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Judicial Watch • HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 214

HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 214

HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 214

Page 1: HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 214


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Date Created:July 9, 2018

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Tags:coyotes, Smuggling, Trafficking, minor, HHS Records Unaccompanied, facility, unaccompanied, alien, 2014, mexico, HHS, children

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Incident Type: Suspected Smuggling/Trafficking
Facility: Morrison Paso
Date the Incident: 11/14/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 11/14/14
Summary SIR:
During clinical sessions, minor Jose Lopez disclosed was working for the cartel cuidador linea (line guard) and
was obligated smuggle drugs the this last time has been apprehended. Jose stated that 08/14/2014 friend
asked him work for the cartel watching the line (border with the US), checking there were authorities around. Minor
stated his job was only watch for police immigration officers while other two people were going cross the border.
Jose stated that after those two people crossed, was going leave, but the person who was charge told him could
not come back yet, threw bag with drugs and told him had take that bag and deliver the territory. Minor
stated refused take the bag, and was told that did not deliver it, was going killed. Minor then was
forced take the bag and walked with into the territory. Minor reported that after minutes walking the boss
communicated with them via radio and told them that immigration officers were around. was told regresate pero
regresate con droga matamos (you have come back, but come back with the drug otherwise will kill
you). Minor stated that did not want killed and decided turn himself the Border Patrol.
also stated that
previously this apprehension has been physically abused and harassed members the cartel Mexico. stated
that one occasion was party when members the Mexican police took him placed known
Minor explained these are places managed the police, which people are locked small cells, and tortured and
requested money freed. Minor stated was there for days, with food and water, and after that time some
assassins came pick him up. Minor stated one the assassins slapped twice across the face and did again when they
were the car. Minor reported after days, the police came his house and took him again the
and the
same assassin went pick him up. Minor stated was yelled and slapped again across the face and obligated him
watch all the police cars that were there that time. Minor disclosed that Aug. 12th, night, minor was riding his bike
when assassins took him place calls the zone where the assassin who previously slapped him was there. Minor
stated the assassin slapped him again the face and took him
where stayed hours with food
water. Jose reported that Aug. 14th was with some friends when assassins got out truck and started beaten
them, with guns grips and kicks. Minor stated was beaten severely that day, and that was the same night friend asked
him watch the line.
Incident Type: Suspected Smuggling/Trafficking
Facility: BCFS San Antonio LTFC
Date the Incident: 11/14/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 11/14/14
Summary SIR Addendum:
Minor reported during her journey Mexican soldiers boarded the bus she was traveling and robbed her. Minor stated
she was told she had pay them they would take her. Minor gave them the money she had. Minor also stated that
during her journey she did not eat well while she was waiting cross the border warehouse. Minor stated the coyotes
would give them small portions food and she offered help clean the warehouse exchange for more food. Minor
reported the coyotes did not force her clean. Minor also stated that she witnessed the coyotes take drugs stay awake
and watch over them. times minor stated the coyotes would hit and mistreat other travelers.