the e-mail address these earlier e-mails, was that Secretary Clintons e-mail address prior coming the State Department?
MR. BREWSTER: Objection. Vague. you know. believe so. Okay. And then Secretary Clinton said that she changed her e-mail address the Clinton
Were you aware Secretary Clinton
her e-mail address January 28, 2009, the
MR. BREWSTER: Objection. Question mischaracterizes the document. She hasnt said she changes
MS. COTCA: She said she changed her e-mail address, and that top e-mail different e-mail address. Are you aware Secretary Clinton changing her e-mail address from believe first became aware when either she e-mailed personal matters, such wishing happy birthday, when infrequently would receive e-mails forwarded from others the department that had that e-mail address listed elsewhere the document. Okay. And when trying gauge the time frame when that was. Either the personal e-mail wishing you happy birthday, and then want move into the other e-mails. was later her tenure, but couldnt tell you exactly when. And how about, you said that you infrequently received e-mails that were forwarded you from other State Department officials. that right? Correct. Okay. And who were the State Department officials? recall Cheryl Mills, but could have been others. Okay. you recall anybody else