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Judicial Watch • HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 72

HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 72

HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 72

Page 1: HHS Records Unaccompanied Alien Children FY 2014- pg 72


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and expose himself them
eported that Jorge did not leave the restroom area. Minors said that they
immediately went find DCS report the incident. DCS
nformed Shift Supervisor the
incident. The Shift Supervisor reported the incident Associate Program Director Clinician
and Lead Case Manager Shift Supervisor talked
about boundaries and respecting others.
Incident Type: Allegations Abuse Other UAC Sexual Abuse; Inappropriate Sexual Behavior; Sexual Assault
Facility: SWK Pleasant Hill
Date the Incident: 08/04/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 08/06/14
Summary SIR:
According Monday 8/4/2014, before breakfast time, minor
(15 y/o), exposed his
private parts (penis) for brief period time, while uttering the word mira (watch) him. Client
indicated that
the incident happened outside their rooms while sitting sofas and the exposure lasted less than seconds.
reported that this incident occurred only once and denied any other kind incidents with client
Incident Type: Allegations Abuse Program Staff Inappropriate Behavior
Facility: St. Surge
Date the Incident: 08/08/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 08/08/14
Summary SIR:
During clinical assessment with minor, minor attempted have clinician conduct therapeutic phone call with his friend.
Clinician informed minor only Case Managers are authorized approve contacts. Clinician inquired who this friend was
and how knew her. Minor stated this friend was program staff member the facility where was previously,
Lackland AFB. Minor stated knew should not have had relationship outside boundaries and became worried
she could get into trouble. Clinician informed minor needed turn the phone number and the contact information
for his friend. Minor stated the staff members name was According minor,
received report from her
supervisor because she kissed him the forehead and gave him and inappropriate hug. Minor mentioned had his
contact information among his belongings inside his crate his bed. Minor turned the small paper with the contact
information. Clinician explained the reason for needing remove this information from his belongings. Minor worried
about his friend
who was staff member previous placement.
Incident Type: Suspected Smuggling/Trafficking
Facility: Heartland ICRC
Date the Incident: 08/08/14
Date the Incident Reported ORR: 08/09/14
Summary SIR: the context clinical session minor (14) reported was paid money after having sexual intercourse with married
woman (26) while home country. Minor reported years ago met woman (26) while his sisters store. Minor
reported the two them ate lunch together and were physically attracted one another. Minor explained lied the
woman about his age. Minor reported told the woman was years old instead 13. Minor reported the woman
told him she was attracted younger men and invited him her house. Minor reported was happy join her. Minor
reported was told the woman had husband who would away for work (truck driver) regularly. Minor reported the
first time they had intercourse she paid him 500 Lempiras. Minor reported from that moment forward they began meeting
twice week. Minor stated she would pay him 500-800 Lempiras per week sleep with her. Minor reports she would also
send gifts him through his friends. Minor reports the intercourse was consensual and they did not have agreement
which she had pay him. Minor explains believes she did either for pity because she knew was minor without job. Minor explains they cared for each other and had great open communication. Minor denies being coerced.
Minor also reported was held against his will house Mexico and made agree work guide. Minor reported traveled with his sister and his nephew through Guatemala and Mexico. Minor reported once they arrived
MX, they found coyote help them cross through the Rio Bravo. Minor shared his sister was not able afford the
money the coyote asked for able cross all three them over the Rio Bravo into the U.S. Minor reports his sister
went ahead him while the minor remained with the coyote house. Minor reports his sister sent the remaining money
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