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Judicial Watch • HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 220-221

HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 220-221

HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 220-221

Page 1: HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 220-221


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Incident Type: Other
Facility: Morrison TFC
Date the Incident: 11/18/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 11/19/14
Summary SIR: 11/18/2014, approximately 02:45p.m., minor reported the onsite clinician,
the following: Youth
reports that arrived immigration custody 11/7/14. reports that spent seven days and six nights custody. states that numerous occasions and/or his brother asked use the bathroom but were denied the right for
extended period time and that one occasion his brother peed his pants after having wait too long.
reports that the Immigration staff then made him change his brother pants. **Per the UAC Portal/Case
Management/Intakes/Apprehension and Transfer Information** Minor entered and was apprehend 11/09/2014
California. Current Location: SYS POE, California, 11/12/2014 12:00a.m. Minor was admitted Morrison Micasa Friday, November 14, 2014.
Incident Type: Allegations Abuse Program Staff Inappropriate Behavior
Facility: Children Village Shelter
Date the Incident: 11/18/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 11/19/14
Summary SIR:
Yesterday evening during therapy session with Clinician,
minor revealed that she feels
discriminated against Staff member
According minor, the Staff yells her most the times when
chores time and that this particular Staff tends assign her more chores than the rest the residents. Minor further
explained that during Community Meeting Monday this particular Staff was talking about how treat others with
respect, love and compassion. However, minor stated that she felt distraught because this Staff does not treat her the way
she was describing the group. Minor stated that she could longer hear what the Staff was saying about respect and
how are supposed treat each other, and therefore, she began cry.
Incident Type: Suspected Smuggling/Trafficking
Facility: Bethany Christian Services Shelter
Date the Incident: 11/20/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 11/20/14
Summary SIR:
The youth reports that was involved drug smuggling (marijuana) while living The youth
reported that was invited join drug smuggling organization friend from school. The youth reported that and
his friend began working for the organization March 2014 and had made trips since started. The youth
reports that often felt scared during these trips because did not know what was going happen. The youth states
has been caught U.S. immigration officials about times and was deported immediately, until this last time that
was caught 6/21/14 and was sentenced serve three months the Eastern Arizona Juvenile Detention Center.
The youth reported that worked for man named
who was part the
but the division
the cartel was called
The youth reported that was paid $1,500 USD for every trip, the drugs made
their destination. The youth reported that out all his trips, there were only two occasions when was not paid due
the drugs being confiscated immigration officials. The youth reported that the two times the drugs were confiscated, his
boss made him take even more heavy backpacks full drugs his next trip get back him. The youth stated that his
maternal uncle was good friend
and was also involved with drug cartel. The youth also reported that his
uncle mysteriously disappeared about years ago. The youth reports that his uncle was the middle working drug
deal, and got truck with some other people and never returned. When the family went searching for the uncle,
one man told them that they should stop searching and thinks that the youths uncle was probably killed. The youth also
mentioned that his uncle had problems with some members
The youth states that his parents also
worked with the youth maternal uncle the drug business. The youth reported that his father worked with his uncle,
both selling drugs and welding compartments different parts cars order hide drugs the walls the cars, and
the gas tanks the drugs would not seen the police when crossing the border. states that his father,
was arrested the police while selling drugs, but when asked state his name, gave the name
all redactions this page have been made pursuant (b)(6)
instead his real name, and that the name goes now. Additionally, the youth states that his mother,
would once while with his father collect and transport money for the drugs, she began
using the name
The youth unsure his mother has ever been arrested the police. The youth indicated that
there lot community violence and vandalism his home town. The youth stated that there are shootings regularly,
which related all the drug trafficking that going the town. The youth states that would hear gunshots the
middle the night many times. The youth also reported that there gang his neighborhood named
The youth disclosed that his younger brother was being threatened gang member his home town. The youth stated
that both his younger brother and the gang member liked the same girl, and that was the cause the threats. The youth
also reports that his father was threatened armed drug traffickers about two three years ago. states that three
cars pulled his house, his father went outside, and then the youth heard lot yelling. The youth could not
understand what they were saying, but thought that moment that the drug traffickers were going kill his father.
The youth disclosed that about two years ago, gang member his hometown hit him the chin with bat, which sent
the youth the hospital. The youth reported that the gang member liked his girlfriend, and when saw the two together,
the gang member approached the youth and hit him with the bat one time. The youth reported that was given stitches the hospital and sent home. The youth reports that were return Mexico and relationship with girl,
events like these would keep happening. The youth also reports that there was time that people were not able leave
their homes after 3pm due the shootings the town. reports that
would kidnap kids, kill them, and then
sell their organs. The youth reported fear that this may happen his younger brother cousins. The youth also reports
that many his friends have disappeared, including three kids from his school. The youth stated that the older kids who
were kidnapped were forced join cartels, such
against their will. The youth states that fears that
were return Mexico, that this may also happen him well. also states that his family moved new part
MX) due increased gang violence activities and shootings all around town. The youth reported that
his mother called inform him that his boss,
went looking for him his family old house. The youth mother
was their old house packing their stuff when
came the house and asked the youth mother where the
youth and why not back yet. The youth reported that his mother did not tell
where the youth and only
mentioned that was still detention center.
also inquired why the youth was taking such long time return Mexico and asked where the youth family had recently moved to. The youth reported that his mother did not give information. The youth reported that afraid what his previous boss will him does return his
home country. The youth also reported that when was caught immigration, the officials would ask who worked for
and the youth would tell them that worked for
Caseworker and clinician then asked the youth what his boss
would found out that the youth had given his name the immigration officials and the youth states
would probably hit him, and doesnt know what else may do. The youth states that were continue
working for
then the next step would invitation join the cartel. The youth states that does not want
become part the cartel, but were invited, then would obligatory join them, and the youth would not
allowed decline.
Incident Type: Suspected Smuggling/Trafficking
Facility: Phoenix LTFC
Date the Incident: 11/19/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 11/20/14
Summary SIR: November 19, 2014, approximately 5:40pm, this Counselor met with the client her foster home residence while
her foster parents and her other peers were present home. The client disclosed that she was feeling sad and lonely and
she indicated that she does not understand why her father made the arrangement that did, causing her the
United States her present situation. She elaborated that her biological father Guatemala had made arrangement
with the father her husband, who she now wants divorce. She stated that she really did not want marry him and
that fact she did not even know him. After being repeatedly asked her father marry him she finally did not
disappoint him.
stated that the hardest thing was losing her virginity her husband, who she really did not know,
and who was around years old the time. She reported having knowledge that the intention was for her
come United States and that looking back she surprised the risk that she took her journey America. When
the client was asked clarify she was forced into the marriage that was something she did voluntarily, she replied
that was forced the sense that she did not want disappoint her father and that why the past she was not clear