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Judicial Watch • HRC Order of Proof pg 18-20

HRC Order of Proof pg 18-20

HRC Order of Proof pg 18-20

Page 1: HRC Order of Proof pg 18-20


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Date Created:February 22, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 22, 2016

Tags:Hugging, Gerth, Heuers, heuer, conversations, Hubbells, Thomases, proof, mcdougal, vince, governor, hubbell, Whitewater, blair, campaign, Clintons, Bill Clinton, HRC, order, Lynch, clinton, White House, FBI

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Replacement Gerrish McCreary with RLF
Representations by, misrepresentations made, and failures disclose conversations
with Hubbell, and perhaps others
After the case assigned RLF, interaction!l with RLF/Webb when questions were raised others within her agency
The case itself and Hubbells role
Prior representation ofMGSL RLF, including the work done thereon
Seth Ward
Clerk, District Court
Selected pleadings which bear the Hubbell-Ward-Rose Law Firm issues
RLF Records Custodian
Activity shown the RLF invoices .the RTC, including the reading the Borod
Hugging report Hubb~ll, the attendance ofRLF attorneys the McDougal trial,
Hubbells conferences with Heuer, etc.
FBI Lab Witness
Hubbells prints RLF copy Borod Hugging Report
Lynch, Loretta
[GJ 2-1-96]
San Francisco Attorney
Worked Presidential campaign early 1992 summer 1992 Little Rock
Inquiries.generated result Jeff Gerths visit the ASD 2/11/86
Her efforts learn the facts about WWDC, including meetings with Kennedy,
conversations with Lyons, etc.
Her efforts learn ofHRCs work representing MGSL 1985 and 1986; including
conversations with Webb Hubbell and Vince Foster; and questions posed HRC via
Susan Thomases, and perhaps Diane Blair; her contemporaneous memos and notes
Massey would not back the story that was the one who brought the business
Hubbell kept changing stories
-Other issues impacting HRC .and WJC during campaign
Lynch, Thomases meetings with Gerth try get hini hold off his article
Activities Saturday evening, 3/7/92, when the Gerth story hit the wire
She received documents from Webb Hubbell the RLF parking lot that night
Statements generated the campaign for Heuer, Bassett, etc.
HRCs 2-page campaign statement
Lynch, Blair meeting with Jim McDougal and Sam Heuer Heuers office 3/11/92..
Blairs memo, including WWDC and the jogging incident
Campaigns release some information that was not completely accurate
Betsy Wrights role
Thomases, Susan[?]
[GJ 2/96]
Her conversations With Webb Hubbell re: HRCs work for MGSL; and her
contemporaneous notes
Her campaign role.
Her role the 1993 Vince Foster documents matter
She and Webb visited HRC White House about 7/26/93
Wright, Betsy
[GJ 2/96]
Chief Staff for .Governor Clinton the 1980s
Would have discussed the 7/2/86 handwritten memo from Beverly Bassett, attaching the
FHLBB letter MGSL with Governor Clinton
Everybody knew that MGSL was trouble and that McDougal was his way out
Her 7/14/86 handwritten memo Governor Clinton the effect, Whitewater stock Jim McDougals company you still have worried.
The 1986 Governors race
The 1987 exploratory efforts regarding Bill Clinton ru:nning for .President 1988
The decision July 1987 not run 1988
Deputy chairperson the 1992 Clinton Presidential campaign
Her role the 1992 campaign the Secretary Defense,. running the defense
department and war room
Gerth inquiries and her actions
Various campaign memos
Weeks before the 1992 election, received telephone call from person California.
Caller relayed substance recent conversation Kansas City cocktail party, where
heard that referral about SL officer that would implicate the Clintons had been
sent the federal prosecutor Arkansas
Wright discussed what she described this very cryptic nimor with Mrs. Clinton
during that time period [see White House!Treasury Contacts memorandum, 42,
footnote 23].
Blair, Diane 7-18-96
Worked the 1992 campaign
FAX from Webb regarding Vince and HRC working HRCs statement
Court Reporter LRGJ
Testimony Hubbell about the campaign and taking records out the firm (Dec Tr.)
Heuer, Sam 4-1, 5-20, 10-8-97
Representation Jim McDougal 1989-1990
1990 letter Webb Hubbell, wanting talk Seth Ward; and advising Hubbell that
Ward had possible criminal exposure
The Borod Hugging report
Other contacts during that first representation
Heuers lunch meeting with HRC shortly after the McDougal 1990 trial
Heuers conversations with Hubbell regarding McDougals 1990 trial
1992 meeting with Blair, Lynch and McDougal 3/11/92
Threatening letter from Blair him shortly thereafter regarding Jim McDougal, giving
the position the Clintons
The closing the sale the Clintons stock Whitewater Jim McDougal
December 1992
The role Jim Blair the closing
The role Vince Foster the closing
T~e $1,000 amount allegedly paid McDougal the Clintons; the money.having
come from Jim Blair Heuers escrow account
Contacts from McDougal September 1993, after Hale had visited him Arkadelphia
Heuer 9ontacts with the Little Rock Attorneys office
Heuer conversations with Jim Blair relating all this
His further conversations and from Jim Blair
The lapse his representation McDougal
His calling McDougal the morning after the 825 indictment saying wanted get
back the case
Actions and inactions, and outside influences during his representatio-c:i..of Jim McDougal
The role David Kendall and his law firm assisting Heuer. ;.,.
Lewis, Jean 10-21-97
In.the Tulsa office the time the Gerth article; MGSL was already list SLs revisited
Directed her local supervisor and someone Washington Little Rock
determine Whitewater had caused MGSL loss
Visited warehouse and other places Little Rock April, 1992, which led Criminal
Referral C-0004
C-0004 sent directly the Little Rock U.S. Attorney and Little Rock FBI 9/1/92
During the April 1992 visit, was apparent that there were possible other criminal
violations MGSL. Instructed diary the further look MGSL for May 1993
Nothing heard regarding C-0004
She and another agent visited Little Rock, Sheridan, Benton, and Yellville May 31-June 1993; and she began preparing additional criminal referrals during the summer 1993
Advised the U.S. Attorneys office and the FBI that other referrals were the progress
being written
These were progress July 20, 1993, the date Vince Fosters death