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Judicial Watch • HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 28

HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 28

HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 28

Page 1: HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 28


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Date Created:July 9, 2018

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Tags:suspected, Smuggling, youth, Trafficking, incident, minor, HHS Records Unaccompanied, facility, unaccompanied, alien, 2014, mexico, HHS, texas, children

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Facility: Poughkeepsie
Date the Incident: 5/1/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 6/14/14
Summary SIR:
reports that she spent one month safe house Texas that she was taken her coyote. She went there
with her sister, who was traveling with her. She does not remember the name the town Texas. While staying there,
she experienced sexual abuse one occasion. While sleeping, another boarder the safe house entered her room and
touched her private parts forcibly. She immediately notified the coyote and kicked this man out the house. did not
occur again.
Incident Type: Suspected Smuggling/Trafficking
Facility: SWK Antigua
Date the Incident: 6/15/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 6/16/14
Summary SIR:
Youth disclosed yesterday after was coyote for the past two years. from
Mexico. stated
would get paid $100-$200 per person that crossed over. Youth stated only crossed adults. Not children minors.
stated did not know anyone shelter and did not have any intentions escaping from our facility. added was
recruited between the ages 13and older man his neighborhood (which happens often). stated his mother
and father needed better life and that was job that paid good money. For the past couple months wanted get out being coyote but couldn because they needed him work. Youth stated his employer would come over with
paddle with holes, whenever rejected job. said few times was hit his buttocks which left him bruised.
would just the job avoid the consequences. Youth stated did not fear for his life, neither his families. Youth stated not any harm, has criminal record, and hopes reunify with his uncle and aunt that reside Mission, Texas.
Where hopes continue his education and find employment.
Incident Type: Allegations Abuse Program Staff Inappropriate Behavior
Facility: Sandy Pines
Date the Incident: 6/2/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 6/16/14
Summary SIR: Addendum
Lead Clinician spoke with FFS Jill Volovar 6/3/14 update FFS allegations UAC. per FFS recommendations, lead
clinician call DCF abuse hotline and add the address South West Keys the report see they would reconsider
accepting the report. Lead Clinician called DCF abuse hot line and spoke with operator
and added address
South West Houston. However, call was still not accepted due minor providing limit information and not clarifying the
relationship girlfriend. Lead Clinician,
spoke with
1:1 technician
this morning get update
any new development the report about
girlfriend relationship with the Staff member
from previous
placement. MHT
reported that conversation with
she gave her last name
and reported she
was her 1:1, days the week. She described her being short with red hair. However,
did not provide information the extent their relationship.
called the abuse hotline with the additional information the last name the
prior staff person. Hotline counselor was
call was not accepted.
Incident Type: Suspected Smuggling/Trafficking
Facility: Selma Carson Home
Date the Incident: 5/20/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 6/16/14
Summary SIR:
Minor reported being arrested was caught serving guard for unknown gang members. Minor related that gangs
recruited him guard and watch for police activity his assigned sector and report back them via walky-talkies.
did this job for three months. Prior being incarcerated, minor reported that the police kidnapped him for one day.
was apprehended May 19, 2010 12:30pm were was tortured and then placed jail until the next day 6:30pm.
Minor was kicked, slapped, punched, threatened raped, threatened dropped the river (minor does not know
how swim), and threatened with guns his face for being gang guard. Food and water was not provided.
all redactions this page have been made pursuant (b)(6)