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Judicial Watch • HHS FOIA Request Unaccompanied Alien Children 2014

HHS FOIA Request Unaccompanied Alien Children 2014

HHS FOIA Request Unaccompanied Alien Children 2014

Page 1: HHS FOIA Request Unaccompanied Alien Children 2014


Number of Pages:4

Date Created:November 12, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 02, 2018

Tags:Human, 2014, HHS, FOIA, children

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Wathi mm- 01144 above the law!
Depan HcaZIh and Human Services resdmr. Information Building Room 2206
Washington, DC. 2020]
Re: Freedom Information Act Reguest
Dem Free lmbxmminn icer:
Pu: an: the Frccdem omation F015
mum lac. hereby rmmm thai Deparmm llvullh (md llurmm Scrviucs HHS
pmducc I): following records within twenty (20) business days: Any and all Signi cant Incident Reports (SIRS am! SIR Addgmda,
including but not limited to, Medical SIR: (bath Emergency and N011
Emergency) and Medical SIR Addenda, sulymiued the 0mm
Refugee Resettlement ORR) for Unaccompaniul Allen Children ACS from May 2014 ihe presenl, the extent any information may umlained SIR
Addenda that considered exempt full): disclosure under USE.
552(b}[6), all non exempr, segregahle puninm the repurta ,hould
proyided. Any and all summury repurta, which are (101 from based upon
data canmined the SIM, including daily, weekly, momth year-
lo-Ilate reports, that were prepared by, provided are the
possession the ORR. call your attention President Ohan January 21. 2009 Mcnwmndmn
concernlng the Frccxlum :Il vmmion AcL, states: pmsumptio as; simw involving
Department Health and Human Services
November 12, 2014
The meme
administered wit
rUm provides that the lrecclom oflnformatlm: Act should clear prcn untnliutt: the time ofdoubt, Optim reti prevails,
Itwertltclee respnnxive retard portion Iheteel claimed exempt
from production under lA. please provide will out ldctltltytng itlltn ntatltm with
respect each allegedly ,pt, recon portion ,rett ulluw asses: the
preprlc armed :Aemptim. 1/14 Rt) 434 F.2d 82003.11 Cir. WU;
cc? 415 US. 977 ([974). It: additlmL any suitably ttg gisble portion provided, reduction alicgedly exempt mama;
Fmpurpoacmtutis request, tire :em: recurd ~;, (Many wttttm
prirtteili Orlypc rial lmy ki1d,including [tout tst all cmrcspmtdcncc,
memorartcla. notes. mcssagca 101:0} tuners, urrnsi tele Hone
data. minutes. books. reports,
rcmrrm :3] ntout printed
atale wnle, cheek:
magazine newspaper alticl rare
iv, me: llL :0er material an}
uithou limil ttt tun all elccronic mail NEE-11ml] 133 any audio:
Iccotds rcco cntatltma ufmr which inlormuttun obtained sud tat
mclms preset-sing thought exp} out
Jud Watch also hereby requests veroFbutl seaml- dupication tees
pillsuam ziXAthM iXil] and til-W ludmal Watch entitled sezirel fees unclt US? [ii){ll bcctiu membcs
the news atirmal 3mm, yepanmem t., s80
[387 (DC QHdCtinipg news lawltlrin KtOl acme dicial atcl} .as. been recognized member tit the new mom: other litigation, stir.
Judmui mm; 1m! Dcpamnetti01mm it; Stlpl D.Dt 1.2000):
ancLJu-drcial much, Mrtmmt ofDq 200(3l 44U03,
(DD June 063. Judieml Watch Mtg/11L] htaln summation mm! the
one mums has government through EULA mean its semi; tum 1hr. IaTlol into works. mid [writ]. use and eminatcs
works 1:) the put intends like with the records tree was
this request.
Judicial Wale? aim entitled late waiver rail; 5:1 fees and
duplication Fees: ptmtm
.2la)(4lij, Ludo: this
,twi iun, regards:
llrecdrm mil Act Pres. Vlem. Anne 2009, lied 0er
apartment 11f Health and Human Services
Nnvcmbcr 12. 29H all f1; mirt withnuttuIV citaIgc aeim dnccd below the 1:05 Iblisbcd untlcl
lmure (If [he inIuriIiatiuiII iIit [31; Iilic iIII
became likely com sieni cantb public
undc openItmIIV iitAiVElit (II Iatwernmarv
and Iily the Commercial inthest the
552(:1;[4)[A>( Iii,ll Judie]
Reclion (11b;
111mm ifmeurtls pIoIliIccd mam twenty
1ch toacomplcte mum-11 and 0111mm eIlrmenI 17., which amended tchisc
Judicial Watch 5011: 3), :10 educational orgtmization, and. itiimm has; 110 IzmIIiIiereial purpose, Judicial Watch exi 1.1 mm: the public
about L116 upeIaIiuns and aetjvines gtwemmmt well (1) imam pI-blic
understanding abotI: tits: importance ethics and mlc law it} gover intent, The
[)mlcll,df Icutmix rmuested Imrein are NOllglhl part III Ich Ungtkng sports document the ego: Iiona and 193 she dew] gochiIIIient educate the
public about 111mopemimmnd1101,; .01:ce.lud ial Mich 0me III: rcquemed
records intend: mlyze their any disseminate Icsults Its anal} Well at.
the racer thCnlSCh reporI II11 Watch wil :11, [be
public Inch website and/01 newsletter, among mliei IItlcts. also will make [he ran): wailalil. Other members ofth nwdid i): rtlmr request. Jud Watch has prevcn abi] somiuntc iIitmmaImn
obtamecl though FOIA the pub] dcmm iiu Ion
comlnuir pul lit; nuIreaelI efforts. iEvm thaw circttms
Vet ofboth search cost. 9.1.
I:I111 Watch requem 1mm txi, order prim Search and duplicativn 15140130 scILeh and/0r dupttcatim
and before any such an. lilI 311 .pdiSI When
III :IrIy portion thaw 910350 comma
cialwatclmig WI; ltiuk {onward
Departmml ullicuhh and Human Servites
Newemher )2, 21m
requesied aucumum and waiver orbom ssarch and duplication cons within twenty
(2n) business days, 111m you for wul cooperation.
Judicial Tnnd Si. $01: 300.
FAX 21)2)M-5~5]99 PF:
4202} 592.3442 MumJudwuvlwarchmg